Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too many breaks is good for health ^^v
[avoid those flying plates..sandals...hiyattt.....]

Oops...don't complain!!

Latey, I have been taking too many breaks. I sleep more than my usual days, I take more naps, I watch more movies compare to the beginning of this semester, and I am still so so so relax.
Is this a good sign?

Let's see what I did in the last few days...
Sunday: temple and library at Esply *it is so kewl...think I'm gonna spend my holiday there hahaha* continued with window shopping *what a great timing yarr...wanna join me? hihi
Monday, Tuesday: studied in my room, took occasional naps haha and watched So You Think You Can Dance....*Oh...Melody and Nick rock!!*
Wednesday: Jurong Point and continued to Clarke Quay with Khee Cheng and jie2...*I have a severe-purse-crisis at the moment*

My current mood is still happy-go-lucky...hahaha but this may be due to the fact that I only have three papers, and the first one is 5 days from now *tick..tick..tick..

So, my conclusion for the day:
Taking breaks is great for your health...*but not for your financial condition*.
Do it more frequently!

*dohh..another crap haha

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