Sunday, January 15, 2006

It was a long day yesterday. But it was not the final day.

It's a long journey to go, with hiccups and obstacles along the journey. But we strive till the end. MUST!!

I started my day by setting my alarm clock. When it rang at 8am, I set it back to 8.30. And when it rang again, I continued my sleep. At 9.30 I woke up with worry. OMG! I haven't practise my speech for the election day. As it's a BIG day for me, I need more time to prepare myself before I depart. Shirt (ok), pants (ok), shoes (ok), bag(ok), proxy form(ok), speech(ok), change of clothes(oh no...must iron first), and bla bla bla....

On my way to SMU, I started to recollect what I've written down for my speech. Would it exceed 5 mins? Would they get bored? Would they ask too much questions? Would the seniors and alumnis be there? and so much more questions that kept my head spinining and increased my heart-beat level. *sigh*

To make it short, I was superbly delighted when there were many AIESECers from NTU. * touched* You guys are marvelous! And even happier when they told you that they came for the sake of voting for you because they saw your name on the list. *Hiks...even more teary*. And the feeling was tremendous when they created posters to show their support for us *Aiya..tears ran dry*.

In the end, I think most of us just scrapped our prepared-speech away. We chose to speak from the heart rather than speaking in a diplomatic way. And yes... I lurve my speech eventhough it means that I spent my whole night long and days of worriness for nothing. *eh..I still used some of the ideas lar... * Hope they liked it too.

The Q&A session comment. Did a bad job there especially when I was asked questions that made me uncomfortable. And things about AIESEC International that I don't really understand...for now. *sigh*

Then the announcement of the result that was followed by our ritual, where the current Member Committee (MC) who is holding the position would "pour" bottles of water on his/her successor. So, that's why I need to bring a change of clothes. Asked my feeling then: "I AM WET!!" haha

Yah, finally the election is over. It's now the learning time. Time to challenge myself again. Time to inspire and be inspired in return over and over again (coz I've been inspired soooo many times that I crave for more *haha*).

Ow..we went to Marche for dinner and Wei Leng's B-day celebration. I ordered Fish & Wedges that costs me $8.9. Tried the beer too, eh.. it tastes so-not-like-beer. Sang the B-day song in a few languages that there was an earthquake at Marche. It was so much FUN and I was really glad that some junior members joined us along, aside from the trainees. Hey, this is how you expose yourself to the AIESEC family. Welcome bro n sis!! I finally get the opportunity to know you guys better...waks...lurve it to the max.

So, how to end a great night? Memoirs of Geisha ended my day.

Time for a sweet dream.

ps: thanks and thanks everyone...

"With great responsibility comes great power"

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