Friday, January 13, 2006

I started my day with a big smile.

I greeted the -cleaning- auntie with a big "MONIN".

She was surprised, and said that long time no see.

I walked over to Canteen A to catch the bus.

I stopped and gave way to a car.

And the driver smiled.

I smiled too.

And as I was jiggin' my way to the bus stop...

I smiled to a passer-by...

What a wonderful life if everyone could brighten other people's life.

Just a smile...

That costs you none.

The burdens are lifted up and it is so much easier to face the hiccups in life.

And yeah...nothing is even more precious than a friend who is standing by your side to support and catch you when you fall.

Thanks friends.

Thanks for making my day.

Hope I make yours, too.

Posted by Ddee at 9:42 AM


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