Friday, December 16, 2005

14 Dec’05

It was an exciting day to begin.

Woke up at 8am in the morning and went to iron my clothes before I went off to the library to meet my sister’s friend ‘coz he wanted to use the Internet to send his resume. Then, I returned to my hall to pack after having my lunch at Canteen A [’s been quite some time since last time I stepped there].

After packing, I waited for friends to be ready [yeah..Cit2 needed to burn some CDs for Nophie] before we took off to Johor via Kranji. It’s a smooth-sailing journey.

Arrived at the ticket counter at 2.55pm, we decided to purchase three 3.30pm-tickets.Who was the other friend? … *drum rolls* Pramoda Dei Sudarmo, an AIESEC NTU Local Committee President. Rushed to the nearest 7-eleven to buy some snacks before we hopped on a taxi to Larkin. Phew…we managed to arrive there on time or else… the bus might have to depart without these cute, sweet and innocent passengers. *hihi*

At around 8pm, we were thrown into the wild street of Pudu *hehe*, but since we are all a very tough and adventurous people, we managed to survive even tough our stomachs had wailed to be satisfied. We walked and walked and walked and walked and finally found our shelter where the other creative and daring creatures on earth [aka AIESECers] were gathered, ANCASA Hotel. The AIESECers are having our OCSEA LDS from 12th Dec’05 till 15th Dec’05. More than 60 delegates from 16 countries are present….Hiks..I also want!! 

Still we couldn’t satisfy our hunger immediately. Be patient dear stomach!

After a long walk searching for the famous charcoal-cooked food, we [here refers to10 people since we’ve added more members into our family *muahaha*] finally ended up at a small lane with rows of occupied tables. Dirty…yet delicious..

The uncle who served us was a very energetic man who kept on shouting to the cook and other drink-staffs: “Barley two glasses, Luo Han Kuo three, with ice,” --> FYI, everthing was conversed in Cantonese language *sigh….no idea except for ‘Imai’ which means Barley ^o^*

With full stomach, we went back to ANCASA for cross-dressing session. And I have to say that I was stunned by the beauty of the ‘female participants’ and yet a lil bit ashamed as a female myself *hehehe…they were really kawaii-ne*. It was a culture shjock for Cit2, but she really enjoyed it as she likes the Japanese ‘girl’ hihi *Bedul Cit? Say YES k!....c’mon…*

Laughed our lungs out throughout the whole night. Crazee and sensual dances from the‘beautiful ladies’. Simply irresistible acts to seduce the judges *hihi*. AGAIN, I have to reiterate this: Cit2 and I were so in love with the Japanese participants…Alamak!! We even took some pics with them after our special task force effort *sheepish*. Sorry but the pics are simply for personal use and not for public consumption *Don’t be disappointed all the guys out there hehehe

The crazy night ended at almost 1am.

As we left the parking lot [my sis’ bf was driving us], he realized that he LOST the parking ticket…..hahahaha what a night!!

ps: Spidy, the perfume that u ask for is more expensive here!

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