Sunday, December 18, 2005

Last night, I reached my hall room at almost 1am. Tired, sleepy, and totally broke. But I am Happy and I had so much FUN at KL.

I managed to drink one of my fave drinks at Ming Tien (a must-go kopitiam when I am in KL), a super big glass of watermelon juice which costs me RM 4.60,-. I like it so much compare to Spore's watermelon juice which only tastes like sugar water *sigh*...

A bit lazy to write up everything during our KL trip, I'll just summarize everything below *hihi* lazy mode on...

On our second day (15th Dec), I postponed the plan of karaoke-ing with old friends to Friday. And instead, Citra and I went to Sungei Wang to do some shopping. Arrived there at noon for lunch with Zhu Wei and Su Hao (my lil sis' frens) and then we were set for our shopping spree. We spent almost 5 hours in this shopping malls. Walked here and there. Went into the shops everytime we saw "SALES" signs. Padini...Seeds...PDI...Vincci... huhuhu we successfully bought a few tees and tops, but no single pair of shoes *hehehe*.

Tired of Sungei Wang, we walked out to the nearby malls at the opposite. Ugh...only branded goos with superbly costly price. Don't want lar! like this Singapore oso got hahaha With tired legs but unsatisfied shopping list, we had a short break and recharged our battery at Secret recipe. this time, we tried carrot brownie *hahaha nut bad*. Then, we proceed to Times Square mall which I never ever stepped in as well. It's so huge...but looks empty. Dn't like it too! We spent our time here browsing at BodyGlove store.

Nopi kept nagging us when to go home (she's at home waiting for ur). And at 8.20pm we finally took a cab back home and later proceed for a dinner with her bf and friends too. Funny and crazee people. *too bad my chinese is not that good...huhuhuhu

At night, a meeting with old friends brought us to Halo Cafe where life music is presented. Craps, jokes, stories and updates of each other were shared. Finally, we reached home at 1am++.

Tralalala....trililili...a great day.

On Friday, the three of us (Citra, Nopi and I) went for lunch at Ming Tien. Finally I had my Char Koay Teow after so long.... *phobia of Spore's char koay teow which tastes like koay teow dips into soysauce huhu*. Then, we had window-shopping and again visited Vincci, but only to be disappointed as the pair of shoes that I want is not available in terms of size and colours (and even at other Vincci stores....growlll).

Next on our agenda was a karaoke session with old friends. Yeah....sang sang sang...danced danced danced and a small birthday tiramisu cake for Nopi to celebrate an early Birthday treat. Had a great time too!

At around 7.45pm, we took off and decided to pay a lil visit to the shoe store. Each of us purchased a pair of shoes haha and later went to have dinner at Nando's.

Curious of how she might look like in Afro hairstyle, Nopi borrowed the wig from Nando's with a friend's help. She looked so funny (will upload the pic once I have it). Posed like a model-out-of-nowhere hehe.

And yesterday, Saturday, we went to Midvalley megamall. Again, my first time there. It's so huge...and so beautifully decorated with Xmas stuffs. We can hear Xmas songs almost in every shops we entered. I had a hazelnut gelato and bought a Victorian-style blouse. Citra had a cinnamon cake at St.Cinnamon and we had a free bottle of mineral water on the seat hahaha

Overall....we are broke...but had a GREAT TIME there. I wanna be there again.... *hahaha*

When I stepped into Singapore last night... *hiks..* the feeling was so different... down..down..down...underground...down..down...down...

Yah...unpack and re-pack again for tomorrow! Chao

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