Saturday, July 09, 2005


Today I had a meeting in the morning at Plaza Singapore. It was a 9.30am meeting. I had to wake up early, get prepared and hurried myself. I don't like being late. I had chosen what to wear a day earlier because my luggage would be moved to Hall 15 (currently still happily squatting at Hall 12, but Citra is coming, so I shall as well make my move hoho). It was a teal-coloured shirt and a jeans (my favourite ^^). Wearing the Reebok shoes that my mom gave me and a green handbag, it is surely a GREEN-day!

And so I *bumped* into lotsa people there. My AIESEC-meeting mates, the visitors, the shoppers, and so on. In the morning, the Macdy outside PlaSing has already crowded (why do they like junks alot?)

Julian, my AIESEC mate, hasn't seen him for quite some time, yet he is always the cheerful and full of spirit kinda person. A very marketing-minded person :P and very good at approaching potential sponsors haha. He was wearing a pale grey-brown shirt, this will definitely look very neat if only...he was not wearing those shorts and sandals. We were making a big fuss over it. It's not the kind of *brand* you want to project to others. It's just not click ^^

Then, later in the evening, I met this girl who was outstandingly dressed. With a mini black skirt, a pink top with mini white jacket and a LOUD swearing...who won't take any notice? Later at the MRT Station, I saw this person whom was quite eye-catching. With hair full of gel and styled, headphones on both ears, checkered-brown-pants which is so low-ly wore, a loose sleeveless white top and a grey tank top underneath. I took my second glance before I realized she was a GIRL. She looks quite sweet tho!

Then I can only think of the word: IDENTITY.

Today, many judge you on what you wear. Their first impression is on your appearance. Society taught us what we should and should not do, what is supposedly right and how people will look at us if we violate this 'unspoken rules'. So what if wearing feminine clothes doesn't equal to behaving like one? Who are you to say that as a girl/boy we have certain norms in dressing ourselves? What....Who...Why... The question remains and so shall the answers.

YOU are YOU. I am ME. You have the right to... and I have the right to... It's our own lives!!

So what gitchu loch?

*crap off

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