Tuesday, August 30, 2005


US dollar reached Rp.12000,- this afternoon. Shares went crazy, businessmen went mad...ARGHH!! and now Imagine that Rp6200 for a Singapore dollar, what else can sulk me more? Huhuhu...getting even more expensive for food, tranportation fee, entertainment fee, miscelaneous...aiya...why?

Talk about the world's shortage of oil and the rising price...what can we do? *sigh....the world has gone out of his mind (note: I use 'his' hehe). Stressful life huh!! or maybe it won't be that stressful if we don't expect that much... =.=

By the way, now I have to start choosing my Professional Internship companies. For phase I, I have to choose 3 out of 77. Oww..fyi, interns are totally cheap labours despite all the denials made by the staffs hahaha *as though anyone will believe you guys. Okay2, I'm being sarcastic here, but it's true. See: MTV pays $500/mth, MediaCorp if I'm not mistaken pays $540/mth, ... hello!! they are big companies, does anyone take note about this? even my pay at Fish & Co exceeds this hoho...but yeah, no matter what, it's the exposure and experience that we are looking at, aren't we?

Here I'm gonna list out a few companies that I'm interested in (or at least I think I'm gonna do quite well...survival is another issue though hehe):

1. Cityneon Concepts Pte Ltd
Business Activities: Events management.
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: Events coordination Assist in on-site management Students will learn the ropes of event management from the Seniors.
Program Pre-requisite: Proficient in Microsoft Office Good communication skills

2. Ernst & Young
Business Activities: Auditing, taxation, corporate finance, t echnology & security risk, business risk services.
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: To be part of the team in charge of planning and organizing a large scale corporate event - the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards, including a gala dinner. Scope of work would also include event planning & management, assist in media planning, publicity and communications etc.
Program Pre-requisite:
1) Excellent communication and interpersonal skills 2) Energetic & enthusiastic about event planning 3) Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint 4) Strong organizational skills 5) Meticulous in their work
Web Site: http://www.ey.com/sg

3. MTV Asia LDC
Business Activities: Television & Broadcasting.
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: Assisting in MAA 2006; includingŸ road shows & party planning, regional contest fulfillment, print creative Handling sponsorshipŸdevelopment (publicity material), and on-ground operation marketing, such as marketing research, campaign conceptualizing, contest mechanics & Managing consumerŸfulfillment, and marketing communications marketing, such as media barters, contest mechanics & fulfillment, marketing Performing administrative dutiesŸcommunications, and event management
Program Pre-requisite: creative & articulate
Web Site: http://www.mtvasia.com

4. The Audience Motivation Co. Asia Pte Ltd
Business Activities: Turnkey event management company.
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: Role of event coordinator where the inten will be involved in local or regional events. The intern will be part of a team that will execute and coordinate the whole event.
Program Pre-requisite: Basic Computer knowledge. knowledge on Microsoft applications. Articulate and well groomed. Females only please.

Web Site: http://www.audienceasia.com

5. CNBC Asia Pacific
Business Activities: Broadcast of financial business newsthro ugh satelite technology;
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: Marketing support, including communications, PR, event and promotional administrative support.
Program Pre-requisite: Computer skills - Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
Web Site: http://www.cnbcasia.com

6. Burson-Marsteller (SEA) Pte Ltd
Business Activities: Public relations
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: opportunity in areas like corporate communications, marketing, media relations. Crisis preparedness, business to business marketing. During this six months, he or she will have the opportunity to get to learn about - Media Training - Market research for new business pitches - Event support for various clients including SAP, HP & others - Development of media invitations and media kits - Participation in BMU training courses
Program Pre-requisite: --
Web Site: http://www.bm.com

7. Bentley Porter Novelli Pte Ltd
Business Activities: Strategic public relations consultancy.
Field: Public & Promotional Com.
Program Scope: PR Coordination, media reports and clippings. Assist PR team in research and servicing. Provide training for intern to eventually be a junior Account Executive on completion.
Program Pre-requisite: --

Web Site: http://www.porternovelli.com

Hm..help me peeps...help me...haha

S.O.S code sent out....

*off to project again..boring lar...

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