Monday, December 19, 2005


Tonight, I'll be leaving Singapore *phew..finally...again..hihi* but not for good. Be back in two weeks time and head for my Internship...hope for the best ^o^

So, hereby I'd like to wish you all an early Merry Christmas 2005 and Happy New Year 2006.
May it be a better and greater year for all of us, to make us stronger, tougher, and more ready to conquer the world.

It may sound so easy to say those words, to mumble those promises and wishes, yet it is not easy to execute. It needs MORE...of our courage...our will...our passion...our strength...our effort...our trust...and support. To make that very first step..I'll support you guys...[for the postive ones only of course haha] no matter what.

My new year resolutions [what's yours?]:

Dont'waste your lives, friends. You deserve a better one.

Sometimes, we stop too long and wait for things to change... but we forget that it is actually ourselves who need to change, to take charge of our lives, on how do you want it to be.

It's okay to feel blue, to feel hurt, to feel like you've been thrown into hell...It's definitely OKAY!
But the more time you spent is another time wasted.

Our sorrow and pain makes us stronger whether you realize it or not.
Our anger, disappointment and dissatisfaction make life A LIFE!

But we often forget how happiness were and are there in our lives....It always will...and still.

So dear friends, be strong! can sulk, you can cry....but life goes on! and you should take charge of your own, period.

ps: dedicated to a friend....who may not necessarily need it...but better than not. Ganbatte ne!

Stronger - Sugababes

I'll make it through the rainy days
I'll be the one who stands here longer than the rest
When my landscape changes, rearranges
I'll be stronger than i've ever been
No more stillness, more sunlight,
Everything's gonna be alright

I know that there's gonna be a change
Better find your way out of your fear
If you wanna come with me
Then that's the way it's gotta be
I'm all alone and finally
I'm getting stronger
You'll come to see
Just what I can be
I'm getting stronger

Sometimes I feel so down and out
Like emotion that's been captured in a maze
I had my ups and downs
Trials and tribulations,
I overcome it day by day,
Feeling good and almost powerful
A new me, that's what i'm looking for

I didn't know what I had to do
I just knew I was alone
People around me
But they didn't care
So I searched into my soul
I'm not the type of girl that will let them see her cry
It's not my style
I get by
See i'm gonna do this for me

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Nophie... Ddee... Cit2... We are the three musketeers. We are Charlie's Angelz. *hoho* WE ARE WE!! Posted by Picasa

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The three of us at Midvalley Megamall. Beautifully decorated with Xmas ornaments...I want a white Xmas... Posted by Picasa

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Nophie with her new Afro hairstyle....*masi aja begaya lo..huhu Posted by Picasa

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Ugh..we want the tiramisu... gimme some..gimme..gimme...not her. This is a tiramisu advertisement!! Posted by Picasa

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Cit2 with the big watermelon juice glass....Slurp... Posted by Picasa

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NOO....Leave me alone Dee-razzi... *hehe* Jimz at Halo Cafe...too shy to be shown in my blog...*lol* Posted by Picasa

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After a long shopping spree at Sungei Wang and a piece of carrot brownie at Secret recipe, now it's time for a 'shoot'... ta da.. Posted by Picasa

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hereby I would like to wish my dear lil sis a Happy Happy Happy Birthday.

I wish for you
to have people to love
people in your life who will care about you
as much as I do
blue skies and clear days
exciting things to do
easy solutions to any problems
knowledge to make the right decisions
strength in your values
laughter and fun
goals to pursue
happiness in all that you do
My sister
I wish for you
to have beautiful experiences
each new day
as you follow your dreams

-Poem by Susan Polis Schutz

And as colourful as the poem may seem, so may your life.
Happy Birthday dear lil sis...

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Last night, I reached my hall room at almost 1am. Tired, sleepy, and totally broke. But I am Happy and I had so much FUN at KL.

I managed to drink one of my fave drinks at Ming Tien (a must-go kopitiam when I am in KL), a super big glass of watermelon juice which costs me RM 4.60,-. I like it so much compare to Spore's watermelon juice which only tastes like sugar water *sigh*...

A bit lazy to write up everything during our KL trip, I'll just summarize everything below *hihi* lazy mode on...

On our second day (15th Dec), I postponed the plan of karaoke-ing with old friends to Friday. And instead, Citra and I went to Sungei Wang to do some shopping. Arrived there at noon for lunch with Zhu Wei and Su Hao (my lil sis' frens) and then we were set for our shopping spree. We spent almost 5 hours in this shopping malls. Walked here and there. Went into the shops everytime we saw "SALES" signs. Padini...Seeds...PDI...Vincci... huhuhu we successfully bought a few tees and tops, but no single pair of shoes *hehehe*.

