Saturday, October 01, 2005

I am SUPER FED-UP now!! Grr...

If I ever told you about this guy whom I met at Kallang during IAF2006 and how he had intruded my life...*'s my privacy here!!* now, I am totally furious about it.

Don't know how many missed-calls he made, don't know how many voice mails he left, and don't know how much vitamin C I've lost since ever I talked to him...

And just five minutes ago, I finally have my last call with him. Last?, just throw away those numbers and forget that I even ever exist in the world. I am a LIAR as he said hahaha *yeah..a total liar here writing her journal ^*(_P(#%^$* just get away and leave me alone ok!

Confused of what I'm penning down here? don't worry, I won't make your day gets let's just STOP it here before you can feel my flames haha

Btw, don't stop praying friend, and don't forget the extra 'wish-list' from your....friend here?

Posted by Ddee at 12:53 AM


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