Sunday, October 23, 2005

My first two days of mugging in the library after a long one-year *haha

Remembering those days when we *a mixture of 5Cs: crazy, clamorous, cheesy, cool, and conspicuous* were happily 'studying' together from bright till dark (huhu I mean from morning till midnight hehe *cheesy mode)

So, lets' recall back on how did, do, have I *been* study(ing) thus far in NTU...
1st year:

2nd year 1st semester:

2nd year 2nd semester:

3rd year 1st semester:

A change of topic:
Haven't been to any birthday party for quite some time *sheepish* so I decided to go to Ainun's birthday party last night. It's not that I am forced to do so, but I am willingly agree to celebrate. So, I waited for 11pm in the library doing my I-can't-believe-it-is-a-fifteen-pages report of DHL media plan. Triumphantly, I finished it ... before I sent the document to my 'editor' hehe *Thanks yar...

The party turned out to be 'huge'; impressively heaps and heaps of friends were there. As Suhu puts it: Friends from diverse races and religions gathered to celebrate Tikus' Bdae party.

It was an Unbelievably Entertaining yet Meaningful party for me. I laughed my lungs out that I got a jaw-cramp muahaha. I would definitely say that Vicky was a real entertainer. He managed to bring up the HOO-HAA athmostphere with his spontaneus jokes. And not to forget that Suhu and Septian did a great performance *wondering where do they get their creativity from..willing to share some?* as well as Zuhdi and Abrar who were the games' participants. For mroe read Suhu's blog coz I'm kinda lazy to describe the whole show hahaha *gomenasai

off to sleep now...dunno where to study 2molo...we'll see...

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