Friday, July 15, 2005

Annion! Hola!

My trainee has arrived. A Korean born in Germany, so he speaks German language more fluent than his Korean language... *kewl huh! As we (me and other reception officers were awed by it, Jong Hoon too feels the same way when we speak Indonesian and a bit Chinese for me). Whereas another trainee, Eva Sabolova from Republic of Czech, speaks English, German and French huhuhu

Today, Lina and I took them for a short city tour around Boat Quay, Esplanade, and Suntec. The receptionist at Betel Box (a backpacker's hostel) told us that we can take a bus down to riverview. Not wanting to spend another 20 minutes walking towards Paya Lebar MRT station(and minus the wrong direction we were heading at first, and spending like another 15 mins walking and feeling lost) , we decided to take a bus. Unfortunately, we took it from a wrong direction. The bus stopped at the interchange and we have to take another bus of the same number and return to our previous spot before we finally head to the other side of Singapore. And the story does not stop there... We were busy chit chatting and explaining to them about Singapore: the HDB, the hawker's centre, the tourist attraction, and so on while sometimes we paid attention on where we were. Too bad, after spending two years in Singapore and yet still unfamiliar with it, we missed the bus stop, and we didn't realize until we reach... RED HILL!!! *what?

Yeah, so we have to take the MRT and continued to the Esplanade...spending around one and a half hour for nothing but the scenery during our bus trip hohoho *look at the bright side though*

And so there we were...leaving our footsteps behind...Boat Quay, Fullerton -cafe-, the Merlion, Esplanade, Thai Express restaurant at the bay, City Link and Suntec -fountain of wealth-. We said goodbye there and later moved on with our own activities. The trainees with friends' meeting and a party at Irish Bar, Lina with her Project Officer and cooking trial for PON (Pekan Olah raga NTU) and me with my training at Fish & Co.

Okay, so now..count how long and how far have I walked today? How many calories have been burnt? FYI, I only consumed a 50 cent-butter cream-bread and a Phat Pay Noodle at Thai Express. Dinner? was too full to eat, so two glasses of Ice Tea made their way to my stomach ^^

*lemme know the answer k.

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