Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My PC is nearing its termination day hahaha...the wallpaper doesn't appear, it takes a real longgggggggg time before I can successfully close the windows (and this includes opening the task manager window -___-'), I can't open My Computer, My Document from the 'start' button...aihh...don't tell me I need to dump my lovely PC hihi coz I can't bear the thought of losing my files, my clips, my pics, my MP3s, and my... my... OMG, my Rain wallpapers...hikss

Yet it gives me a good reason to finally buy a new notebook from 8Flags and pay the remaining loan after I graduated *sigh...counting those 20K-tuition loan and another 2K-notebook loan...WAHH!!

I'm gonna have my 8th interview tomorrow at Cityneon Concept. I am the only interviewee though, so should I be happy about it? or shouldn't I? I do hope that ONLY ME applied for it, and not because the others are shortlisted without having to undergo the interview hahaha

I lost the Burson Mastellar. Only 5 are shortlisted for the 2nd interview..and my name isn't there. Okay lar....quite sad at first, but then...it's not that bad afterall...can't stand seeing myself writing press releases and monitoring the media everyday hahaha *Good luck friend!

For MTV, the result isn't out yet. Not that fast I think. I went there yesterday for another interview with the Network Marketing Department. It's quite fun considering the fact that the two interviewers are so close and friendly. But still, interns are 'slaves' haha but who says it's a GLAM job? -.-'

So, the key question is: If I were to be selected, can I start early? Probably around mid November after I finished my exams. So that I can learn more before my offical starting date and I can do my work properly. hahaha tricky one, but yeah..it really captures their attention though, as the Network Marketing interviewers were very very excited about it. Yeah, it's near Christmas and Happy New Year so there are a lot of works to do, not to mention the infamous MTV Asia Award 2006 at Bangkok *want..want..want...

And the key action is me giving out my name card hahaha they were surprised though, all of them in fact. Thanks to my AIESEC!! Apart from that, listen attentively, ask questions when in doubt, look at them in the eyes, and be professional hahaha *prentending to be a pro here when I don't even get my Burson...huhuhu

Oh, btw, I bought a set of Rain's CD and DVD huahuahauhua it costs me $21.5 after 20% disc. The box includes the CD, DVD for its clips (3 clips), poster, water bottle (and this is a real one man..haha, and postcards and a book of lyrics. Can't believe I actually bought it, but yeah..once a while...considering that now I can bring the water bottle everywhere and feel the staring eyes of jealousy haha..

Ok then, off to class now...get well soon my PC.
JIA YOU friend...and be strong!!

Ow..i finally read my textbook hahaha *clap..clap..clap..

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