Tired of Sungei Wang, we walked out to the nearby malls at the opposite. Ugh...only branded goos with superbly costly price. Don't want lar! like this Singapore oso got hahaha With tired legs but unsatisfied shopping list, we had a short break and recharged our battery at Secret recipe. this time, we tried carrot brownie *hahaha nut bad*. Then, we proceed to Times Square mall which I never ever stepped in as well. It's so huge...but looks empty. Dn't like it too! We spent our time here browsing at BodyGlove store.

Nopi kept nagging us when to go home (she's at home waiting for ur). And at 8.20pm we finally took a cab back home and later proceed for a dinner with her bf and friends too. Funny and crazee people. *too bad my chinese is not that good...huhuhuhu

At night, a meeting with old friends brought us to Halo Cafe where life music is presented. Craps, jokes, stories and updates of each other were shared. Finally, we reached home at 1am++.

Tralalala....trililili...a great day.

On Friday, the three of us (Citra, Nopi and I) went for lunch at Ming Tien. Finally I had my Char Koay Teow after so long.... *phobia of Spore's char koay teow which tastes like koay teow dips into soysauce huhu*. Then, we had window-shopping and again visited Vincci, but only to be disappointed as the pair of shoes that I want is not available in terms of size and colours (and even at other Vincci stores....growlll).

Next on our agenda was a karaoke session with old friends. Yeah....sang sang sang...danced danced danced and a small birthday tiramisu cake for Nopi to celebrate an early Birthday treat. Had a great time too!

At around 7.45pm, we took off and decided to pay a lil visit to the shoe store. Each of us purchased a pair of shoes haha and later went to have dinner at Nando's.

Curious of how she might look like in Afro hairstyle, Nopi borrowed the wig from Nando's with a friend's help. She looked so funny (will upload the pic once I have it). Posed like a model-out-of-nowhere hehe.

And yesterday, Saturday, we went to Midvalley megamall. Again, my first time there. It's so huge...and so beautifully decorated with Xmas stuffs. We can hear Xmas songs almost in every shops we entered. I had a hazelnut gelato and bought a Victorian-style blouse. Citra had a cinnamon cake at St.Cinnamon and we had a free bottle of mineral water on the seat hahaha

Overall....we are broke...but had a GREAT TIME there. I wanna be there again.... *hahaha*

When I stepped into Singapore last night... *hiks..* the feeling was so different... down..down..down...underground...down..down...down...

Yah...unpack and re-pack again for tomorrow! Chao

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Friday, December 16, 2005

14 Dec’05

It was an exciting day to begin.

Woke up at 8am in the morning and went to iron my clothes before I went off to the library to meet my sister’s friend ‘coz he wanted to use the Internet to send his resume. Then, I returned to my hall to pack after having my lunch at Canteen A [’s been quite some time since last time I stepped there].

After packing, I waited for friends to be ready [yeah..Cit2 needed to burn some CDs for Nophie] before we took off to Johor via Kranji. It’s a smooth-sailing journey.

Arrived at the ticket counter at 2.55pm, we decided to purchase three 3.30pm-tickets.Who was the other friend? … *drum rolls* Pramoda Dei Sudarmo, an AIESEC NTU Local Committee President. Rushed to the nearest 7-eleven to buy some snacks before we hopped on a taxi to Larkin. Phew…we managed to arrive there on time or else… the bus might have to depart without these cute, sweet and innocent passengers. *hihi*

At around 8pm, we were thrown into the wild street of Pudu *hehe*, but since we are all a very tough and adventurous people, we managed to survive even tough our stomachs had wailed to be satisfied. We walked and walked and walked and walked and finally found our shelter where the other creative and daring creatures on earth [aka AIESECers] were gathered, ANCASA Hotel. The AIESECers are having our OCSEA LDS from 12th Dec’05 till 15th Dec’05. More than 60 delegates from 16 countries are present….Hiks..I also want!! 

Still we couldn’t satisfy our hunger immediately. Be patient dear stomach!

After a long walk searching for the famous charcoal-cooked food, we [here refers to10 people since we’ve added more members into our family *muahaha*] finally ended up at a small lane with rows of occupied tables. Dirty…yet delicious..

