Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Gym session turned disaster.

This morning, after a merely 12 minutes of calory-burning exercise by hitting the gym, I nearly collapsed. A strong dizzyness and a feeling of something-bad-is-going-to-happen strucked my mind as I know how my body reacts. Low blood pressure? Overly exhausted? no idea...

I lied down on the mattress for another 15-20 minutes I think, before I felt a lil bit better to return. Gosh, thanks that Cit2 was there. Or else...I have no idea what would happen *another faint just like on the 1st sem?*

However, the journey back to the hall was not as easy as I thought initially. I struggled with my weak legs, high-level dizzyness, whirling stomach and blurry sight and we had to stop for a few times before we managed to reach the hall safely [read: without me kissing the ground and just collapsed]. *sigh...*

With this incident, I had to cancel my work shift of the last day in November [but I still cross my fingers and aim for employee of the month..puh lease...huhu *desperado mode*] and asked for last-minute replacement. I felt bad by doing so as if I am not responsible enough as a person. But as Citra said, "Yah kalo pun elo pergi juga tar kalo terjadi apa2 gmana? Lo juga kan ga bisa bantu banyak." Yup, you're right Cit.

Owh...Despite the fact that I planned to visit Cit2 more often this semester due to her single-room occupancy, I would have to admit this is the first time I eventually stepped into her room since the last time I helped her moving in in July. *huhu sorry yah Cit* And I have the chance to sleep at her bed, too bad my sweats were included. *hehe* She asked me to stay over until I feel better. Ja, Cit2 you're my saviour today. Thanks for taking care of me yar!! Muach2 hehe ^^v Really grateful.

So here I am, spending my whole day watching One Tree Hill. I finished the second season and am going to continue to the third *muahaha* Not too bad, I have time to rest and relax, to really enjoy my holiday, and to watch pretty faces *yippee...* Now, I have four days off for this week. Enjoy!

Once again...thanks for being there friend.

ps: Yang baru nge-blog, update terus lo ya.... *hehe*
Ste, I was astonished myself. Couldn't believe how 'small' this world can be....hehe *not bad though...waks....hauhuhauhaua

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It took me around one hour to reach Orchard Road by Transit Link no 174, just a lil difference if I were to take the MRT. But I prefer the bus to the MRT as I can enjoy the scenery and different parts of Singapore. Besides, who likes to look at the same boring panels? *sigh...

The route to Orchard road passes the Bukit Timah area where lotsa condominiums and apartments, from retro to victorian style, from a high-end to a low-end residences, from expensive condos to an affordable apartments.

Looking at the greenery, sensing the atmosphere and enjoying the view really remind me of Jakarta, the South part of it where nice houses and buildings stand steadily. Don't trust me? Hop on the bus and enjoy the ride *hehe sounds like an ads for Singapore Tourism Board*. So, I miss being at home. Miss the 'feeling' of being at my own familiar place. Back to the family...back to the comfort...back to those who support you no matter what, to find the solace I'm searching for *tsahh...hihi

A friend buzzed me last night saying that he's going back on Thursday. It won't be a SURPRISE...if only it wasn't so sudden. He planned to stay in Singapore during the holiday, spending time with his bunch of friends.

But, he changed his mind. A last minute one. To escape.

The stress has burdened him to a level that he can't cope. He needs to hide, to run away. To reflect, to find the answer. To mend a broken heart?

MAYBE this is the best solution. To return to the warmth of his family. Or MAYBE NOT?

Hm...nevertheless, after the journey by bus along Bukit Timah and Dunearn Road, I feel so much better. There is another part of Singapore that makes me feel as if I'm home.

Then maybe he should try to hop on 174 and enjoy the ride.....too bad he's not familiar with South Jakarta *hehe*

ps: Hey guys, the next time we go to Orchard....remember 174 ok!

*crap off

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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Why on earth do 'some people' like Harry Porter so very much?

It has superbly thick books and apparently a loooong movie ,too. The story is so so untrue and splendidly full of imagination. There are no real 'cute guys' but cute girl instead. And mostly, I feel nothing after the movie but merely okay. It didn't bring me into tears or even laugh my lungs out.

Those fans have been waiting for the movie and the books. And some people solely watch it out of their curiosity. What is so special about this Harry Porter thingie that made everyone [er..okay, almost everyone] is so crazee over heels about it? I think it lies on its popularity. You're not cool enough if you don't know Harry Porter. And to know him more, you ought to watch or at least read those books or should i call 'em bibles. Besides, if it's so so popular that almost everyone talks about it, the media report it on pages, and the ads are everywhere...why shouldn't at least you give it a try?

But I don't.

I am not into Harry Porter since day one. Not to add that I don't read the books, ever! It's just too 'creative-yet-complex, imaginative-yet-irritating, beautiful-yet-boring' that I almost fell asleep when I watched the first episode ['coz there was no other VCD on the shelf]...and

I REFUSE to watch any other pieces of Harry Potter. NooOoo, DO NOT torture me....


