Friday, November 04, 2005

Direct report from Lee Wee Nam library.

Seems like NTU students are concentrating on their studies. From freshly-printed lecture notes, thick-like-wall textbooks to self-written additional notes, you bet what else you can't see!

Properties are ready too. Thick jacket, huge water bottle, boxes of stationeries and stacks of papers, not to forget the tidbits.

Sitting in the centre of the library, surrounded by computers and studious hard-working students, I feel so small... *and hence I'm reporting now...

A few interesting occurences did happen, from a bored students de-stressed by playing "Street Fighter", a lady who becomes the waterlady with water bottles in her hands *name shall not be disclosed*, unbearable bloody boring stacks of notes that made people sleep *errr...not me not me -__-' ..pointing to the guy sitting next to me*, a sexy lady wore just a mini tanktop when everyone else was covering their bodies with an additional piece of cloth *hey, it's called jacket* to someone who-is-bored-to-death-and-do-not-feel-the-urge-to-study-properly reporting live from the library.

Diana, reporting live from Lee Wee Nam. Back to the studio...

Due to our studio's failure to broadcast yesterday, we would like to express our sincere greeting.
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin...

Maapkeun eke ya kalo ada sala *pasti deh ada...hiks..maap ya...ya.. ya..*

Kok ga ada ketupat ya?
Adanya 'sale' di mana-mana, ampe 70% and yang kedengeran cuma suara ibu-ibu yang heboh belanja ditemani muka lesu bapak-bapak yang ngangkatin belanjaan.... *sigh..makanya Pak, lebaran itu ke rumah sodara, jangan ke Singapur....hehe* Pasrah deh..

End of report.

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