Thursday, February 02, 2006

Good things come in pairs*

I received a pair of earrings from my supervisor as a gift from Bangkok...

I met VJ Colby and VJ Utt *muahaha* and it's great to know that they aren't cocky celebs...

I received a pair of oranges from the TOP boss...personally ^.*

I watched a pair of lions dancing in our office... *The 4D Toto is 8018*

and the list SHOULD go on and on...

Good things come in pairs*


So do some of the bad ones...

I lost my pair of office passes...*hiks..somebody please find them for me* must have droped them somewhere within the premise... Bye-bye 35$!!

My two Execs (yes, NOT one but two) are leaving me soon *hiks...hiks...*


*Just the same tagline used for MTV Double Trouble show featuring VJ May and VJ Choy


Update from work:

Update from 'life':

Ok...continue my work now....ta ta

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