An SMS came:
Hey AIESEC [world's largest youth organization] EB [Executive Boards], don't forget that we will be having our outing on Friday. We will watch movie and what else can we watch? Harry Porter guys. It's on AIESEC k. So, book your time. :)

OH NO!! Harry Porter....why?

I needed to prepare myself not to fall asleep this time, although I have to say it's a real challenge to enter the theatre and sit still for 2.5hours. And I was surrounded by friends that were ready to wake you up once they thought you were about to enter the dreamland.

From hands being knocked everytime I changed my seating position to a more comfy-sleeping-kind-of-seating-style to calling out of my names everytime I closed my 'tired' could I even rest? Gimme some peace please hehe

In the end, I managed to pull myself from my dreamland, sat nicely, watched in awed-yet-uninterested feeling for 2 hours and 30 minutes, excluding the advertisement time.

Nothing really special I would say......but it does manage to 'grab' my attention till the end.

Way to go Harry Porter, but I still am not interested in you.

Leave me alone...hehehe
and please please please, you happen to make a deep-unanticipated business for my fish pond that we [ref: the staffs] are running out of our breathe bcoz of a sudden increase in the number of customers. Not too mention the hurt on my feet and hands and back and ...

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Setelah seminggu ngga pernah ada di kamar sore hari gara-gara shift kerja malem or whole day, akhirnya ari ini bisa ada di kamar jam 6an.

Hari ini dimulai dengan kepanikan. Langit yang menangis semalaman bikin mimpi makin indah. Akhirnya, telat bangun. Jam di HP menunjukkan pukul 11 waktu gue lirik. Whoa......buru2 deh ngacir ke toilet and siap-siap. *Hiks...biasa kan golek-golek dulu, ngucek-ngucek mata, nyuri satu lima menit buat tidur-tiduran hehe

Siang ini ga gtu rame di 'kolam ikan'. Masih ter-cover nicely. Bahkan setelah jam 2an, mulai sepi. Bosen...bosen...bosen..bolak balik, lap ini lap itu, jalan kesini jalan kesitu. Varises bertambah lagi hihi and again, after a couple of days of improper lunch, ari ini balik lagi ke yang bener. Dari lunch sebelum kerja, pisang goreng in between and soup ayam jamur jam 3 siang. Waks..uenakk haha

Treng...jam 5.15 akhirnya signed-off deh. Nyomot baguette dulu sebelum cabut and keliling-keliling di Jurong Point. Itung-itung ngisi liburan yang lom sempet jalan-jalan. Ngecek Digicam, MP3 player, HP. Akhirnya ke NTUC beli pewangi *ude habis seh huhu*, buah, and biskuit.

Jam 6an da di kamar. Chatting dulu sebelum mandi and denger kabar kalo Guntur fell sick. Cemas...cemas...besok kan mereka exam! Tapi untungnya ada yang handle and bawa ke dokter deh *phew...lega dikit* moga-moga baik-baik aja. So, I continued watching my One Tree Hill setelah selesai mandi.

Abis satu episode...Trink..Inget kalo musti cuci seragam, buat hari Kamis neh [besok Rabu -iya, besok emang ari Rabu- whole day shift, jadi kalo nyuci malem takut ga sempet kering]. Yah udeh, ke laundry room dengan pewangi baru Softlan yang pink yang wangi Rose yang baru beli ituh *hehe penting ini!!!

Sembari mesinnya ditinggal ngucur-ngucur hehe gue lanjut masak mie instan pake baso and then nonton lagi sambil mamam. 45mins later, yah...abis lagi deh satu episode....tinggal finale buat 1st season. Wah..cuci piring and ngambil cucian deh.

Turun ke laundry room, lho kok tutupan mesinnya da dibuka. Wah...Da selesai neh hehehe

Eh pas dilirik, lho kok masi basah banget? ....^^'

Yah..ilah.... *nepok jidat*
Lupa tutup lagi..... *sigh..
jadi mesinnya ga muter....

Huhuhu akhirnya press
power off - power on - start.
Nyuci lagi deh..............seragam gue.

~Dari jauh kedengeran suara mesinnya muter-muter.....*enak-kan naek kuda-kuda puter?


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Monday, November 21, 2005

More often than not, you have choices, with their own risks and consequences.
And life is about making decisions.

When you are facing these options, what would you do? Which one would you choose?

It's like standing at a junction; numerous road-signs, confused passers-by, clear and decisive walkers and different paths to pick. Each with their own thoughts and considerations. Sometimes you may walk side by side with any of them. Sometimes you solely walk alone. Sometimes you may lead them. Sometimes you just become a follower. And sometimes, you just stand still, unsure of where to go. STUCK!!

Which direction?

Past? Present? Future? where are you and where are you heading for?

Do you keep on looking back? or looking forward? It's not a simple decision.

Do you let go? or do you stay with it?

Do you laugh at it? or do you cry with it?

Do you learn from it? or do you blame it heppened?

Do you take the chance? or do you let it slip away....again?

