Saturday, October 29, 2005

My life twists around THREE today -> 3Ts

Saturday, yet I still have to go to school and present our group Flash. So, we met at 9am *I had to force myself to wake up after a merely 4.5 hours of sleep*, started to touch up our flash. Tried to find nice sound clips, tuned the images here and there, laughed at ourselves, listened to horrible sound effects and many more. It was FUN...considering it was Saturday morning where I am supposed to have my nice sweet dream and accompanied by my cozy bed and pillows.

So, what is that THREE that I mentioned above?

Hoho okay, our group consists of THREE blur-blur-kinda gurls. We have no idea what the tutor taught in class and what the lecturer wanted us to do. But yeah...we made it...our flash ^^'

Move on, since our make-up class was planned at noon, the lecturer treated us OISHI PIZZA with unique and exotic taste. Try to imagine these: Kimchi chicken pizza and wasabi pizza, besides the usual vegetarian pizza and teriyaki chicken *eh..was it teriyaki? not a big deal though*. I ate THREE slices and I must say that the kimchi pizza was the best, delightfully the chili, the red colour on it, the a-lil-bit-sour-yet-spicy taste. Dohh...the thought of the fat should be set aside until exam is over haha *another to-do list*.

Back in class, we were the THIRD group to present. Here is the story...

The 1st group...experimental type of flash, Simple but Smart. They don't really make use of those layers and layers that she kept emphasizing in class. But, who cares when it's an experimental and abstract piece of work. Must say it's very "CLEAN"?

The 2nd group...A story about a lamb which was drawn out of triangle shape. The whole images in the flash were made out of triangle, including the ugly scary yucky cockroach monsters huhuhu. Simple storyline with simple images and background, but very cute indeed hehe.

THIRD group..our "A beetle love story" flash piece. Must definitely say that ours is the was like THREE stories inside one flash *admitted by Mush, the lecturer*. However, to our surprise *giggling haha* the class liked it. They were laughing while watching our masterpiece ^.^', including the lecturer and the tutor (They are very nice people, just that we don't like technology and softwares hehe). The comment given by Mush: Life is full of twist. Some corny part, sadistic part, sad, ...Then it just strucked me.
Are we a bunch of sadistic psychotic kind of gurls?
hahaha .... Shall leave the question unanswered.

The next group presented their morale story of how make-up ingredients actually come from animal's oil hiks... One of the group members is actually the one who got the highest mark in class for the individual flash. Mush herself said that the flash she made was what Mush expected in teh first place... *sigh...gone all our hopes for the individual project haha* Yet, today we didn't see the strength of that flash. It was totally pale in comparison to what she did individually. But, still they are strong in design and drawing unlike the THREE of us.

The last group's project was not done. They were waiting for scripts from the tutors, yet the tutor only gave them this morning, so they couldn't manage to finish the flash. But no worry, as I mentioned that the teachers are very nice people, they actually prolong the deadline to next Friday. The concept for this group was a bit too ambitious as mentioned by the lecturer, so it is not easy to grab the essence of the story.

Overall, we are proud of what we've done. We already put our more-than-requested effort in our "A bettle love story"...if not the best. Maybe what we have is LUCK. Mush doesn't expect the THREE blur-blur gurls to do such a flash. We can't draw, we can't use the software properly, we don't have a very WOW storyline, we are just not the apple of Mush's eye in class. So, when we presented our whatever-you-wanna-called-it flash, she was taken by it. She kept asking about the drawings...who who who? me me me....haha *ok narcissim rulez*'s a HAPPY DAY I shall say.
We made it gurls...yippee.
Honestly, I was a bit pessimistic at first, but now...who says we can't do flash? but nah..I won't make it again in the near future...once, or should I say really to much to bear hehe

Thefore, hereby I would like to thanks my friends that have helped pulling me through this flash. From lending an ear to all my complaints and eerie moans, encourageous support, giving advices, suggestions, ideas, compliments to troubleshooting my flash. You're just brilliant!!
So, from Eknam and Kai Ting who rock the group to Oscar and Alfon for their tremendous helps. Not to forget those who had given so much support....THANKS EVERYONE!!

Here is the end of my term....exam is peeking now haha
To complete my life of THREE today, just cross-fingers that I'll be able to read at least THREE chaps of my media marketing textbook *incubating on..

My life is brilliant...
My love is pure...
I saw an angel
Of that I'm sure...
-James Blunt-

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