The uncle who served us was a very energetic man who kept on shouting to the cook and other drink-staffs: “Barley two glasses, Luo Han Kuo three, with ice,” --> FYI, everthing was conversed in Cantonese language *sigh….no idea except for ‘Imai’ which means Barley ^o^*

With full stomach, we went back to ANCASA for cross-dressing session. And I have to say that I was stunned by the beauty of the ‘female participants’ and yet a lil bit ashamed as a female myself *hehehe…they were really kawaii-ne*. It was a culture shjock for Cit2, but she really enjoyed it as she likes the Japanese ‘girl’ hihi *Bedul Cit? Say YES k!....c’mon…*

Laughed our lungs out throughout the whole night. Crazee and sensual dances from the‘beautiful ladies’. Simply irresistible acts to seduce the judges *hihi*. AGAIN, I have to reiterate this: Cit2 and I were so in love with the Japanese participants…Alamak!! We even took some pics with them after our special task force effort *sheepish*. Sorry but the pics are simply for personal use and not for public consumption *Don’t be disappointed all the guys out there hehehe

The crazy night ended at almost 1am.

As we left the parking lot [my sis’ bf was driving us], he realized that he LOST the parking ticket…..hahahaha what a night!!

ps: Spidy, the perfume that u ask for is more expensive here!

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Kolam Ikan scene, 5.45 pm.
Diana, sitting on the sofa: Eh Rahmah...when you finished serving that table, come here k!
Rahmah: Okay!


Rahmah: Wassup?
Diana: [pointing to Wednesday, Thursday and friday schedules] Hey, are you free on these days?
Rahmah: Ow...I can't on Wed and Thurs. I have a camp. Fri is OK! Why?
Diana: Hm...I intend to visit my sis in KL, but I guess Crayson forgot to change my schedule. I'll let you know again k. I try to find other replacement. [so eager to find replacement..hihi]

Went outside to ask Jia Ming with jumping style *lol* and scared him who was about to take his dinner
Diana: [lil bit shouting] Jia Ming....
Jia Ming: [blurry face] Yes?
Diana: [sheepishly] Can you replace me on Wednesday and Thursday?
Jia Ming: [guilty face] Ow..I cant. Sorry.
Diana: No prob. Thanks horr...[walked inside...hiks..hiks...who else]

Then suddenly Wei Wei appeared from nowhere....
Wei Wei: Hey...what happen?
Diana: [enthusiastically as though I've just found my heroin hihi] Ow Wei Wei, can you replce me on Wed and Thurs?
Wei Wei: Thursday can. Wednesday cannot. Why?
Diana: Ow...I wanna go to KL visiting my sis until Saturday hehe
Wei Wei: Oh...try to call others lar. Call Nydiah...
[Cui Yin walked into 'Kolam Ikan']
Diana: Eh Cui Yin, Tomorrow can you replace me? 6-11?
Cui Yin: Oh cannot ler.

Then hurrily took out the staff list and find Nydiah's no. Dialed.....
tut..tut..tut... *sigh...cannot also..
Wei Wei: eh, I think she changed her HP no. Ask Crayson.
Diana: [went into manager's office] Crayson, do you have Nydiah's new number? I couldn't reach her.
Crayson: [acted as though he was looking for something in his pocket...apparently it's a HP] Eh she used prepaid card, so maybe no credit. Call her home.
Diana: Ow..Okay. [Went out from the office] Eh, anyone got Nydiah's home number?
Cui Yin: Eh I have I have.

Nydiah.....cannot...she wants to find other job
Jason....cannot....he's working somewhere else CCA
Pei Loo....cannot....CCA too
Wen Jing....cannot also....forgot why
Yi Jie....cannot....working elsewhere
Phyllis....cannot...has test
Coral....tut tut tut
Jefferson....unsure if he's still working

huhuhu.....sad sad sad...who else?

Manager: Eh how, got your replacement?
Diana: Hiks....left with Wednesday. But relax-relax, man man lai.
Manager: Have you called Sheryl? Try calling her.
Diana: Okay-okay.

So, he read her number to me while I dialed the number. respond
ring...ring...ring...tclek....somebody picked up
Diana: Halo, Sheryl. Diana here from "Kolam Ikan' bla bla bla.........................................
Sheryl: Yes, can.
Diana: Eh...sure or not? Can ar?
Sheryl: Yup, tomolo rite?
Diana: Hah....thanks. Tomolo 6-11 ar hehehe thanks thanks

6.20 pm
I AM GOING TO KL!!! muah muah...