Do you see it as your past? or your future?

too much to ask... too much to think... too much to reflect...

Realizing that LIFE GOES ON is not as easy saying it. It takes a huge step or even steps.
To let go... to look at the bright light at the end of the tunnel... to take the risks... to face the uncertainties... to be hurt... to laugh and to cry at the same time... to sacrifice... to forgive... to accept...

I don't wanna be standing still.
But the feet are just too heavy to move on... to make that very first step...
slowly...slowly...I will, when I am ready.
And I am sure some day... some time... I will... move on.

*what a confusing piece of looking at the future....shall I let go?

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Saturday night and I am alone in my room after a sleazy afternoon and a tiring work in the evening. My mind was wandering around...back to my dearest family, lovely home sweet home, and my precious country, Indonesia. *Tanah airkuh Indonesia....negeri elok amat kucinta....

My sister just returned two days ago. Adding another member in the house. Still, I am 'the red dot on the map'.

What are they doing? Where did they go for dinner? What did they have? Do they miss me when I'm the only one who isn't there? Does life feel complete enough? Where were they this evening? What stories did they tell? What jokes did they share? What's new? How's life?

I miss being at home. Being treated as the lil princess.

Where....I get what I want. I get to choose where to eat, what to eat. I get to try new eating places. I can have those pair of shoes and jeans. I get to know more friends. I get to have my own set of TV. I set my own channel, I get to hold that remote ^^v. I have my own room. I can cook. I get to buy cheap DVDs, and cry my eyes out for watching 'em. I can have my own karaoke session and the list continue...

Yet, when I think about it, what makes it actually different from here. I can get what I want as well. I can have those new pairs of jeans and shoes if I want to. I am having my own room now. I can just go off to the nearest karaoke halls. I can ...

They are just not here, physically.
I don't get to sense their presence in person.
I can't see their eyes when I talk to them.
The communication is very much mediated.


Nevertheless, I know they miss me deeply *hihi* They care about me more than anyone else. And they know that I do, too. They trust me and love me for who I am, unconditionally. Above all their wishes lies my happiness.

So, I realized that eventhough they are not here physically, and I am not there physically, we are still ONE. And no one can take that away. NO ONE I say...

I am happy for the four of them. And although I am not with them, I am still at home. Coz home is where the heart is....and they know they have captured mine since day one.

*29 days to go ^o^

ps: Oh and..the previous entry has generated comments more than ever I think hehe *now I know why sensationalism sells hoho...jk2 ^.^'*

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Kepercayaan itu harus dibangun...dibuktikan... bukannya dengan mengatakan bahwa kamu bisa dipercaya. BUKAN, BUKAN begitu!!

Dan sebagai salah satu makhluk yang tidak sempurna, susah banget buat gua ngebalikin kepercayaan kalo kepercayaan yang gue kasi itu di-breach. Yes, I know dear, nobody's perfect...but we all try to right? but then sorry banget, I just can't.

Gue termasuk orang yang easily trust people, I do. Kecuali gue da melihat dan merasakan sendiri kalo itu orang emang ga bisa dipercaya, either through my instinct or the way they act. But of course, yang lebi parah itu kalo mereka bertindak-tanduk yang merusak kepercayaan yang gue kasih. Too bad you ruin it...

So, apakah salah kalau di abad 21 ini lo kenalan ama orang asing? Dengan niat baik lo ngasi kontak *sama kan kaya ngasi kartu nama?*. Dengan dalih temenan, akhirnya tu orang mala meminta macam-macam. Dikasih hati minta jantung. Emang dasar manusia ga perna puas.

Jadi ceritanya, gue kenalan ama satu a friend of course. Too bad, die kok mala salah paham and meminta lebih ya? Dengan mengganggu kehidupan pribadi gue, berusaha ngorak-ngorek ga jelas, and bahkan in the end menyalahkan gue yang bersedia jadi 'teman' (dalam opini dia tentunya). You simply breached my trust...

So, why did you give me your number?
... *hullo, jaman gini ngasi nomor tlp ude bukan hal yang aneh ya mas*
You're a LIAR!!
...*menahan esmosi....geram banget...sesak. Pertama kali dalam idup, gue dibilang pembohong*
Okei, just assumed that I am a liar, now you can take my number and thwor it away. Assume that we never know each other k! That's it.

You simply breached my trust...

However, the story doesn't simply end there. Telpon gue masi berdering *pada waktu-waktu yang tidak seharusnya and masi banyak missed-calls di HP*.

And today, again, he called me.

