Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Been through 2 interviews now.

And I MUST say...the first one s**ks huhuhu
It was MTV and I actually didn't apply for that particular department. MTV's HR Exec called me and asked me to try another department, Client service department.
And..what I have to say:
I don't like the jobscope. I don't like the interviewer, too.

What I like is how MTV is strategically located just next to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station and Plaza Singapura. Owh..and the fact that they have 2 free vending machines bet TWO and FREE!! Not only that, the culture is splendidly casual and creative. The staffs do not wear the usual safe colours -black, grey, white and brown- shirts and blazers, but you can actually wear anything. From tees, jeans to tank tops hahaha...okie2..kewl place but with again..superbly low allowance ($450/mth). about those cheap labours (don't deny it Mam, action speaks louder than words *.*)

The second one was Burson Mastellar. It was at Suntec City, and again quite strategically located with lotsa shops, eateries and even Carrefour haha

I performed better on this one, I think. I feel more comfortable, more expressive and have more things to say (yes, because she asked me too haha compare to MTV whereby she was the one talking and I was the one listening -.-')

So, it's a totally different culture from MTV. This is more 'professional' (note: furniture, dress code, and the staffs). Hm..can't epxect too high, my peers from SCI are deadly competitors haha There are 14 applicants from NTU, she will shortlist 10 before giving it to the director. The director will then interview the shortlisted interns and then..OH LA LA..only 2 will be selected *hiks..pray hard, pray hard my friends!

The allowance is slightly higehr than MTV with $600/mth and I can claim for taxi if I have to stay back until 8pm and above haha *nut bad rite?

So now, I am desperately waiting for the Cityneon's one. The list has not out yet *fingers crossed* hm..don't wanna be rejected, don't wanna wait till last minute, don't wanna go for 2nd phase selection..don't wanna be stressed up!!

Pray my friends, pray....

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