Monday, November 07, 2005

A-level student?

Am I?

Are we?

Do we really look that young?

Were they kidding?

Did their stigma stimulate the brain to think so?
And so they perceived us...

Two ladies came to join yesterday at Jurong East library and mistook us as A level students, which JCs? haha *the sky is blue...Oh I thank you...>>maksa mode*

Ow..U students? Which U?

NTU doesn't have libraries? *she didn't mean to be sarcastic lar.., we are just sick of the libraries haha been there for the whole semester *ah, really? wasn't it just started week?

Nevertheless, I took it as a compliment that made my day a lil bit brighter.
I AM happy. Are you?

*grinning....not just smiling*

ps: will be going home on 19th Dec-2nd Jan (not two weeks, but a year ^o^)
and best of luck for my 1st paper... and a Sentosa get-away after that...hoho

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