[aslinya pake Chinese ye...huhu]
Ha....*dgn suara males-malesan*
Can you do me a favor...a small one...please...
Ha...*masi dengan suara males-malesan*
Can you do me a small favor?
My grandma is very old now, 80 plus.
I don't want her to worry about me of not being able to take care of myself.
... *dalem what ya?*
Can you please be my gf for a day? to show her that I can take care of myself.
... *kalo ada pisau saat itu juga and die depan gue, ude gue tusuk berkali2 deh...ARGHHHH geramnyaaaaaa!!!!*
Heh? what? you want to lie to her? To show her that you can take of herself is not by lying. You should prove that you REALLY can take care of yourself. *gratak grutuk..pengen gue gaplok deh....huhuu* don't understand. She is almost 90 yrs old, she's almost .... (die?)
So? It's just not right. And I don't want. NO!!
Diana...I just wanna be your friend. Why can't you give me another chance?
I can't. We've talked about this ok. Don't call me again. I don't want.
Er..I'll call you later (the same excuse that he uses again and again).
NO! I don't want you to call me. NO!
I'll call you later.
I don't want to pick up. Bye-bye.

Menu - silent mode.

You simply breached my trust...

Great! You've just made my day, darn you. 25 missed-calls and 2 SMSes. Do it again, and I'll just have to report you to the police. No kidding 0.0'

You simply breached my trust...

What makes you eligible to lie to an elder? Apa dengan alasan kebahagiaan di sebalik kebohongan itu yang membuat kita pantas untuk berbohong? Apa batasan dalam berbohong demi membahagiakan orang lain? *Kuya, you simply breached my trust...

Why? why? why? why? why?

Asli ini langsung bikin gue bete *&^$#%(_)TY^&$. Untung ga ada orang yg gue kenal di depan gue, kalo ga....hahahaha *mati konyol?

Untungnya, my life goes on. Buat apa bete2 percuma. Lanjut shift kerja, gue da hepi-hepi aja. Who cares if you wanna missed-called me for a thousand times, who cares if you flooded my inbox, who cares if you spent your life trying to get through...I DON'T. 'Coz you simply breached my trust...

Morals of the story are ...
- Segampang itu orang ngasi kepercayaan, segampang itu pula kepercayaan itu bisa ilang.
- Emangnya lo sapa yang berhak ngeboongin orang lain atas nama kebahagiaan ato lain-lainnya?
- Just GET A LIFE!! and get out from mine....*eh, ini bukan moral ya? hehe*

Lanjut lagi....
The good news for today is...

Ari ini gue kerja 10 jam in total *mencari sebakul nasi hihi*, and pas shift malem ada 2 customers (2 meja ya mksdnya) yang isi feedback form and nominasiin gue. Yah as in gue yg served mereka and mereka puas...waks...senangnya. Dapet employee of the month ga ya? dapet dunk..dapet dunk... *mupeng mode..hehe

So, I am happee. And I won't let somebody took it away, especially those tagged with the word "DON'T CARE". Who do you think you are....

HP ga ada click dink...hehe
Maap kalo ada kata-kata yg kasar..huhu gue juga ga niat make sebenarnya *hiks...
Lega....deh hehe

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Kata "bye" itu tak seharusnya kuucapkan...

Kuubah dengan sebuah harapan...

Kelak kita 'kan berjumpa lagi...

See you then!

*Bye-bye "Bye"
- applies to all -

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hm..belakangan ini gue jadi addicted to blog-walking alias yah jalan-jalan ke blog orang.
Baca-baca journal mereka, pikiran mereka dengan topik macem-macem, gaya nulisnya yang beda-beda tiap individu, sampai tujuan dari blog itu sendiri yang variatif.

Ada yang nulisin kegiatan sehari-hari, ngasi tips-tips idup, cerpen yang ajubile lucu deh, komplain tentang hidupnya, or their deep contemplations. Asli, dengan gini mata gue yang ude guede jadi makin guede haha *mksdnya, they really open my eyes*. Sukur-sukur kalo blognya sering di-update jadi bisa sering bolak-balik ke blognya and ketawa-ketawa ngakak or mala manggut-manggut.

Ntah kenapa, dengan gini gue ngerasa gue belajar banyak, ngeliat opini-opini yang berbeda, pengalaman hidup yang jauh lebi berbeda lagi and ga cuma study and work, and kadang mala membangkitkan kenangan lama gara-gara isinya yang 'nusuk' banget hehe....*ayoo dicoba deh, tapi abis exam ya ^^v

And yeah, admit it, dengan baca gitu, kesannya serasa gue mengenal itu penulis. Gue menciptakan sebuah karakter individu lengkap dengan ciri-ciri, sifatnya and gaya hidupnya. Misalnya si Okke yang bikin gue ngerasa kok idupnya asli berwarna deuh. Orangnya pasti mandiri and selalu have fun. Ga takut ama pendapat orang and cewe mandiri neh *my two thumbs up dink* Atau yang lainnya kaya si Mpok Jane and Neng Sarah yang bikin penasaran aslinya kaya apa soalnya mereka mala jadi fashion police-nya artis-artis Indo. Apa bener mereka se'bitchy' itu? Apa aslinya mereka modis banget? Ato cuma by chance mereka jago si fashion? yah..kalo ngeliat designer-designer di dunia yang terkenal, ga berarti mereka dasarnya modis and bisa dandan juga kan? kali-kali aja creationnya emang superb, WOW, you name it..but what about their own closet? and those hairstyles..aduduh...

