Friday, August 26, 2005

Today, there is one interesting incident that happened when I was working. I was appointed as a 'runner' today, meaning that I only serve food and am not responsible for taking any order. So, suddenly there was some HOO-HAA at the cashier. Busy with my work, I just knew that something went wrong...and it has got to do with MONEY...yeah, what else can it be?

Apparently, a server (*unknown, undetected and need not be disclosed haha) gave the change to the wrong customers. And yet, these customers ( *unknown and undetected also) did not say anything and just left. Thus, the customers whose change was supposed to be delivered waited for quite some time before they told a server. And there went the HOO-HAA...

What's interesting is that the customers who received the 'wrong change' did not tell the servers or try to clear the air. They just left with the money. about those cheapo people, or maybe they didn't even realize it...huh!! Sadly, we -staffs- have to reimburse the money from our tips...hiks..hiks...and it's almost $10 (*an Indonesian Art Festival tix). Bye bye my money...

Oh yeah...talking about money, I haven't received my pay for July. they said it'll be accumulated and paid together next month as they sent in my particulars to the HQ a bit late. So, it will only be debited to my a/c on September *thinking about the one-week break on Sept haha. Yeah, wait for all my money to come in during recess I'm asking myself...Do I have time to use it wisely? hauhauhauhau *evil laugh..

So now...what can I do? I'm painstakingly tighting my belt....huhu talk about those money money money...

NO money..
NO talk...

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