Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Ketawa itu bikin awet muda"

Banyak pahala kalau bisa bikin orang ketawa, bisa bikin orang ngga mikirin stress barang sesaat. Bisa bikin idup lebi idup and manusia jadi lebi manusiawi juga hehe...

Ga susah bikin orang ketawa. Just do a lil small never know.

Kok gtu seh?

Yah wajar aja kaya gtu. Sapa seh yang demen cemberut mulu, melo mulu, jutek mulu....cape tau. Semua tu makan energi, makan emosi. Jadi mendingan ketawa aja...ngetawain jokes Ga Jelas, ngetawain cerita dari makhluk lain yang disampaikan dengan bumbu-bumbunya, ngetawain orang, and yang pasti menolak untuk dijadikan bahan tertawaan ^.-

So, in conjunction with the starting of NTU examinations... *tick..tick...15 mins from now is the Day* ... I received a few encouragement SMSes from my friends. I have to say...It's a small world in NTU as everybody seems to be forwarding the same SMSes here and there. Not all, but most of them hehe. Nevertheless, thanks loch da niat buat ngirimin SMS hehe *really brightens up my day

Being intoxicated with the kia-su-ism since two years and four months ago, my fingers reflectively pressed on my mobile's buttons.

Message. Text. Archive. it

Edit the wordings, then forward to my Haqim Bau orientation group, my AIESEC fellows and friends who do not fall into these two categories *hauhauhauhau....

Heh? where's the laughters?

Wait till I read some of the replies.

A nice, simple, direct message:
Thanks Di. All the best juga buat papersnya :D

A lil-stressed-but-try-to-joke kind of reply:
Wah...mami lagi stress or kurang kerjaan? hehe jia you juga yah buat examnya.

A cute, sweet reply:
Waks...mami pengertian banget. All the best juga ya!

An informational reply:
Hey thanks! Good luck to you too. Still struggling with 301 now...*sigh...

Superbly-hillarious-yet-depressed messages:
Interesting and brilliant thought. But I suppose panic is a justified reaction at the moment :) And I don't think it's close to being positive reaction at the moment :0 However, those words might help, thanks and best of luck for ur exams too :)
[mine] What a complex reply haha hope your brain cells are still ok. ^^
Haha I guess the complexity of the reply could suggest confusion or hyperactivity :) both ow which are actually unwanted during exam time. Hence, I am almost ready to an impending doom..Now that's how I define optimism haha
[mine] Huahauhuahua can't help myself not to laugh. Great entertainment when the anxiety is peeking haha nevertheless, u better start de-stress. Hepi mugging :)
Well I can't believe all that actually made u laugh. Not that it wasn't intended to :) Hope it as not sympathy laughter :) coz all crap i wrote was a product of incessant sleep deprivation i think..Neways, happy mugging to you too :) and best of luck again.

A lil bit too serious and scary reply which incorporates some of the theories:
I agree. Considering that the only constant variable is "changes", +ve attitude is the key in adapting to changes. The synergy will be created when +ity runs together with a process-orientedspirit. Happe exam yah! yi qie shun li...
>> now you know how he can be the president of AIESEC NTU Local Committee..another applaud ^.^

So, these replies actually made me laughed...and I am truly blessed to have such friends around.

Jadi, kalo ga mao cepet mao buru2 keriput...buruan deh send SMSes around hahaha and see what kind of replies you will get in return.

This is just one simple step....the rest...terserah anda ^.*
Yeah..Exams period has just started hahaha.... *another laughter in disguise..

Aja aja fighting....hihi

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