Tapi yah, ga ada jaminan bahwa semua itu kisah nyata. They can be who they want to be. They can write what they want to write. They can shout their sadness and dissatisfaction. They can echo their happiness. They can publish what they like and dislike. You have no right to judge! Gimana pun juga ya itu blog mereka. Tersera mereka mao ngapain..sama kaya berita si Natasha Anya yang heboh banget. Is she real?

Jadi ya...suka suka gue juga mao nulis apa di blog gue...IT'S MY BLOG! And please kalo yang menciptakan karakter Diana seperti gue menciptakan karakter-karakter penulis lainnya...kasi tau dink haha coz curiosity kills..the cat, not me *hihi too bad, you guys know me or else...

Ya wes deh, here ends my humble crap for today....Lumaban ka!! That means keep on fighting in Tagalog language, esp those who have their 1st paper tomorrow and those who have gone half-way through their exams. You'll survive...

Liat positipnya aja...holidae in two weeks time. Kita mao kemana neh? *hehe

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm having my exam break now...^o^

My next and final paper is on Wednesday, and it's only a 30% final exam after a long stressful and troublesome 70% assessment. What's that? hoho It's multimedia theory and development where I complained about those flash assignments hehe *pizz*

So, after a whole morning of browsing around, watching 2 episodes of Joey, clicking here and there, finally I decided to clean and clear some of my belongings *refer to unused papers and notes*. I tried to search for my $10 Border's card and my new packet of oil blotters hehe however, it seems that they were not where I though they would be. They just disappeared.

I searched those boxes below my bed, on top of the desk, my drawers, everywhere I could think no avail *sigh* Yuhuu, where are you guys?

Dilly-dallying...I came across my photo albums and so I traced back those memories...*hiks...

Just by looking at those pictures, I was brought back to my sweet and sour past (sound like Fish & Co. menu...sweet and sour fish with chips please..hoho). when we went to was a wonderful journey with great cities and people *but I don't really like the food..huhu Asian food is still the best! when I went for echange programme to Japan and stayed at my foster family's place...really sweet memory, one of the best in my life. Wearing the kimono with such a short hair and chubby face, some of my friends were even wondering whether the girl on the picture was really me ^^' with my housemates for 4.5 years in Penang...haha we REALLY change a lot, talk about those transformation. From hairstyle, fashion-taste, to how colourful our lives as the journey of life moves on q^.^p
...classes, clubs, competitions pictures...*sigh* miss the teachers, miss my classmates and buddies, miss the practices and how we bullied the teachers hoho. Not to mention how short my hair was back in my lovely Penang Han Chiang High School. Just FYI, the girls' hair was not supposed to be longer than 4cm below the ears and the guys to have max 3cm if I am not mistaken. Hahaha seeing those pictures of me in my really really short hair with that naughty face and gangstress style, surrounded by my friends...I can't ask for more! of our class activities. From bbq, farewell parties, drama performance to when we decorated the whole audi stage for festivals and celebrations. Maybe I'm gonna breakdown in tears....-__-'' of Birthday celebrations. Pizzas, chocolate tart, sodas, creams, finger food and not to forget crazy poses.
...when I acted as F4 Dao Ming Shi hoho
...when St. John members performed our modern dances wearing our self-stitched costume ^^v
...when I had my free trip to Sabah as a school representative in the Panel Discussion competition..yey, 3-free-school-day and just had fun haha
...many more....indescribable memories...

So glad I have those pictures to remind me of my past, of where I came from, of who I was and the transformation that occurs *will I ever cut my hair that short ever again?*. I shall keep my feet to the ground...stay intact.

Too bad that now in NTU, most of our pictures are digital images and saved in our lovely PCs and notebooks. How if my HD crashed and I don't have any back-up in hands?
UGH...There goes some beautiful part of my life...

How to back up ar?

*scared to death if my PC couldn't turn on AGAIN...

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Exam period sudah berjalan setengahnya.

Ada yang sudah selesai exam, ada yang masi menunggu giliran paper pertama. Ada juga yang sedang menunggu saat-saat merayakan exam terakhir.

