Monday, April 03, 2006

Mabuhay !!!

I am back from AIESEC conference in Philippines.

The conference was SUPERBLY UNBELIEVABLE for the 3 delegates that we started to have post-conference withdrawal symptom since we first left the resort *sigh*.

This is my very first international conference and I gladly announced that I had a marvellous time there. We went to Manila, Cebu and Bohol. We even visited the 3 airports in Manila *hehe*.

The facilitators are AWESOME and full of enthusiasm [Some of them are from AIESEC International..woo hoo]. They are very friendly, approachable and always willing to help us out. They are simply friends.
The Organizing Committee [OC] was COOL. Despite some lack of coordination and miscommunication that took place, the OC was so dedicated and committed that they even went the extra mile to make our stay enjoyable and memorable * touched*.
The Filipino/a [or Pinoy as how they called] are warm and friendly that I feel like I've known them for years.
The delegates ROCK!!!

The resort is nice.
The food is great *never in Singapore I ate so much for breakfast haha*
The beach is irresistible.
The parties are crazy.

However, what important is what we've learnt there. We have an intense session from morning till evening. From a simple session of @ identity, a serious Balance Scorecard [Critical Success Factors, Key Performance Indicators, etc] and @2010, to a more comprehensive breakdown of @XP session [intensive knowledge-sharing on each and every stages]. So much information was shared and digestion does take time. Thanks that I managed to get sober most of the time [a.k.a not sleeping hihi].

Apart from that, of course we have so much fun too.
- We have the infamous Skulling [drinking competition] *woo hoo....too bad, only 3 delegates and I can't drink haha so we made a collaboration between Singapore-Malaysia-Thailand.*

- We also have Amazing Race where we were grouped with other delegates and were challenged to do something in each and every post, e.g: dancing, drinking, cat-walking, eating 'Belut' [the Phil's special half-egg half-chicken], etc. We won a 2nd place in this game *yeyyy*

- @IESEC Idol was hilarious. It was a karaoke night where each country's representative must perform. And the challenge is: Most of the songs are oldies that I have no idea what songs are those *muahaha....*. And so I ended up singing 'Sometimes' by Britney Spears for the 1st round. Mimicking the lyrics, I managed to get to the 2nd round. This time round, we would pick a number from a basket and we have no idea what song would it be. Luckily, I got the old-version of 'Uptown Girl' hahaha (at least I still know the song). In the end, unexpectedly, we won the 1st prize...woo hooo... When the host announced the winner, we were busy taking stupid pictures *lol*.

- Safari Night was a social session where we played 'Water Bomb'. So, we have to come out with a strategy in a short period of time. Not to mention that the group was made of different nationalities who speak different mother languages. It's FUN FUN FUN!!

- And not to forget....the cannot-be-missed Ms AP session. Out of the 2 male delegates that were there...we strived to excel and maintain our championship haha CONGRATS to CY!! *pizz* Singapore is now really famous for winning the competition at least 2years in a row. HOHOHO...

- We also gave a crash course on 'Introduction to Singlish -SL 101 class' during country sharing. This was very warm-welcomed by everyone as they have a glimpse on our unique language. Subsequently, they start to learn how to use and incorporate certain words into the conversation. For instance: Fulamak [alamak to the extreme], Wah Piang [Wah Lau without the Lau, Look look See See, Die Die...etc]

So....This conference really make my life livelier...

Keep the spirit burning...

ps: Just bought myself a Panasonic VS7 handphone...can anyone tell me how to upload MP3 files?
pps: ticket to KL is super expensive...and they are sold out too :(

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