Monday, October 24, 2005

My current TOP 5 wish list:
1. Travelling and get away from Singapore hehe *not that I hate the red dot, but yeah...been spending way too much time in Singapore....I need something different*. Maybe Thailand, Malaysia, Bali or anywhere affordable....with great food, great entertainment, great companions and great shopping spree haha *doesn't mean that I can afford it though...but yeah...window shopping counts haha....horribly desperate huh!
2. A change of hairstyle, plz wait for me yar...
3. Jeans, more jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans and jeans ^.^v
4. Great grades....haha I don't need that DI, but A will do. *Yeah, SCI doesn't have DI though LOL
5. MUST watch movies on the list: Pride and Prejudice, Engine, So you think you can dance, dramas please....series...reality shows...

*dream....keep dreaming my gurl...

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