Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why on earth do 'some people' like Harry Porter so very much?

It has superbly thick books and apparently a loooong movie ,too. The story is so so untrue and splendidly full of imagination. There are no real 'cute guys' but cute girl instead. And mostly, I feel nothing after the movie but merely okay. It didn't bring me into tears or even laugh my lungs out.

Those fans have been waiting for the movie and the books. And some people solely watch it out of their curiosity. What is so special about this Harry Porter thingie that made everyone [er..okay, almost everyone] is so crazee over heels about it? I think it lies on its popularity. You're not cool enough if you don't know Harry Porter. And to know him more, you ought to watch or at least read those books or should i call 'em bibles. Besides, if it's so so popular that almost everyone talks about it, the media report it on pages, and the ads are everywhere...why shouldn't at least you give it a try?

But I don't.

I am not into Harry Porter since day one. Not to add that I don't read the books, ever! It's just too 'creative-yet-complex, imaginative-yet-irritating, beautiful-yet-boring' that I almost fell asleep when I watched the first episode ['coz there was no other VCD on the shelf]...and

I REFUSE to watch any other pieces of Harry Potter. NooOoo, DO NOT torture me....


An SMS came:
Hey AIESEC [world's largest youth organization] EB [Executive Boards], don't forget that we will be having our outing on Friday. We will watch movie and what else can we watch? Harry Porter guys. It's on AIESEC k. So, book your time. :)

OH NO!! Harry Porter....why?

I needed to prepare myself not to fall asleep this time, although I have to say it's a real challenge to enter the theatre and sit still for 2.5hours. And I was surrounded by friends that were ready to wake you up once they thought you were about to enter the dreamland.

From hands being knocked everytime I changed my seating position to a more comfy-sleeping-kind-of-seating-style to calling out of my names everytime I closed my 'tired' could I even rest? Gimme some peace please hehe

In the end, I managed to pull myself from my dreamland, sat nicely, watched in awed-yet-uninterested feeling for 2 hours and 30 minutes, excluding the advertisement time.

Nothing really special I would say......but it does manage to 'grab' my attention till the end.

Way to go Harry Porter, but I still am not interested in you.

Leave me alone...hehehe
and please please please, you happen to make a deep-unanticipated business for my fish pond that we [ref: the staffs] are running out of our breathe bcoz of a sudden increase in the number of customers. Not too mention the hurt on my feet and hands and back and ...

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