Thursday, September 29, 2005

I am overwhelmed with interviews...

I just had my sixth interviews for the week today. I had five interviews at MTV in which the first one was totally er... *censored..

So, I went there today, and found myself being interviewd by 4 different departments.
The 1st one was Nickelodeon - AdSales. I was interviewed by Geraldine who apparently is a NTU Alumni (She's from Communication Studies as well woohaa..). Despite her tiredness and jetlag (yeah..she just returned from London and Paris), she a super nice person. I only had around 8 minutes of talk with her, and hope that one is good enough to let her have a great impression on me hahaha *wish..wish... (oh..she gave me her name card, so I'm gonna email her later hohoho)

The 2nd one was from Talent Artist Relations. Hm...this one is a bit tricky as she expects us to know alot about artists, music, and even big labels haha I told her I like Audy (she rocks lar..), and I don't have particular fave band in mind as their songs can get boring as you listen more huhuhu *is this a good sign?* but she likes hip hop more to rock, so we have something in common here. But then, she asked which I would prefer: Talent Artist Relations or Network Marketing (this is what I actually applied for)? And I can't choose any one of them coz they deal with totally different groups of people...hope I gave a satisfying answer when I said I am really interested in TAR after hearing all your explanation. I like working with people, liaising and building networks. I gave IAF2005 as my example (Thanks IAF2005!) of how it can be totally unpredictable dealing with 3 artitsts and that I haven't been to network marketing interview so I don't have a clearer picture in mind....*sigh* Please2..I don't mind intern here hehe

The 3rd one is the nicest lady ever. She is the director of Nickelodeon Marketing Communication department, she is superbly busy, but yet she still tries to spend some time interviewing me and my one other friend. Actually the programme scope on the web is painstakingly boring, so no one actually applied for that. But when she explained about it, WOW....I just couldn't believe it. I'll be the most-multitasked (is this correct? haha) intern in MTV *hohoho* I'll be dealing with the programme, events, marketing, media, name it!! And after falling in love deeper into this one, she finally gave me a Nickelodeon nice!! get this one..please2....pray my friend..pray for me yar...

And the fourth one made me do a simple test..ugh!! don't like it but it's from PR department hahaha wondering if I am taking the wrong course now in NTU.

I would say they are all nicer than the first lady from Client Services. Apparently, the other two friends said the same thing about her..she's so cocky, bla bla bla...until Joanna came in and I think Vilia (her name though) likes her. So, they were chatting about how crazy the ladies at the client service dept are, how they na na...yeah Joanna, you go girl!!

So..what should I say? just pick me..HULLO, don't you hear me?

Oh btw, I saw VJ Utt today..OMG!!! twice...and he's so adorable...he's amazing..*darn..focus gurl, focus haha..but what can I say more? he's I like your hair Utt hahaha and your jeans..and your tee, and..ehm..what else? *okay2..shall stop here or else you're gonna roll down from yoru chair..and blame me for sending you to the hospital hihi Just don't send me the bill ok!!

Last note: pray for me my friend...pray...harder...hikss

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