Monday, March 20, 2006

7 Body Parts Men Think Women Don't Notice
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Imagine this: Your date is going amazingly well. She invites you up to her place for one last drink. You go inside, take off your shoes, and the subtle odor of your feet permeates the room. Hoping she might not notice?Nice try. When it comes to hygiene and body maintenance, women notice just about everything. And since women tend to base a lot of their attraction for men on factors like scent and hygiene, something unfortunate like smelly feet or unkempt nails can be a real deal breaker.The following is a list of body parts that men often neglect to groom or take care of because they feel that women won't notice. But after reading the list below, I hope men will take a lesson and realize that's far from the case.

1- Eyebrows
She probably doesn't expect you to have finely shaped eyebrows like hers, but a unibrow certainly isn't so hot either.What to do about it: If you fall into the unibrow category, consider doing what women do: tweeze them. Pluck a few hairs between your brows (and only between your brows). If you are concerned about plucking too much, you might consider having a professional help you with the job.

2- Nails
The state of your hands tells her a lot about your general cleanliness and hygiene, so don't let your grubby fingernails give you away.What to do about it: You don't need to get weekly manicures to keep your hands in good shape; you do, however, need to keep your nails clean and smooth out rough edges with an emery board from your local drugstore. No woman wants to be touched with jagged-edged fingernails.

3- Skin
No woman can resist touching soft skin. Isn't that reason enough to make sure your skin is velvety smooth?What to do about it: Women tend to combat the winter dryness with creams and moisturizers, but unfortunately, men often don't. It's not rocket science: Just pick up a bottle of moisturizer (preferably unscented), and if you have really dry skin, you might consider a basic humidifier for your apartment to keep the air hydrated. For oilier skin types, you need to look for products that are oil-free that won't further aggravate the problem.

4- Feet
Foot fungus, athlete's foot, overgrown toenails, and general foot odor are a real turnoff. And they are the first thing she'll observe when you take off your shoes. If you can't take proper care of this hidden body part, she might make the same assumption about your other hidden parts.What to do about it: If over-the-counter powders and ointments aren't doing the trick, see a doctor about your condition.

5- Ear/nose hair
I'd equate ear and nose hair on a man to a woman with a very visible moustache. She probably waxes, bleaches and does whatever it takes to get rid of it. Shouldn't you do the same?What to do about it: Here is a very simple guideline for you to follow: When it comes to ear and nose hair, if it sticks out of the orifice, trim it.

6- Teeth
A bright smile will win her over every time. So teeth that are stained, yellow or show visible signs of plaque are sure to send her in the other direction.What to do about it: You might need to see your dentist on this one if your dental problems are extensive, but for the rest of you, pick up some whitening toothpaste, floss and mouthwash -- and don't forget to use them.

7- Back
Your back has the potential to be one of your sexiest body parts -- but not if it's ridden with pimples, dead skin and too much hair.What to do about it: If back acne is your problem, try an over-the-counter body cleanser made for acne skin types. One with exfoliating beads will help keep the skin smooth as well. As for back hair, a little bit never hurt anyone -- but if it is really excessive, consider visiting your local beauty salon for a wax.

She probably spends time every day primping and applying creams and lotions -- all in an effort to look good for you. And while she doesn't expect you to put in the same time and effort as her, she expects you to at least take care of the basics. So after reading the above tips, there are no more excuses for jagged-edged toenails. After all, she looks so good for you, isn't it time you return the favor?

What do you think guys n gurls?

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This time round...

the best thing is to listen to those soothing music...

Too bad...

My Winamp refuses to accompany me...

* mobile just drowned itself to the.....*drumrolls...* toilet bowl...
**Thanks PDS for lending me your mobile ^.*
***6 days to Cebu and Bohol...GET a LIFE!

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ketika sebuah pesan pendek merusak kenyamanan di hati...

Cemas...kecewa...hancur...namun tak berhenti berharap...

Dan ketika sebuah sambungan jarak jauh tak berhasil mengembalikannya ke keadaan semula...

Semakin terpuruk...

dan remuk...


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Saturday, March 11, 2006

If only the world would stop spinning...

If only a few more hours were added in a day...

If only we just known happiness and not sadness...

If only life...were much simpler...

If only...

I could quit!

*10 more Cebu and Bohol

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