Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kolam Ikan scene, 5.45 pm.
Diana, sitting on the sofa: Eh Rahmah...when you finished serving that table, come here k!
Rahmah: Okay!


Rahmah: Wassup?
Diana: [pointing to Wednesday, Thursday and friday schedules] Hey, are you free on these days?
Rahmah: Ow...I can't on Wed and Thurs. I have a camp. Fri is OK! Why?
Diana: Hm...I intend to visit my sis in KL, but I guess Crayson forgot to change my schedule. I'll let you know again k. I try to find other replacement. [so eager to find replacement..hihi]

Went outside to ask Jia Ming with jumping style *lol* and scared him who was about to take his dinner
Diana: [lil bit shouting] Jia Ming....
Jia Ming: [blurry face] Yes?
Diana: [sheepishly] Can you replace me on Wednesday and Thursday?
Jia Ming: [guilty face] Ow..I cant. Sorry.
Diana: No prob. Thanks horr...[walked inside...hiks..hiks...who else]

Then suddenly Wei Wei appeared from nowhere....
Wei Wei: Hey...what happen?
Diana: [enthusiastically as though I've just found my heroin hihi] Ow Wei Wei, can you replce me on Wed and Thurs?
Wei Wei: Thursday can. Wednesday cannot. Why?
Diana: Ow...I wanna go to KL visiting my sis until Saturday hehe
Wei Wei: Oh...try to call others lar. Call Nydiah...
[Cui Yin walked into 'Kolam Ikan']
Diana: Eh Cui Yin, Tomorrow can you replace me? 6-11?
Cui Yin: Oh cannot ler.

Then hurrily took out the staff list and find Nydiah's no. Dialed.....
tut..tut..tut... *sigh...cannot also..
Wei Wei: eh, I think she changed her HP no. Ask Crayson.
Diana: [went into manager's office] Crayson, do you have Nydiah's new number? I couldn't reach her.
Crayson: [acted as though he was looking for something in his pocket...apparently it's a HP] Eh she used prepaid card, so maybe no credit. Call her home.
Diana: Ow..Okay. [Went out from the office] Eh, anyone got Nydiah's home number?
Cui Yin: Eh I have I have.

Nydiah.....cannot...she wants to find other job
Jason....cannot....he's working somewhere else CCA
Pei Loo....cannot....CCA too
Wen Jing....cannot also....forgot why
Yi Jie....cannot....working elsewhere
Phyllis....cannot...has test
Coral....tut tut tut
Jefferson....unsure if he's still working

huhuhu.....sad sad sad...who else?

Manager: Eh how, got your replacement?
Diana: Hiks....left with Wednesday. But relax-relax, man man lai.
Manager: Have you called Sheryl? Try calling her.
Diana: Okay-okay.

So, he read her number to me while I dialed the number. respond
ring...ring...ring...tclek....somebody picked up
Diana: Halo, Sheryl. Diana here from "Kolam Ikan' bla bla bla.........................................
Sheryl: Yes, can.
Diana: Eh...sure or not? Can ar?
Sheryl: Yup, tomolo rite?
Diana: Hah....thanks. Tomolo 6-11 ar hehehe thanks thanks

6.20 pm
I AM GOING TO KL!!! muah muah...

Digress no.1: I found another reason to lurve my Kolam Ikan colleagues even more. They are just too friendly, to helpful and too understanding. Everyone there was helping me to find replacement *hiks...hiks...touched* including the manager ^o^

Digress no.2: Too bad I haven't receive my $30 voucher for being Employee of the Month [November] *yeah I made it to the Hall of Fame*

Back to the topic of going to KL. I'm so excited but yet till this post is published, I still cannot contact my sis...there was even a man picked up the phone and I have no idea who he is nor does he know who novita is *freaked me out..* Hey gurl, where are you?

Ow...besides this KL thingie, I am now in the midst of confusion and doubt. be or not to be? to run or not to run? to lead or not to lead? to accept or to refuse? to deny or to regret?

Some friends trust me to run as the president. I guess this is what people need, some degree of trust that they believe you have the capability to do better, to do more, to serve the rest. Once people trust you to do something....the feeling is just indescribable....but to satisfy them is not an easy task.

Yet the option is still open....hope I would get some enlightment ASAP. I don't have much time and I dont' want to take the wrong decision, I don't want to regret in the future.
So, what should I do?

I should sleep now...and do my packing tomorrow morning *haha*....


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