Thursday, October 06, 2005

At least I have one offer in hand now. Cityneon shortlists me to be an intern there. I was interviewed by Dylan who said that he is part of the event coordinator team (which comprises of 7-8 people). He is quite a strict person I feel. Perfect English and very 'corporate' huhu *aih..that's why I still like MTV more than everything else. Later, I found out from the name card he gave me that he is actually the General Manager -____-' OMG!!

The whole journey to Cityneon took me around 1 hour 50 mins. Bus from NTU to Boonlay, MRT from Boonlay to Aljuneid, then another bus from Aljuneid to 84 Geylang Lane before a 200-meter walk. The problem is I don't like the location. It's too far away, too 'suburb' as it is located at the industrial area, no eateries nearby, not a 'cool' place to hang out haha and it takes almost 2 hours to get there.

They made me wait for more than 30 mins before Dylan interviewed me. Apparently he was in a meeting. The receptionist is not that nice though and there was no single free vending machine hahaha but I haven't taken a look at the offices (or should I say cubicles?) inside.

Okay I've secured this one. Additional info:
working hours 8.30 am - 6 pm
allowance $600 announcement yet. Desperately waiting for this huhu ....

Meanwhile, just post another bulletin board from FS here k!

dream job// kok job? career euy. Maonya ada butik & cafe sendiri. Investors are welcome. Yang gue enjoy, dgn bayaran tinggi and challenging, lingkungan kerja enak, kerjanya juga enak alias ga duduk melototin kompie mulu, and lokasi uenak juga haha

dream boyfriend / girlfriend// Bi/Rain? haha mature, understanding, comfy to talk with. A man with a vision in life..cie..but possesiveness is definitely a turn-off.

dream house// comfortable victorian-style house (yah kalo ga condo gtu lor..huhu) with garden. yang bikin gue betah abis di rumah haha alias ga messy, ga cramped and strategically located.

dream food// kalo gue cuma bole mili buat makan ini seumur idup gue, dengan yakin gue pili.........MOM's cook. Mi, mao sup baso dunk huhu

dream friend// comfy to talk with, great buddy, loyal, understanding, can be trusted and the one who can bring out the best in me haha

dream gadget// ga ada abisnya bukan ya? yah ude..kalo gtu alat yg bisa b ertransformasi and bermetamorfosis terus2an, jadi gue ga ude ganti2 hehe

dream car// a car with my characteristics..yg keren, tahan banting, nyaman, and kalo bisa sekalian ama chauffeurnya haha

dream movie// never-die romance comedy haha *asal jgn yg super jayus n ga jelas jalan ceritanya ya...bisa depresi ntnnya haha

dream family// SATU suami yg sayang ama gue n keluarga haha, anak2 yg baik and berbakti, keluarga yg deket banget jadi kaya temen but saling melengkapi and menghormati..sip deh. Ada ga?

dream book// fiction never dies deh...asal bukan sci-fi aja..bete banget. Cerita detektif or laws paling menarik..dilanjuti dgn self-improvement books and romance haha

dream song// yg slow...and artinya bagus dgn suara n musik yg bagus juga tentunya

dream city// hm..tricky...pengen banyak tempat...but yg pasti yg damai, ramah and santai buat idup

dream store// disc 100%, gives out for free?

dream cake// brownie with ice-creamnya secret recipe haha

dream holiday// around the world...dgn more than enough money and temen jalan yg asik..haha

dream life// senang...bahagia..ketawa...puas...dengan kerikil2 kecil di jalan, but menjadi bunga2 yg memperindah perjalanan idup gue hehe

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