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It takes merely 10-30 seconds to form that very first impression.

And out of 100%, 55% comes from how you presented yourself visually. Or in other words, your appearance.

This statement was presented at least twice yesterday during my pre-internship seminar. *hoho, this OUGHT to be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the Engineering students' briefing ^^v*
The seminar lasted from 9.30am till 4.10pm *sigh*.

The first half of the seminar talked about the impact of internship on your career plan, resume and job search in the future, not to forget the power of networking. *hey, companies today prefer mouth-to-mouth recommendations rather than advertising in the media to find potential candidates -__-'* It was a fun seminar as the speaker was able to capture my attention from the start till the end, or was it the fact that I sat just in the very first row?

Some seniors also shared their experiences while they were having their Professional Internship (PI). From being sent overseas for organizing and managing roadshows *huhu I want, I want...MTV, please send me to Bangkok for MAA 2006 hahaha*, to being able to interview prominent figures of Singapore. From doing dull work such as admin stuffs and painting *haha, PAINTING you know!!* to meeting important clients who can be crazy, demanding and fussy *huahauhau hope my supervisor won't read this*.

Second half of the seminar was presented by used-to-be-Miss Singapore Audrey Quek. She talked about Impression Management, how to create that impressive first impression. Oh btw, my "direct male" friends [this was said by one of the seniors haha *how direct a male can be?] rated her as 5.3 out of 10 for appearance... *isn't that cruel?* Support local brands! ^.^'

So, what am I doing here by sharing all these stuffs to you? This doesn't interest you, I think hoho therefore, I am gonna share some of what I learnt during the seminar, esp. during the second half and hope this can be of help for your guys in the near future [focus this on professional business settings okay]. And when you succeed, don't forget someone here *wink wink*

For ladies:
1. Messy hair: tie it up, bun it, comb it. Don't let it cover up your face. No colouful rainbow style of hair colours please.
2. Heavy make-up: or not at all a.k.a pale bedroom style. Be moderate ok! At least facial powder and lipstick *huhuhu*
3. Strong perfume: even flies dare not come near you. Hatt..chiii...
4. Platform shoes: heels show power and control. Would be best if the colour of the shoes is similar to those of bag and belt. Choose a pair of comfy shoes in which you can walk confidently.
5. Wearing revealing clothes to work: what else can I say. Wanna be accounted for brain or body?
6. Chipped nail polish: meni-pedi watsoever and re-polish your nail colours. No black, blue, green and yellow colour for nail-polish.
7. Heels that are badly scrathed: Ever heard the adage that shoes reflect the user?
8. Run in the stockings: prepare for spare. Choose the proper style and colour as well. Fish-nets? OH NO...
9. Lipstick on teeth: equals to veggie stucks between teeth hehe
10. VPL - visible panty line * no comment*

For men:
1. Oily hair or hair that's very well-greased: going to work or for Oscar? be moderate on your gel and hairspray and whatever you use and pity those hairs k!
2. Scruffy shoes: read above!
3. Crumpled shirt (not properly ironed): so....iron properly.
4. Shirt not properly tucked-in: eh..professionals of gangsters?
5. Socks that are loose and gathered at ankles: I think I saw some shops selling socks at discounted price, not too expensive btw ^o^ and no white colour socks for leather shoes. Ow....hide those leg hairs!
6. Trousers that are too short: Michael Jackson style? Ideally it should be heels meet the shoes [the trousers fall around the top of the shoes' soles]. The width of the trousers is 3/4 of the shoes. Unsure? take a good look at Tiger Wood's trousers *hehe
7. Unshaven look: if you couldn't take a good care of yourself, who on earth would trust you enough to give you some responsibilities?
8. Belts that are really worn-out: good belts are investment. Oh btw, the length of the tie should reach the belt, not shorter than that if you don't want to end up following the Italian style ^.*
9. Nasal hair showing: haiz...
10. Long nails, especially on last finger: a guitarist? Trim your nails.

Hence, the keywords are:

The way we present ourselves build credibility and accountability. It's so much easier to build the trust to an even higher level by appearing great on the 1st meeting than to start on the low level and build it from there. A little make-over won't do you harm. So, don't judge a book by its cover may not always...correct?

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