Saturday, July 16, 2005

haqim bau senior camp today is so much FUN!

We (I believe all my group mates haha) really enjoy it eventhough we have to bear the pain on our feet. I think we were under the sun for around 4 hours, maybe less maybe more. And as Eva (from Rep of Czech) said when we were eating at Thai Express that an hour walk equals to a five kilometres long, then ours is up to twenty kilometres or maybe even more....hahaha can you imagine how much calories have we all burnt? (count a person's burn and multiply by seven members in our group - for today-)

HaQim Bau - my group title, comes from Hakim Bao- has 8 senior attaches:
Haqi -the shadowy GL-, Bowo -the crazee and creative Jeng from Arisan-, Lissiana -the Harry Potter fan-, Inneke -the geulish one-, Arief -the tall and quiet cool dude-, Marcel -the enthusiastic-, Riyandi -the sporty lad-, Herry -our PR person-, and Halim -the one who looks serious outside but crazee inside-.
Hohoho no pun intended --all is written based on observation-- ^^

Gotta think hard, play hard, and cheer hard to excel and surpass the others hahaha Okie2, gotta admit we aim for 'The Loudest Group' or Terbising. or else, the Terkompak award should fall on our hands hahaha

And here is our infamous cheer for today: (station masters, please forgive us!)

(Bau bau bau - from Project Pop)
Bau bau bau bau HaQim bau... (acapella mode)
Kamilah HaQim Bau...(point to ourself)
Lo semua pada bau...(point those in front)
Pergi loe jauh-jauh...(Usher's style haha)

Bau? So what gitchu loh...

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