Friday, October 07, 2005

My horoscope today:
No matter how much you try, you aren't likely to please te people around you. Pay a little more attention to your health. Sign up for an exercise program or change your dietary habit. A financial problem can be resolved. aren't pleased with me? Say it LOUD here! hohoho ^.* health? nothing's wrong except the extra fats i gain due to around-the-corner exams and projects...hahaha u know what i mean?
..sign an exercise program? simple answer: MO MONEY..and MO TIME a.k.a lazy huhu
..change my dietary habit?'s menu: yong tau fu, biscuits, pringles, Penang's pie..hihi prob can be resolved....Gosh, thanks alot yar...

ow..another dilemma now, not about my internship as I'm still waiting for MTV's announcement. If I weren't shortlisted..hiks..then I have no choice but to travel almost 2 hours every monin hiks hiks.

What will you choose:

Think hard...counting my pay from Fish & Co.
$310 + $200= $510 for now, excl Oct and Nov. But since Oct is nearing exams period, maybe I won't earn that much though. November: will work everyday after my exams are done (16th Nov). So, maybe can earn around $300-$400 for November *hopefully, if I get my shift everyday haha*
Okay, so based on the minimum calculation , I have around $900. What should I prefer now?

yeah..better do my readings and drawings for flash now hiks...anyone who can draw nicely?

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