Jadi beberapa pertanda exams akan cepat berlalu sudah bisa dilihat (continued from pertanda exams):
1. Tumpukan kertas-kertas di tempat sampah. Dari lecture notes, past year paper, additional self-written notes, sampai tips-tips exam dari lecturer 'tersayang'.
2. Meja yang berantakan karena tidak sempat dibereskan.
3. Plastik-plastik makanan yang memenuhi tempat sampah.
4. Mie instan masih tetap popular.
5. Begitu pula dengan supper.
6. Dan juga cemilan...*apalagi kalo cewe..huhu
7. Teksbuk yang mulai di'rapi'kan alias dimuseumkan.
8. Jerawat yang nongol di jidat and tempat-tempat strategis lainnya.
9. Library yang makin sepi dan banyak tempat kosong dibandingkan kemarin-kemarin.
10. Pada sibuk booking tiket pesawat.
11. Draw out holiday plan.
12. MSN and YM! mulai ramai lagi.
13. Nicknya masi sama: JIA YOU, Fighto, all the best...but diikuti dengan embel-embel..yeah 2 more to go, holidae in 1 week time, etc.
14. Tampang lesu kurang tidur, kurang semangat, kurang darah, kurang vitamin, kurang asupan gizi, kurang 'bahagia'.
15. Keluhan dari para wanita yang mengaku exams bikin ndut. Maklum, dasarnya wanita kalo stress yah ngemil.
16. Blogs yang semakin jarang di-update, but SOON will.
17. Kalopun di-update, isinya masih berkisar antar papers and exams
18. Mulai pada ga tahan staying in school compound, jadi berpetualang keluar.
19. Mulai mengisi ransum lagi deh...blanja blanja...
20. Butuh hiburan tingkat tinggi, dari chatting, ngerjain orang, ngegames, ampe jjs [jalan jalan sendiri].
21. Bulletin Board Friendster yang penuh dengan kronologis exams dan cerita meningkatnya BSB -Bete, Stress, Bosen- level.
22. Ucapan abis exam: "Ah, good luck buat paper terakhirnya besok ya" or "Waks, asik banget lusa pulang Indo" huhu
23. Menghitung hari, jam, menit bahkan detik...semakin mendekati ujian...or holidae?
24. Ketika ada yang mulai beres-beres harta karun.
25. Hall makin sepi karena tetangga pada pulang rumah dan pulang kampung.
26. to suggestions...

Semua ini hanya berdasarkan pengamatan, khayalan dan karangan penulis semata. Jikalau ada kesamaan fakta dan situasi, yah emang diambilnya dari situ gtu loch!!

Bukan maksud penulis mengatakan bahwa die telah selesai melalui saat-saat exam yang menyengsarakan...BUKAN!! Penulis masih harus berjuang, masi ada exam yang harus dilalui.

Cuma numpang lewat aja...

Apa kabar dunia?
Tetap semangat!!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

9.30 am, Invigilator's voice: You may now turn over your exam paper

Part ONE, you have no freedom of choice...answer of just leave it blank hauhauhua

Q1: Case studies of which project would you like to go for St. John island. An exlcusive luxurious golfing island for the super-rich, an environmentally friendly eco-park for education or Asia World, a theme park capturing the best of the continent in one place.

a. Describe and discuss the strategic and tactical goal for the project [10 marks]
>> Hue?...goals...isn't the process is more important? And dohh what I gonna build that island? *sigh* ..turned over to the next page...

b. What planning, resource allocations and schedules would you put in place to achieve the goals? [10 marks]
>>, manpower, timeline...what else? what am I feeling like writing a this a real project? -.-' *skipped to the next one*

c. Who would you involve in the decision making process? Discuss what your decision is, and the steps you need to take to reach it. [10 marks]
>> Hm..investors, gov officials, my 'boss' at the Southern islands Develoment Divisions, The Urban redevelopment Authority...and my group of coz. Is this even correct?
Decision: theme park for, entertainment, reputation...bla bla bla...and just put every single steps of the decision making process... *finger-crossed*

Part TWO, answer THREE of the FOUR questions

Q2. Select a local media company and describe its market segmentation, market space. Predict, stating yoru rationale, whether the ads sales will increase or decrease in the next 12 months. In the context of environmental changes, identify and discuss how would you implement 2 marketing strategies that would impact the market segmentation. [20 marks]
>> What? must choose one media company? hm..think..think...aiyoo..can't think of any good companies. Predict their and PEST analysis, Porter's 5 forces also. Marketing strategies: Differentiation and focus?
Conclusion: couldn't think of any media....too much hassles, skipped.

Q3. If you were a HR Manager in charge of your company motivational programs, discuss the theory of motivation that you would use for editorial team of a printed publication. Can you apply the same theory to the broadcasting technical team? If not, which alternative theory of motivation would you use?
>> hoho theory, finally. Been memorizing till I don't have enough brain cells left. Hm...should put Acquired Needs theory and Expectation theory for the editorial teams. Remember to stae the rationales. For broadcasting technical team, I'd go for Herzberg two-factor theory. hoho....should be safe for this one.

Q4. you are working for a PR agency and you have been asked to set up a branch office in Beijing. When considering the pEST analysis, describe and discuss how each factor would impact your decision. Illustrate each factor with examples.
>> Hm...PEST shouldn't be a problem. Hope the answer is comprehensive enough....*taking a deep breath now*

Q5. Make a budget proposal for Internet based campaign for six months Revenue to be expected is 20% of tender value, at least. No other info available.
>> Studies students would definitely avoid this. Just give it a try, but with no additional info available, it's like walking in the dark without any torchlight, lamp, or even moon to guide along. And I didn't manage to finish this one.

