Monday, September 26, 2005

IAF2005 is a huge success...

This wasn't me who claimed so, but the audiences that came on that day.
Students of secondary school while being interviewed by Global TV: "KEREN BANGET!!!"
Dai, my friend in Communication studies said that he enjoyed this year's IAF more than the first one. "I prefer IAF2005 to that of 2003."
And many more....

What a relief...all the hardwork, the stress, the pressures....gone...when they said that this was a superb show. Minda, a friend who never watched IAF2003, shows her interest in participating in the next IAF (it's a bi-annual event though, Ming!!)

Sold more than 1100 tickets excluding VIPs and complimentary tix, the team has shown its solid work and strong commitment. Psst....Esplanade even offers IAF to perform there..haha *what else can we ask?*

Too bad I didn't manage to take pics with Desta and Ari Daging. OMG, they are so professional, not complainant and superbly funny and friendly. Despite their tiredness (landed in Singapore on Friday afternoon and followed the whole rehearsal on Friday and Saturday..WOW), they always welcome the fans and the most important...act as though they are just an ordinary people who happen to be chosen as our MCs. Unlike certain people who act as though they are so-darn-popular-that-we-can-do-whatever-we-want kind of poeple.

So, wanna read the news:
Kompas, Radio Singapura Indonesia

Pics (not yet uploaded hehe so can see from other ppl's blog k!! ^o*):
By Henry SmugSmug
one more from Oscar's relative

yah...hope that even when you're not here to attend the event, but when your read and see the pics, you can still feel the HYPE!!

Indo rockzz...

Btw, gonna have my interview for internship within this week (actually today, Monday morning). Monday: MTV, Tuesday: MTV, Thursday: Burson Masteller, Citineon's is not in the list yet. Wish me luck guys!!! *trembling huhu

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