Sunday, April 09, 2006

Some people would run, some would hide, some would stay and try to solve it, some would ask for guidance and advices, some would pretend it never happened, some would create a whole new situation for him/herself. People deal with 'situations' differently.

And things...are easier to say than done.

A friend of mine questioned on the situation where friendship cannot return to its initial condition. And so wise advices were shared and debated upon. Still, no satisfying answers to this 'kind' of issue. Afterall, feeling is something you can't decide on or worse to force into. Yet, it can shatter a life-long friendship...or maybe a few years of friendship.

Yah, it's depressing...and disappointing.

Why we, HUMAN, seem to make things far more complicated than it should be.
Why we make life miserable... and later we preach upon it.

It's easy to say: "I don't want things to change," or "I hope our friendship remains".
But how many times have we run away and hide?
How many times we put on a bold thick mask to protect ourselves?
and How many times we lied that we're OK.

We think the others won't be hurt and that we are the ONES who hurt the most. Maybe you're right, maybe we're right, and's never right.

Time heals...
I guess...

we change... to heal it.

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