Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm having my exam break now...^o^

My next and final paper is on Wednesday, and it's only a 30% final exam after a long stressful and troublesome 70% assessment. What's that? hoho It's multimedia theory and development where I complained about those flash assignments hehe *pizz*

So, after a whole morning of browsing around, watching 2 episodes of Joey, clicking here and there, finally I decided to clean and clear some of my belongings *refer to unused papers and notes*. I tried to search for my $10 Border's card and my new packet of oil blotters hehe however, it seems that they were not where I though they would be. They just disappeared.

I searched those boxes below my bed, on top of the desk, my drawers, everywhere I could think no avail *sigh* Yuhuu, where are you guys?

Dilly-dallying...I came across my photo albums and so I traced back those memories...*hiks...

Just by looking at those pictures, I was brought back to my sweet and sour past (sound like Fish & Co. menu...sweet and sour fish with chips please..hoho). when we went to was a wonderful journey with great cities and people *but I don't really like the food..huhu Asian food is still the best! when I went for echange programme to Japan and stayed at my foster family's place...really sweet memory, one of the best in my life. Wearing the kimono with such a short hair and chubby face, some of my friends were even wondering whether the girl on the picture was really me ^^' with my housemates for 4.5 years in Penang...haha we REALLY change a lot, talk about those transformation. From hairstyle, fashion-taste, to how colourful our lives as the journey of life moves on q^.^p
...classes, clubs, competitions pictures...*sigh* miss the teachers, miss my classmates and buddies, miss the practices and how we bullied the teachers hoho. Not to mention how short my hair was back in my lovely Penang Han Chiang High School. Just FYI, the girls' hair was not supposed to be longer than 4cm below the ears and the guys to have max 3cm if I am not mistaken. Hahaha seeing those pictures of me in my really really short hair with that naughty face and gangstress style, surrounded by my friends...I can't ask for more! of our class activities. From bbq, farewell parties, drama performance to when we decorated the whole audi stage for festivals and celebrations. Maybe I'm gonna breakdown in tears....-__-'' of Birthday celebrations. Pizzas, chocolate tart, sodas, creams, finger food and not to forget crazy poses.
...when I acted as F4 Dao Ming Shi hoho
...when St. John members performed our modern dances wearing our self-stitched costume ^^v
...when I had my free trip to Sabah as a school representative in the Panel Discussion competition..yey, 3-free-school-day and just had fun haha
...many more....indescribable memories...

So glad I have those pictures to remind me of my past, of where I came from, of who I was and the transformation that occurs *will I ever cut my hair that short ever again?*. I shall keep my feet to the ground...stay intact.

Too bad that now in NTU, most of our pictures are digital images and saved in our lovely PCs and notebooks. How if my HD crashed and I don't have any back-up in hands?
UGH...There goes some beautiful part of my life...

How to back up ar?

*scared to death if my PC couldn't turn on AGAIN...

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