Saturday, January 28, 2006

A..nimators performance was superb. Their songs melt my heart. Guess I like soft-rock now *haha*
B..usy with work, busy with appointments. Is the word 'busy' written all over my head now? I wish upon the star? Can I dance among the clouds? Can I be strong just like the sun?
E..rr I think I haven't fulfilled any of my new year's resolutions...hiks
F..ort Minor is coming to Singapore. Anyone got free tix? Xi Fa Cai everyone *guk..guk..*
H..ope we all have a great year ahead...and I mean it!
I..can see the hurt in your eyes...
J..azz cafes are on search.
K..uala Lumpur. Should have gone there for this 4-day holiday -__-'
L..onging for great family reunion. My cousins just SMS-ed saying that it won't be a happening celebration without me back there * touched*
M..occa is marvellous. Like their songs, like their lyrics, like em much...and so grateful I could watch their performance at Esplanade *for free*
N..ot gonna let people ruin my life...we shall see *huhu violent mode on*
O..MG, I am totally broke now *sigh..*
P..hilippines I am coming!! Finally I got my supervisor's approval, but that means tons of work to do before and after the conference.
Q..ue sera sera...whatever will be will be..coz everything seems out of my hands..
R..umors keep on rolling. Feel free to entertain youfselves guys!
S.. entosa Getaway to spend my Chinese New Year. It's better be good ^.*
T..ired spiritually and physically. I need my vacation. I need my break. I need an extra suplement.
U..nbelievably mad/sad of myself. Get a life!
V..irtually active at night only [MSN mode on].
W..ish I am home. I wanna be home...
X..tinction of emotions leads to the need for a psychiatric and a psychologist.
Y..eah...I finished my monthly report *haha*
Z..ipping my mouth and mind is the best thing I can do for now...*finger-crossed*

Wish you a happy and prospear year ahead....*guk..guk..

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