Aih...aih...aih...finally I didn't select Q2 as I couldn't think of any media and I presumed majority of the students would definitely go for that question, so I should do the one that less people would do hehe *is this smart? =s

11am : Managed to get a quick toilet break due to unbearable and uncooperative brain signals.

11.25 am: Drew out budget..haha terribly unfinished.

11.30 am: The invigilator stood beside me, I was helpless. Couldn't write anything else, she's waiting...

11.35 am: Walked out of the exam hall. A friends said that she didn't finish as well, and she only wrote 2 para for Q2. Hm..yeah, that's exactly what I meant. You can't write a lot for goals..HULLO??? But then, it's over. Everyone seemed to despise the subject now haha I know it's difficult, way beyond our expectation right? So, take the positive one said it's easy (at least I managed to rush away from the crowd and avoid myself from listening to their blabberings) and two more papers to go. is coming REAL SOON!!

Fight everyone...don't end up like me hehe ^o^''

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Monday, November 07, 2005

A-level student?

Am I?

Are we?

Do we really look that young?

Were they kidding?

Did their stigma stimulate the brain to think so?
And so they perceived us...

Two ladies came to join yesterday at Jurong East library and mistook us as A level students, which JCs? haha *the sky is blue...Oh I thank you...>>maksa mode*

Ow..U students? Which U?

NTU doesn't have libraries? *she didn't mean to be sarcastic lar.., we are just sick of the libraries haha been there for the whole semester *ah, really? wasn't it just started week?

Nevertheless, I took it as a compliment that made my day a lil bit brighter.
I AM happy. Are you?

*grinning....not just smiling*

ps: will be going home on 19th Dec-2nd Jan (not two weeks, but a year ^o^)
and best of luck for my 1st paper... and a Sentosa get-away after that...hoho

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

:[Jika ada makhluk yang sanggup menaklukkan hati hanya dengan sebuah senyuman, itulah perempuan]:

I copied this sentence from someone else's blog. How true is this?

Sebegitu hebatnya-kah sebuah senyuman? yang mampu menentramkan hati, menenangkan jiwa yang gelisah, menciptakan hidup yang lebih berwarna...apalagi jika senyuman itu datang dari seorang perempuan.

Perempuan yang diciptakan dengan segala keindahan, ketabahan, kesabaran, kelembutan dan juga kekuatan di dirinya.

Apakah karena senyum itu terlalu manis?
Apakah karena senyum itu terlalu susah dilupakan?
Apakah karena senyum itu berhasil menusuk ke dalam relung hati?
Apakah karena senyum itu sanggup meredam segala amarah?
Apakah karena senyum itu mampu menghapus semua duka dan menghadirkan kembali tawa yang t'lah hilang?
Apakah karena senyum itu pertanda hidup yang lebih bermakna?..karena terlanjur di-senyumi?

Bukankah senyum itu hal yang lumrah? [dan murah tentunya...]

Ketika kita merasa bahagia, kita tersenyum. Senyum yang akhirnya mampu menghasilkan satu, dua, tiga, ...senyum-senyum lainnya. Senyum yang akhirnya berpindah ke orang yang di-senyumi. Dan akhirnya berpindah lagi ke orang-orang berikutnya. What an infectious phenomenon!

Ketika teman bersedih, senyum kan hadir 'tuk menenangkan jiwa. Seakan-akan berkata, "Tenang aja, aku akan selalu ngedukung kamu! Kamu pasti bisa melalui segala cobaan ini. You're gonna be fine."

Ketika pikiran berkecamuk, dan senyum itu hadir beserta segala kekuatan dan ketabahannya, wow..tidak tahu lagi harus berkata apa. Cuma bisa berguman...seandainya aku juga bisa tersenyum seperti itu, selalu kuat dan menginspirasi yang lain. Mungkin saja yang tersenyum juga ada beban pikiran sendiri, but by smiling, you've done so much.

Senyum seorang perempuan...yang katanya mampu menaklukkan hati. Seandainya semua tersenyum, akankah dunia menjadi lebih indah? *IYA?*

Siapa yang menolak disenyumi? Tentu saja tidak bagiku. Senyum itu indah, senyum itu semangat, senyum itu kebahagiaan, senyum itu kehidupan. tak peduli senyum seorang perempuan ataupun lelaki..senyum itu indah!!

Ja, berapa banyak lelaki yang tunduk hanya karena sebuah senyuman?
Senyuman yang cost us nothing, not even a single cent.
Ah..mana kutau, tanyakan saja ke mereka...
...yang pasti, we are honoured to receive such a compliment ^o^

*tersenyum-senyum sendiri...


Tentang Kamu
- Tompi -

Terasa berdebar hatiku
Setiap melihatmu
Tersenyum padaku

Tak kuasa menahan rindu
Tuk selalu bertemu
Bercinta denganmu

Adakah kau merasakan juga?
Cinta yang selalu hidup di jiwaku

Tak tau mengapa dirimu
Begitu indah...
Membuatku selalu ingin di dekatmu

Oh...bawalah diriku
Di setiap mimpi-mimpimu
Aku kan slalu ada untukmu...

