Sunday, July 10, 2005

things to always remember

Things to Always Remember (by Collin McCarty):

CredietZz to Citra who gave me these encouragement words q(^.^)p
~ moga-moga ga sakit pinggang gara2 bebersih ya hehe *pizz*

Nophie... Hope you have so much fun there, eat well, rest well, play well n study well
Adi... Enjoy your life and play it to the fullest. Show 'em who you are k. Waiting 4'ya here
Citra... Enjoy your new room, gonna visit you a lot ^^ thanks for the it much
Ayun... Wish you're well there. Miss you much and thanks for everything
Dewi... Wish SAO will approve you to be my roomie again *pray hard*
Malva... Skul starts now, study well and have enuff rest as well. Thanks for accompanying me to Johor k!
Erwin... Have a nice sleep tonight, no more INSOMNIA and all the best for your FYP and GTD *yeah*
Oscar... Welcome to the corporate world, enjoy it and treat us sometimes ok *can hardly wait*
Dai... JIA YOU for your AIESEC n STUDY. Stop eating those sandals! *lol*
Alvin... Thanks for lending me the laptop and all the best always

Martin, Jimmy, Garick, Marvin, Jia Pang, Rika, Andre, Ricky, Cun Ping, Ratna, Lina, Itsumi, Han Chiang's frens...
It is a blessing to know you guys and always be happy. Take care ^o^

and many more...

Miss my family muchas.. Acha acha fighting everyone!!

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