Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Rhine Fall at Schaffhausen

Again... as soon as we touched down in Zurich and reached our hotel, we decided that we would embark on a short trip to Schaffhausen. A must visit place for this trip is the Rhine Fall, especially since it is summer now.

So, how to get there:
1. Take a train from the main train station (train departs almost every 20-30mins).
There are direct trains to the city of the the fall itself, but some may require you to change train. We took the latter as it is cheaper and fit our timing well. The return tix cost 23euro.
2. We had to change at Winterthur to get to Rhein Fall (we selected the fall as the final stop, NOT the city)
3. ..... ta da

That's the Rhein Fall station

We chose to climb up to the top. The view was breathtaking for sure.

Awh...can I have this?

Colourful summer

Where to go next?

Result of my hard-work: see the 'mice'?

ta da.... Rhein Fall

It was really HOT!!
We were fortunate as we came in summer time where the mountain snow melts and they just had a few days of rain. So, that explained the flowy water at the fall :)

With Karen.. we both fell asleep during the short train trip -___-''

The boat ride from one end to another cost 2.5CHF per trip. If you want to visit the small 'island' shown above where you can stay there embracing the summer heat and refreshing 'water fall', be prepared to pay 10CHF.

Last pix before I bid farewell.

We were to tired to explore the city, so we headed back to Zurich.


Found this at the main train station!!!

That's what I called EUROCUP fever!!! Woohooo....

So cuteee.... and hugeee.......

Kick my *ss...

This is where they held the match in Zurich, Stadium Letziegrund. It is only a block from my hotel.... imagine if I reached there on 17th June instead ^^

Nice fall... unbearable heat...

This half-day trip to Rhine Fall cost:
23 CHF for return train tix
7.8 CHF for 24-hour tram pass
1 CHF for entry to get near to the fall
5 CHF for the return boat ride to the other end
5.7 CHF for 'lunch' (a sausage and a pc of bread)
3.9 CHF for Nestea

sigh... it is expensive to dine and travel in Switzerland


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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I like Europe more than any other continents *as of now. The history, the architecture, the atmosphere, the exotic languages... I simply love it.

Another thing that I like is that I can travel around quite easily (although it is slightly scary especially when I do not know the language) and it is pretty much safer than some parts of the countries that I have lived in :)

So... there we were... two curious souls longing for some European flavor in Frankfurt.

At Heidelberg station

Finally we reached the Alstadt 'old town' after getting lost nice!!

starved to death.... and my huge delicious lunch

OK...after lunch, we have to shed some cals... time to climb up to get to the castle!

ah...reaching soon :)

The view from 'almost-there' spot: Heidelberg city

man... ain't it gorgeous! forget about getting lost or being tired... being there was awesome

The castle!!

the 'balcony'??

with Carose... the adventure of the duo

inside the castle's piazza

i love the fluffy tree...hihi

the sun-clock

the ceiling inside the castle...

that's the old time heater hehe

the other side of the castle

this gate was built in a day as a Bdae present to princess Elizabeth by her hubby

the residence next to the castle :)

it was bombed during WW2..see the ruins

city from top

a part of the tower was destroyed in a bomb..see the ruin behind Carose??

the guard is a Canadian English teacher :)

toy store.... arghhh just like in a fairyland

okay..the funny thing was that we took the Express train back to Zurich when our ticket only entitled us for a regular train. Unfortunately, there was a check right at Heidelberg station and we were 'kicked out' from the train at the next station. There we were.. in the middle of nowhere hahaha waiting for our train to come ^^

A tiring day. On our walk back to the hotel, suddenly a large group of roller-bladers passed through...woo hoo what an event!!

And so before I bid good-night... I took a pic from my hotel room :)

The great things about traveling by ourselves are:
1. Familiarizing yourself with their transportation system is cool. Next time you can travel on your own without worries
2. Getting to know interesting people along the journey
3. Learning from observing others behaviours and way of life
4. Brushing up your map-reading skill
5. You see more things than when you take a regular coach or tour package
6. The time is yours
7. Cheaper option?? let's see... my other friend spent 69euro for the tour package.. we spent:
29.5 euro for return train tix
3 euro for entrance
4 euro for english-guided tour
total: 36.5euro
8. ....

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