Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Yosh..finally can log in and create a new post ^o^

last weekend has been a super duper busy one. AIESEC (world's largest youth organization which exists in 80 countries and territories and more than 800 universities all over the world) had its Orientation Camp 2005 to welcome its new member and to introduce @ to them. I am ( has not done yet) in the logistics team with Johnny (the VP), Chin Yoong a.k.a. CY and Siew May.

On the day itself, I have to painstakingly wake up at 7am and rushed to Dairy Farm (DFAC) at Bukit Timah with DiDi (a.k.a. Adi Nugroho). That morning wa s a chaos. It turned up that the other group who was using DFAC will only check out at 11-12 whereby our plan is to start setting up at 10-1030 =s the warden was upset as we came way too early, and so sorry that CY was scolded for don't-know-how-many-times...aiya...Uncle was having a bad day I guess..But logistics rockzz...others were astonished by us as there were many last minute decisions that had to be taken due to certain circumstances that happened. Thanks're superb!!

I learned from the event that "don't judge a book by its cover". Many actually showed up just to show their faces, and no helping hands were given huhuhu and my team has to move tables, chairs (or shall I call these benches), tons and tons of trash, and many more...Some of the committee are reliable and helpful enough to lend us their hands, but as I mentioned earlier, some just DON'T!! *grrr...

After slept for less than two hours on Sunday morning, finally I slept for almost 14 hours on Sunday night after the event. Hahaha and I am proud to declare that I slept from 7pm till 9am the next day...cihuyy!! there gone the plan to go to Jurong Point and buy some stuffs.

Okei..dat was how I spent my weekend...weekend that was never mine coz of the activities and clubs that I am involved in.

So today, went for a meeting at Singapore Tourism Board in which they are actually wanted to set up International Students Association throughout Singapore. The cool thing is that I met a lot of new friends from other countries there, e.g.: Cambodia, Myanmar, Madagascar (yeah...I like to move it too..), Mauritius (just WOW!!), China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, and Canada. Gotta admit that they are all very friendly and sociably, thus I really enjoy my time there. A JC student even took me in as JC student. She never thought that I am actually ** years old haha and she was shocked to learn that I am on my 3rd year in University....haha *sheepish...and grateful hauhauhau

When everybody else is kia-su on their study....I am stuck with my meetings and activities...OMG!! please bless me God!!

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