Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Coach Carter DVD

Yuppie...finally today I went to watch the movie -C.O.A.C.H C.A.R.T.E.R- after waiting for quite some time. Actually I ever intended to go to Johor and watch it there... I was darn bored during the time and I couldn't think of any other things to do except watching movies plus with twice cheaper movie tix than Singapore haha (There were 4 of us: Malva 'Baba', Oscar 'Jayuz', Alvin 'tukang bobo', and me).

The movie was...ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS *yeah...give them four thumbs up (plok plok plok). Samuel L Jackson, I shall say, is a dexterous actor...WOW... (you don't believe me? Gimme 500 push-ups and 200 'suicides'). And I like 'worm', the cute sweet charming baldy-guy despite the bunch of kewl basketball player there in Richmond. But I don't like Ashanti in the movie though. She doesn't look professional and she kept moving her head when she's talking...UGH it's annoying I would say. The movie is based on true story, thus that's the reasonI find it so motivational and breathtakingly awesome.

And you know what? After the movie, suddenly Baba said: "Din, lo ude ada DVD-nya tauk." *gubrax...falling of chair* I quickly opened my bag, checked the stack of DVD she returned me, and YES!! IT'S THERE, among my other DVDs, displaying itself proudly...OMG!! I just spent another $8.5 for a movie that I have... *ugh what a fool* ... and then the worst is that...There is another DVD "My Little Bride" which I just watched on my friend's computer ^^' , so I've spent money on DVDs which movies I had watched. Aihh...But no worry, I consoled myself. Mom can watch this, bro doesn't have to spend a penny on this, and it's good for my collection. They are four-star movies after all.

So, I enjoy the movie without pop-corn tonight in a super cold and half-empty theatre... I hope you too.

Ending my crap here and off to bed and dream of my sweet lil cutie 'worm'....adios

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