Saturday, February 11, 2006

Just wanna 'junk' here.... *haha

I met another @er from Philippines the next day after I met one in my office. This time it was at Chijmes [Table 108] for eAngelz networking event. The feeling: D*RN GREAT!! This whole @IESEC family thingie is rushing on my blood. The moment you know a person is an @IESECer, that moment sorta worth years of knowing each other. WoW!! Definitely there is some link, right? Two Philippines @IESECers in a row. Ow..forgot to mention that my Philippine @IESEC friend from Singapore Management University happens to be his neighbour back there.... *muahahaha* There ought to be a red string attached, Denise. DON'T FIGHT FATE hihi *sounds like a matchmaker these days --thanks to Tisa hihi*

Last night, I went back to school after long hours in the office. When I wrote school, I really mean S.C.H.O.O.L., not hostel. It was the time of the years where you can apply to be part of Get Together Day (GTD - IndoNTU Orientation Camp). Yeah..after made a fool of ourselves (three of us --> threes*me? LOL), we were finally selected as Group Leaders. Again, the history repeats itself. This is my second time as a professional Group Leader *hihi* and we have our long-term goal in mind [hopefully will be partnering with 'Pok Pok']. And the TERBISU [bising selalu] award goes to.... *drum rolls ()&*&^*^$%@#%* ...OUR GROUP...hahaha *what a dream.

Ok, crap off. Better have a 15-min nap and later off to work *sigh...*

Bye-bye MoS. Have fun guys!

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