Sunday, May 28, 2006

My deepest condolences for the earthquake victims in Indonesia.

The 6.2-magnitude quake has definitely added the pain and loss that we, Indonesians, had suffered, especially to the places that were affected.


My pray and support are with you.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It's absurd.

Think about it. We are in a tropical country where we ONLY have 2 seasons: hot and hotter. That's it!!!

So, nothing spectacular about S-U-M-M-E-R. Isn't it?


Take a glimpse at those magazines neatly arranged at the stalls...
BIG HEADERS of latest swimsuit, perfect make-up for summer, head to the beach and so on and on.

OMG, can't we go to the beach on every other day but this 'summer'? Can't you swim throughout the year? Do we have the so-called perfect make-up for winter?

My radar starts twinkling... Are we following the Western countries and thus their lifestyle? or simply the mag team does not have enough material to cover and publish? worries, it's just a blabbering of mine. Maybe I shall off now and pay the beach a visit.

*cross my fingers... maybe we'll have more seasons soon...

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

My Saturday just passed by...again. This time round, I am busy with my @ transition and meetings. My agenda is packed with meetings and transitions up till end of June. Will I get addicted to it? or a hangover instead?

Yosh...more crazee random pictures by the coolest supermodels on earth...
or at least in @ world *muahaha*
Taken post-transition meeting at NUS, but pre-welcome dinner at Lau Pa Sat.

@SIPO Welcome Dinner at Lau Pa Sat.
Special appearance by:
Graeme 'the dubber' from Canada
David Lim 'the hardworker logistic guy' from Canada
Patrick 'let's move the world' from Canada
Catherine 'the anime lady' from The U.S.
Timothy 'M3 Impossible' from Kenya
Tatsuro 'the traveller' from Japan

Yup...definitely additional layers of fats, BUT triple happiness *hehe*...

Ow...and so happy that @NTU Local Committee finally has a blog, the first in @SIPO history. We are the pioneers. Huahuahauhua....

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Monday, May 15, 2006

What are your fears in life?

a. Loneliness
b. Emptiness
c. Being unuseful
d. Bugs
e. Disappointing those I care
g. Monotonous life
h. All of the above

My answer:

a and b: Maybe now it's the time. Appreciate 'em more...some people come and go in your life, but do you want to be the one who always leave?
c: Pressure...more pressure...and more pressure
d: Baygon...jaminan mutu *muahaha*
e: HM..superbly difficult task
f: Save and store
g: Make it happening! Go and venture out, don't expect people to change it for you.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Came across an email from hundreds of emails sent to my inbox by and these only apply to those communities that I subscribe to. Which is so little as if a piece of sugar cube surrounded by millions of ants [Lha? what the h*ll? haha].

The email introduces us to a Pinoy's @er [Pinoy is a short term for Filipino], an ex-MCP of @ Philippines, a fresh alumna, a GREAt and WONDERFUL lady [she deserves the title "lady"] and a truly change agent. She is Halmen.

A lady with integrity
A real leader
An inspirational lady

Reading her blog blurs my eyes *hiks hiks*. Man, I wish I am as strong as you, Halmen.
It's GREAT to know you during APXLDS, we'll meet again for being an alumna is NOT the end of your @ journey.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Waks..da expect ari ini gonna be sh*tty, tapi ternyata ga separah itu kok. Walo emang harus telat nge-lunch, stress and akhirnya ngemil mulu, but it ends pretty well.

Nelpon bokap pake telpon kantor emang mantabh *haha* lebi keren lagi coz telponnya ke HP instead of telpon rumah. And that long conversation was cool enough...ah kangen masa2 cerita ngalor ngidul di rumah. Gila...da lama yah ga cerita2 ke bokap...biasa kalo telpon nyarinya nyokap mulu...

And man...I really miss my ol pals...kemana kalian? oopz...maybe yg benernya...euy gue ngilang kemana? Sorry berat yah semuanya...but I surely miss those times...
Eh eh eh..betewe, mulai besok kayanya gue rada santai neh di kantor, tapi cuma ampe Senin. Gmana guys? Sorry ya.. weekend da sibuk kerjaan laen. Kamis how? *muahaha promosiiiiiiii

Nopi... enjoy ya... ^.*

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