Digress no.1: I found another reason to lurve my Kolam Ikan colleagues even more. They are just too friendly, to helpful and too understanding. Everyone there was helping me to find replacement *hiks...hiks...touched* including the manager ^o^

Digress no.2: Too bad I haven't receive my $30 voucher for being Employee of the Month [November] *yeah I made it to the Hall of Fame*

Back to the topic of going to KL. I'm so excited but yet till this post is published, I still cannot contact my sis...there was even a man picked up the phone and I have no idea who he is nor does he know who novita is *freaked me out..* Hey gurl, where are you?

Ow...besides this KL thingie, I am now in the midst of confusion and doubt. be or not to be? to run or not to run? to lead or not to lead? to accept or to refuse? to deny or to regret?

Some friends trust me to run as the president. I guess this is what people need, some degree of trust that they believe you have the capability to do better, to do more, to serve the rest. Once people trust you to do something....the feeling is just indescribable....but to satisfy them is not an easy task.

Yet the option is still open....hope I would get some enlightment ASAP. I don't have much time and I dont' want to take the wrong decision, I don't want to regret in the future.
So, what should I do?

I should sleep now...and do my packing tomorrow morning *haha*....


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Monday, December 12, 2005

Yeah...finally I'm back again.
But solely for a week before I head back to my home sweet home in Jakarta for another 2 weeks *muahaha*. Can hardly wait!

It was a FUN, CRAZEE, BORING, STRESSFUL, TIRING, ENTERTAINING and BENEFICIAL event. Nothing is perfect, that's why I also put boring and stressful above.

AIESEC National Leadership and Development Seminar [NLDS] is an annual AIESEC Singapore Conference. This year NLDS was attended by more than 50 delegates, excluding those non-AIESECers, the organizing committee and the facilitators. [I like the fact that not-so-many-people attended this conference as that means we have greater bond and we know almost everyone in the room -90%++ I would say].

Imagine this:

And yesterday or I should say this very morning, I arrived at my room at 1.20am. Superbly thirsty after a long walk from Hall 10 to Hall 8 then to Hall 14 [plz refer to NTU map for detail] while carrying my bags and horribly tired. God Bless I don't have to work today... *phew

Oh..talking about work shift, I was actually planning on visiting my dearest sis in KL this Wed-Sat when Cit2 is taking her time off from her Volleyball trainings and competitions. However, too bad that my manager apparently forgot to update my availability for this week's schedule [I SMSed him during NLDS], and I end up having work shifts on Tues-Fri and Sun. Nophie, next time k!

Hm....for you guys who want to travel, air asia is having its birthday and giving out free 2millions airflight tickets. How?
Log on to
Put in your destination and date of travel at the left box [only for travel between 10Feb-10Oct]
It would then show the price for the ticket...if it's free then you just have to pay for tax and other surcharge such as fuel.
Happy holidae.
Maybe I'm gonna try to book to KL haha

Off now, I'm still tired...sleepy...and hate the fact that my PC is 'sick' [refuse to be alive aka cannot on]. Thaaa....

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Thursday, December 08, 2005


I'm off till Sunday to attend a very important event, AIESEC National Leadership and Development Seminar [NLDS]. Eventhough it's only held at National University of Singapore, but we'll have to stay over there. Don't want to waste my time travelling back and forth early in the morning and late at night, and most importantly don't want to miss those crazee AIESEC parties hahaha

As I'll be having a great time even with all the discussions and seminars [in which will definitely affect and change my a more +ve one for sure though], hope you guys are having a great time too. Enjoy!!

Lumaban Ka for those having exams and projects!


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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

It takes merely 10-30 seconds to form that very first impression.

And out of 100%, 55% comes from how you presented yourself visually. Or in other words, your appearance.

This statement was presented at least twice yesterday during my pre-internship seminar. *hoho, this OUGHT to be TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the Engineering students' briefing ^^v*
The seminar lasted from 9.30am till 4.10pm *sigh*.

The first half of the seminar talked about the impact of internship on your career plan, resume and job search in the future, not to forget the power of networking. *hey, companies today prefer mouth-to-mouth recommendations rather than advertising in the media to find potential candidates -__-'* It was a fun seminar as the speaker was able to capture my attention from the start till the end, or was it the fact that I sat just in the very first row?

