Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Saturday just passed by...again. This time round, I am busy with my @ transition and meetings. My agenda is packed with meetings and transitions up till end of June. Will I get addicted to it? or a hangover instead?

Yosh...more crazee random pictures by the coolest supermodels on earth...
or at least in @ world *muahaha*
Taken post-transition meeting at NUS, but pre-welcome dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

@SIPO Welcome Dinner at Lau Pa Sat.
Special appearance by:
Graeme 'the dubber' from Canada
David Lim 'the hardworker logistic guy' from Canada
Patrick 'let's move the world' from Canada
Catherine 'the anime lady' from The U.S.
Timothy 'M3 Impossible' from Kenya
Tatsuro 'the traveller' from Japan

Yup...definitely additional layers of fats, BUT triple happiness *hehe*...

Ow...and so happy that @NTU Local Committee finally has a blog, the first in @SIPO history. We are the pioneers. Huahuahauhua....

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