Monday, December 12, 2005

Yeah...finally I'm back again.
But solely for a week before I head back to my home sweet home in Jakarta for another 2 weeks *muahaha*. Can hardly wait!

It was a FUN, CRAZEE, BORING, STRESSFUL, TIRING, ENTERTAINING and BENEFICIAL event. Nothing is perfect, that's why I also put boring and stressful above.

AIESEC National Leadership and Development Seminar [NLDS] is an annual AIESEC Singapore Conference. This year NLDS was attended by more than 50 delegates, excluding those non-AIESECers, the organizing committee and the facilitators. [I like the fact that not-so-many-people attended this conference as that means we have greater bond and we know almost everyone in the room -90%++ I would say].

Imagine this:

And yesterday or I should say this very morning, I arrived at my room at 1.20am. Superbly thirsty after a long walk from Hall 10 to Hall 8 then to Hall 14 [plz refer to NTU map for detail] while carrying my bags and horribly tired. God Bless I don't have to work today... *phew

Oh..talking about work shift, I was actually planning on visiting my dearest sis in KL this Wed-Sat when Cit2 is taking her time off from her Volleyball trainings and competitions. However, too bad that my manager apparently forgot to update my availability for this week's schedule [I SMSed him during NLDS], and I end up having work shifts on Tues-Fri and Sun. Nophie, next time k!

Hm....for you guys who want to travel, air asia is having its birthday and giving out free 2millions airflight tickets. How?
Log on to
Put in your destination and date of travel at the left box [only for travel between 10Feb-10Oct]
It would then show the price for the ticket...if it's free then you just have to pay for tax and other surcharge such as fuel.
Happy holidae.
Maybe I'm gonna try to book to KL haha

Off now, I'm still tired...sleepy...and hate the fact that my PC is 'sick' [refuse to be alive aka cannot on]. Thaaa....

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