Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It took me around one hour to reach Orchard Road by Transit Link no 174, just a lil difference if I were to take the MRT. But I prefer the bus to the MRT as I can enjoy the scenery and different parts of Singapore. Besides, who likes to look at the same boring panels? *sigh...

The route to Orchard road passes the Bukit Timah area where lotsa condominiums and apartments, from retro to victorian style, from a high-end to a low-end residences, from expensive condos to an affordable apartments.

Looking at the greenery, sensing the atmosphere and enjoying the view really remind me of Jakarta, the South part of it where nice houses and buildings stand steadily. Don't trust me? Hop on the bus and enjoy the ride *hehe sounds like an ads for Singapore Tourism Board*. So, I miss being at home. Miss the 'feeling' of being at my own familiar place. Back to the family...back to the comfort...back to those who support you no matter what, to find the solace I'm searching for *tsahh...hihi

A friend buzzed me last night saying that he's going back on Thursday. It won't be a SURPRISE...if only it wasn't so sudden. He planned to stay in Singapore during the holiday, spending time with his bunch of friends.

But, he changed his mind. A last minute one. To escape.

The stress has burdened him to a level that he can't cope. He needs to hide, to run away. To reflect, to find the answer. To mend a broken heart?

MAYBE this is the best solution. To return to the warmth of his family. Or MAYBE NOT?

Hm...nevertheless, after the journey by bus along Bukit Timah and Dunearn Road, I feel so much better. There is another part of Singapore that makes me feel as if I'm home.

Then maybe he should try to hop on 174 and enjoy the ride.....too bad he's not familiar with South Jakarta *hehe*

ps: Hey guys, the next time we go to Orchard....remember 174 ok!

*crap off

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