Thursday, January 19, 2006

As I promised in my previous entry, I shall now discuss [or actually 'bitching' hihi] about my colleagues at work.

There are three people in my Marketing Department. Previously there were four people whom I work closely with, but since they are splitting the network into Singapore and Malaysia [SAM] and PAN Regional [PR], now I work directly with solely three people. A director and two executives.

My director is around 30-40 years old, I think. I have no idea if she's married or happily single. No signs of family pictures, no phone calls from her kids, no phone calls asking about how the kids are doing. So, I have no idea although she seems like a family-oriented kinda woman.

An independent woman with medium length hair who always means what she says. For instance, I asked her about budget code for certain premium (they have these weird numbers to specify their budget and where to charge their expenses as well as revenues) and she answered that she has no idea about it. So, I thought she would try to find out from the Finance Department about this code [as I thought she mentioned she would find out *huhu*]. So, at later time I asked her again...and guess what?

"Diana, I have no idea about this code. I've told you about this before, haven't I?"

However, she looks very sweet when she smiles [which she does pretty often]. It's just that I have to understand that she IS a very busy lady(she IS the director, remember?) that she may not have the time to chat and introduce new things to me properly. She also recognises people's effort and she would thank people sincerely. So, it's great to know that your effort are being appreciated. Overall, I would give her 7.5* so far...

The second one is the Executive. She is a mixed of Chinese and Malay, so yeah...she speaks fluent Chinese, English and Malay (with the right accent and intonation guys!). She is learning Hokkian now "to help her in any way she needs" as she put it.

A very nice, understanding, approachable and patient lady who always welcomes me should I have a huge question mark on my head or anything to clarify. What I like about her is the way she asks for help, she would try to understand my workload first before asking me to assist her. A very well-spoken lady which never shows her impatient or temper *so kewl huh!*. Very down to earth lar...I can just walk to her cubicle and bug her, yet she always smiles in return.

The third one is the most difficult lady *haha*. A moody and short-tempered woman who likes to curse...A LOT!! and I mean A LOT. In a day, you can hardly count the word sh*t and fc*k simply because two hands and two feet are not enough. When she starts raising her pitch and looks annoyed...hahaha beware everyone!! OK lar, she is not that bad, but she is just impatient I think. She is easily annoyed by small-small things that may deem unimportant and trivial for her [when it actually is important]. She is a nice person [I mean it] with a sweet chubby face *hehe*, especially when she really needs help in doing something....or buying something. Lunch anyone?

She likes to give me the nitty gritty work that she has no time to deal with or simply because she has no idea how to do it as well. The only problem is...sometimes these small-small things become NOT SMALL *haha what a broken English* as she keeps on giving things to do without taking time into consideration. Ow..and what about works from my supervisor and another Executive too ^^' about these women!! Let's see if I am gonna curse alot to in the future *muahaha....shuu...shuu...don't come near me.

However, no matter what, I DO enjoy my internship so far. I've learned so many new things and I am trying my best not to disappoint them [which is not as easy as what some people might think, coz the mistakes are not always mine]. I meet bunch of new people at work, the friendly ones, the sweet ones, the helpful ones, the fierce ones, the you-must-respect-me-coz-you-are-an-intern type and many more. At least, up till now I am given the trust and opportunities to handle their stuffs. Unlike some of my friends who are still mingling around and enjoying themselves at the office.

I am learning something....

And I am gaining lotsa things....including those goodies hahaha

ps: Tired of packing the goodies, counting the stocks, carrying the boxes and moving them all *I am muscular now hahaha*

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