Some seniors also shared their experiences while they were having their Professional Internship (PI). From being sent overseas for organizing and managing roadshows *huhu I want, I want...MTV, please send me to Bangkok for MAA 2006 hahaha*, to being able to interview prominent figures of Singapore. From doing dull work such as admin stuffs and painting *haha, PAINTING you know!!* to meeting important clients who can be crazy, demanding and fussy *huahauhau hope my supervisor won't read this*.

Second half of the seminar was presented by used-to-be-Miss Singapore Audrey Quek. She talked about Impression Management, how to create that impressive first impression. Oh btw, my "direct male" friends [this was said by one of the seniors haha *how direct a male can be?] rated her as 5.3 out of 10 for appearance... *isn't that cruel?* Support local brands! ^.^'

So, what am I doing here by sharing all these stuffs to you? This doesn't interest you, I think hoho therefore, I am gonna share some of what I learnt during the seminar, esp. during the second half and hope this can be of help for your guys in the near future [focus this on professional business settings okay]. And when you succeed, don't forget someone here *wink wink*

For ladies:
1. Messy hair: tie it up, bun it, comb it. Don't let it cover up your face. No colouful rainbow style of hair colours please.
2. Heavy make-up: or not at all a.k.a pale bedroom style. Be moderate ok! At least facial powder and lipstick *huhuhu*
3. Strong perfume: even flies dare not come near you. Hatt..chiii...
4. Platform shoes: heels show power and control. Would be best if the colour of the shoes is similar to those of bag and belt. Choose a pair of comfy shoes in which you can walk confidently.
5. Wearing revealing clothes to work: what else can I say. Wanna be accounted for brain or body?
6. Chipped nail polish: meni-pedi watsoever and re-polish your nail colours. No black, blue, green and yellow colour for nail-polish.
7. Heels that are badly scrathed: Ever heard the adage that shoes reflect the user?
8. Run in the stockings: prepare for spare. Choose the proper style and colour as well. Fish-nets? OH NO...
9. Lipstick on teeth: equals to veggie stucks between teeth hehe
10. VPL - visible panty line * no comment*

For men:
1. Oily hair or hair that's very well-greased: going to work or for Oscar? be moderate on your gel and hairspray and whatever you use and pity those hairs k!
2. Scruffy shoes: read above!
3. Crumpled shirt (not properly ironed): so....iron properly.
4. Shirt not properly tucked-in: eh..professionals of gangsters?
5. Socks that are loose and gathered at ankles: I think I saw some shops selling socks at discounted price, not too expensive btw ^o^ and no white colour socks for leather shoes. Ow....hide those leg hairs!
6. Trousers that are too short: Michael Jackson style? Ideally it should be heels meet the shoes [the trousers fall around the top of the shoes' soles]. The width of the trousers is 3/4 of the shoes. Unsure? take a good look at Tiger Wood's trousers *hehe
7. Unshaven look: if you couldn't take a good care of yourself, who on earth would trust you enough to give you some responsibilities?
8. Belts that are really worn-out: good belts are investment. Oh btw, the length of the tie should reach the belt, not shorter than that if you don't want to end up following the Italian style ^.*
9. Nasal hair showing: haiz...
10. Long nails, especially on last finger: a guitarist? Trim your nails.

Hence, the keywords are:

The way we present ourselves build credibility and accountability. It's so much easier to build the trust to an even higher level by appearing great on the 1st meeting than to start on the low level and build it from there. A little make-over won't do you harm. So, don't judge a book by its cover may not always...correct?

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Comments can be posted on each blabberings of mine...

After days of confusion and annoyance...

Almost giving it up...

Gosh...thanks to a friend *hoho makasi nyoo...

Yet, thankful that I never had to endure any programming subject in my life, except cimple html and dreamweaver....vacancies for others are closed btw *muahaha...Cit, now I know your pain..^^

Quote of the day:
Dream ends when you give up...

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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Hey jomblo-ers...WELCOME!!

Why are you still single?

Being curious on how people would answer this question, I asked a few friends of mine...

v****** t***: *coz i havent met the guy that I really really like
ddawidson: r u ready for a relationship?
v****** t***: : i'm not sure tuh, mgkn krn wa takut kali..hehe

^ x!aO 白^ it's not to be happy, is about how to live and lived well says:
don;t think i need one for the moment ha.ha...
^ x!aO 白^ it's not to be happy, is about how to live and lived well says:
lousy answer yah..
ddee says:
masi fokus ke study?
or having fun?
^ x!aO 白^ it's not to be happy, is about how to live and lived well says:
both but the main is study

o**** n*:
why am I single...... takdir hahaha
o**** n*:

Sudah dari sananya

Ada yang ngerasa umur 20 itu ude seharusnya punya pasangan: Masa seh da 20 masi ga laku-laku juga? Masi sendiri? Ampe kapan? Bukannya lebi enak kalo ada 'seseorang' di sisi? *Hm...fishy* Ga usa dipaksa...

