Tuesday, November 08, 2005

9.30 am, Invigilator's voice: You may now turn over your exam paper

Part ONE, you have no freedom of choice...answer of just leave it blank hauhauhua

Q1: Case studies of which project would you like to go for St. John island. An exlcusive luxurious golfing island for the super-rich, an environmentally friendly eco-park for education or Asia World, a theme park capturing the best of the continent in one place.

a. Describe and discuss the strategic and tactical goal for the project [10 marks]
>> Hue?...goals...isn't the process is more important? And dohh what goals....am I gonna build that island? *sigh* ..turned over to the next page...

b. What planning, resource allocations and schedules would you put in place to achieve the goals? [10 marks]
>> Aiyo...planning...hm..budget, manpower, timeline...what else? what am I feeling like writing a proposal...is this a real project? -.-' *skipped to the next one*

c. Who would you involve in the decision making process? Discuss what your decision is, and the steps you need to take to reach it. [10 marks]
>> Hm..investors, gov officials, my 'boss' at the Southern islands Develoment Divisions, The Urban redevelopment Authority...and my group of coz. Is this even correct?
Decision: theme park for sure....money, entertainment, reputation...bla bla bla...and just put every single steps of the decision making process... *finger-crossed*

Part TWO, answer THREE of the FOUR questions

Q2. Select a local media company and describe its market segmentation, market space. Predict, stating yoru rationale, whether the ads sales will increase or decrease in the next 12 months. In the context of environmental changes, identify and discuss how would you implement 2 marketing strategies that would impact the market segmentation. [20 marks]
>> What? must choose one media company? hm..think..think...aiyoo..can't think of any good companies. Predict their revenue...hm...SWOT and PEST analysis, Porter's 5 forces also. Marketing strategies: Differentiation and focus?
Conclusion: couldn't think of any media....too much hassles, skipped.

Q3. If you were a HR Manager in charge of your company motivational programs, discuss the theory of motivation that you would use for editorial team of a printed publication. Can you apply the same theory to the broadcasting technical team? If not, which alternative theory of motivation would you use?
>> hoho theory, finally. Been memorizing till I don't have enough brain cells left. Hm...should put Acquired Needs theory and Expectation theory for the editorial teams. Remember to stae the rationales. For broadcasting technical team, I'd go for Herzberg two-factor theory. hoho....should be safe for this one.

Q4. you are working for a PR agency and you have been asked to set up a branch office in Beijing. When considering the pEST analysis, describe and discuss how each factor would impact your decision. Illustrate each factor with examples.
>> Hm...PEST shouldn't be a problem. Hope the answer is comprehensive enough....*taking a deep breath now*

Q5. Make a budget proposal for Internet based campaign for six months Revenue to be expected is 20% of tender value, at least. No other info available.
>> Number...hm..Communication Studies students would definitely avoid this. Just give it a try, but with no additional info available, it's like walking in the dark without any torchlight, lamp, or even moon to guide along. And I didn't manage to finish this one.

Aih...aih...aih...finally I didn't select Q2 as I couldn't think of any media and I presumed majority of the students would definitely go for that question, so I should do the one that less people would do hehe *is this smart? =s

11am : Managed to get a quick toilet break due to unbearable and uncooperative brain signals.

11.25 am: Drew out budget..haha terribly unfinished.

11.30 am: The invigilator stood beside me, I was helpless. Couldn't write anything else, she's waiting...

11.35 am: Walked out of the exam hall. A friends said that she didn't finish as well, and she only wrote 2 para for Q2. Hm..yeah, that's exactly what I meant. You can't write a lot for goals..HULLO??? But then, it's over. Everyone seemed to despise the subject now haha I know it's difficult, way beyond our expectation right? So, take the positive side..no one said it's easy (at least I managed to rush away from the crowd and avoid myself from listening to their blabberings) and two more papers to go.

Yeah..holiday is coming REAL SOON!!

Fight everyone...don't end up like me hehe ^o^''

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