Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Been quite some time since my last posting....which was written when I was in my superb dee-press-ed mood haha...but, I still don't like 'Flash' kay!! able to write now doesn't mean I have forgotten how I dislike it haha *pizz dink

Okay, now I wanna share about my GL outing last Friday night. To cut it short (hihi...talk about sharing LOL), we finally went to watch a midnite movie instead. Oh how I love the movie: CINDERELLA MAN. It is a GREAT movie I would say, not to mention the talented actor n actress behind it (Russel Crowe and Renee Zellweger). The movie really opens up my eyes, to see how the bourgeoisie and the proletariat struggle and finally survive. It touches the 'human' part of me.

Even though the setting for the movie was in 1930s and 1940s..but yet I saw the world of today in it. How our lives now revolve to what has happened in the past. The poor, economic depression, unemployement, survival, ..., ... *the list goes on and on

Therefore, I recommend this movie to you all. A MUST WATCH movie!!
OW...NO...I insist you all to watch it (but you must bear the 2-hr plus movie hehe, and don't blame me if yo don't like it....we just have different taste then hehehe).

Change topic..

Kokom, Henny and Kokom's sister, Hani are in town hahaha so happee.
We finally met up after several years of not seeing each other. We went to dine at Sushi Tei Takashimaya. The order process alone took around 20mins hahaha...and we sat there for almost 3 hours. Drinks were topped up more than 15 times, went to the loo for a total of 6/7 times. Hahaha *what a great statistics*

Following that, we went to Cineleisure to take neo-print pictures. I shall say the process itself was so entertaining. Knowing no single letter of Japanese language, no assistance by the shopkeepers, we were guessing each and every steps. You can definitely hear the "Hoo...ARGH...press this...ARGH...OH NO...ARGH...What happenned?...ARGH...This or that?...ARGH...which one?...ARGH...Sure?..ARGH...Look at the camera...ARGH...bla bla bla"
But in the end, the pics are fabulous *hihi...narcistic* ...added with our hand-designed blink blink.
Hm..wil try to upload the pics (if only I remember how kay! hihi) or else can go to my FS).
Note: Kokom's expression, the flower and crown on their hair...

ow..did I mention that Henny is going to marry next yr? The registration of marriage will be held in Spore next month. CONGRATS ya Hen!! can't believe it? So do I. But I think she's ready for it. She's much more mature than her age, she's wise, she's smart, she's caring, she's diligent, she's fun to be with, she's someone who you can talk, share secrets and stories, and consult to. She's definitely gonna be a fantastic MOM!..yeah..you go gurl!

The bottomline for this: I miss my dearie friends so much...and yeah..nothing beats friendship!

So, free baquette for everyone today. Brought back from Fish n Co. today hehe *rather than letting the baguette ended up in the trashbin...better ended up in my intestines and stomach hihi

Have a great recess week arrr!!

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