Nah gue, da 21, masi juga seru-seru aja tuh jomblo. Itung-itung jari tangan, kira-kira ada empat jari kalo tiap jari mewakili satu tahun. And ampe sekarang, yah tetep asik-asik aja kalopun gue masi aja jomblo.
Rationale-nya gampang: Buat apa maksa 'jalan' ama seseorang kalo in the end mala melukai BUKAN satu, tapi DUA hati [ref: hati tu cowo and hati gue sdr].

Kasarnya: 'Jalan' ama seseorang itu makan ati, makan waktu and makan tenaga *hehe...kalo menurut mas Goo: pesimis banget euy...* But, coba pikirin bae-bae, bener ga pernyataan gue di-atas? Don't tell me that you're going to say that love is about sacrificing....mending kalo sacrificenya worthwhile...huhu *okei..gue ngaku gue pesimis deh...^^'

Balik ke chatting di atas...ada yang masi jomblo karena ngerasa belom menemukan The One. Seseorang yang bikin die ready buat ngelepas segala kebebasan yang ada ketika masi sendiri. Ga perlu lapor-lapor mao kemana, ama siapa, kapan and dimana. Ga perlu ngejelasin panjang lebar kalo ternyata lagi jjs ama temen -yang kebetulan lawan jenis-, ga perlu susah-susah makan ati kalo ternyata seseorang itu yang lagi jjs ama temennya -yang kebetulan lawan jenis juga-. Seseorang yang bisa bikin hidup serasa lebi hidup dan seseorang yang bisa bikin die siap buat sebuah komitmen ke depannya. Saran gue: Look into your heart. Kalo elo siap, ya elo siap. Kalo elo ga siap, jangan dipaksa siap. Kalo elo yakin , maju aja terus. Kalo ga, listen to your heart.

Ada juga yang masi jomblo karena prioritas hidupnya bukan status Single or Attached. Seperti temen lama yang chatted di atas, prioritasnya masi belajar and menikmati hidup -dalam kebebasan and kemandiriannya-. Jadi buat pindah's a long way to go, right? Maybe...a friend with benefit lebi bermakna *hehe..pizz* or maybe...temen-temen yang bejibun itu da cukup untuk mengisi hari-hari yang ada. Jadi buat apa pusink-pusink ada seseorang? Seseorang yang menuntut waktu lebih dan perlakuan spesial. Seseorang yang harus diutamakan. Padahal kan prioritasnya skrg bukan seseorang ini. So, have fun and enjoy ur life!

Fate. Sudah dari sananya. Elo yakin ama jawaban ini? Apakah seseorang itu akan muncul tiba-tiba di depan elo tanpa ada usaha? Seperti kata pepatah: Jodoh ga akan lari kemana-mana [IMHO:' dudulz pisan]. Gimana elo yakin kalo itu jodoh elo? Gimana elo bisa duduk aja berpangku tangan and berharap sang jodoh akan datang dan trink...kalian jadi sepasang, bukan lagi dua individu, TANPA ada usaha. At least yah buat mencari, mengenal and memahami. segampang itu. Bukannya takdir itu ada di tangan kita sendiri. Keputusan hari ini yang menentukan kejadian di masa depan. What you do today affects what would happen in the future kan? So, menurut gue...JUJUR aja deh, jangan menyalahkan takdir. Napa lo jomblo? hayoo ngaku...*hahaha

Sebenarnya masi ada banyak alasan untuk jadi anggota Jomblo-ers:

No matter what, semua pilihan itu yah tergantung balik ke kita. Jangan maksa lah kalo emang ga siap. What for? Ga usa belaga naro-naro status single available kalo hati lo emang lagi ga siap berkompromi. Taro aja guede guede...SINGLE UNAVAILABLE *hehe*

Yang pasti, being single is not a crime!
Inget aja: JOMBLO itu PILHAN [bukan karena kita tidak dipilih].

So what kalo gue jomblo? HIDUP JOMBLO *hihi...

Dee-nikmati ajah...
*single...available ga ya? gimme some time to think..hauhauhau

Posted by Ddee at 12:59 AM

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