Biarlah cerita cinta kita terjalin abadi
Aku kau selamanya
Kuingin hidupku untukmu
Hidupku bagimu
Berjalan bersama

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Direct report from Lee Wee Nam library.

Seems like NTU students are concentrating on their studies. From freshly-printed lecture notes, thick-like-wall textbooks to self-written additional notes, you bet what else you can't see!

Properties are ready too. Thick jacket, huge water bottle, boxes of stationeries and stacks of papers, not to forget the tidbits.

Sitting in the centre of the library, surrounded by computers and studious hard-working students, I feel so small... *and hence I'm reporting now...

A few interesting occurences did happen, from a bored students de-stressed by playing "Street Fighter", a lady who becomes the waterlady with water bottles in her hands *name shall not be disclosed*, unbearable bloody boring stacks of notes that made people sleep *errr...not me not me -__-' ..pointing to the guy sitting next to me*, a sexy lady wore just a mini tanktop when everyone else was covering their bodies with an additional piece of cloth *hey, it's called jacket* to someone who-is-bored-to-death-and-do-not-feel-the-urge-to-study-properly reporting live from the library.

Diana, reporting live from Lee Wee Nam. Back to the studio...

Due to our studio's failure to broadcast yesterday, we would like to express our sincere greeting.
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin...

Maapkeun eke ya kalo ada sala *pasti deh ada...hiks..maap ya...ya.. ya..*

Kok ga ada ketupat ya?
Adanya 'sale' di mana-mana, ampe 70% and yang kedengeran cuma suara ibu-ibu yang heboh belanja ditemani muka lesu bapak-bapak yang ngangkatin belanjaan.... *sigh..makanya Pak, lebaran itu ke rumah sodara, jangan ke Singapur....hehe* Pasrah deh..

End of report.

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Too many breaks is good for health ^^v
[avoid those flying plates..sandals...hiyattt.....]

Oops...don't complain!!

Latey, I have been taking too many breaks. I sleep more than my usual days, I take more naps, I watch more movies compare to the beginning of this semester, and I am still so so so relax.
Is this a good sign?

Let's see what I did in the last few days...
Sunday: temple and library at Esply *it is so kewl...think I'm gonna spend my holiday there hahaha* continued with window shopping *what a great timing yarr...wanna join me? hihi
Monday, Tuesday: studied in my room, took occasional naps haha and watched So You Think You Can Dance....*Oh...Melody and Nick rock!!*
Wednesday: Jurong Point and continued to Clarke Quay with Khee Cheng and jie2...*I have a severe-purse-crisis at the moment*

My current mood is still happy-go-lucky...hahaha but this may be due to the fact that I only have three papers, and the first one is 5 days from now *tick..tick..tick..

So, my conclusion for the day:
Taking breaks is great for your health...*but not for your financial condition*.
Do it more frequently!

*dohh..another crap haha

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

"Ketawa itu bikin awet muda"

Banyak pahala kalau bisa bikin orang ketawa, bisa bikin orang ngga mikirin stress barang sesaat. Bisa bikin idup lebi idup and manusia jadi lebi manusiawi juga hehe...

Ga susah bikin orang ketawa. Just do a lil small never know.

Kok gtu seh?

Yah wajar aja kaya gtu. Sapa seh yang demen cemberut mulu, melo mulu, jutek mulu....cape tau. Semua tu makan energi, makan emosi. Jadi mendingan ketawa aja...ngetawain jokes Ga Jelas, ngetawain cerita dari makhluk lain yang disampaikan dengan bumbu-bumbunya, ngetawain orang, and yang pasti menolak untuk dijadikan bahan tertawaan ^.-

So, in conjunction with the starting of NTU examinations... *tick..tick...15 mins from now is the Day* ... I received a few encouragement SMSes from my friends. I have to say...It's a small world in NTU as everybody seems to be forwarding the same SMSes here and there. Not all, but most of them hehe. Nevertheless, thanks loch da niat buat ngirimin SMS hehe *really brightens up my day

Being intoxicated with the kia-su-ism since two years and four months ago, my fingers reflectively pressed on my mobile's buttons.

Message. Text. Archive. it

Edit the wordings, then forward to my Haqim Bau orientation group, my AIESEC fellows and friends who do not fall into these two categories *hauhauhauhau....

Heh? where's the laughters?

Wait till I read some of the replies.

A nice, simple, direct message:
Thanks Di. All the best juga buat papersnya :D

A lil-stressed-but-try-to-joke kind of reply:
Wah...mami lagi stress or kurang kerjaan? hehe jia you juga yah buat examnya.

A cute, sweet reply:
Waks...mami pengertian banget. All the best juga ya!

An informational reply:
Hey thanks! Good luck to you too. Still struggling with 301 now...*sigh...

Superbly-hillarious-yet-depressed messages:
Interesting and brilliant thought. But I suppose panic is a justified reaction at the moment :) And I don't think it's close to being positive reaction at the moment :0 However, those words might help, thanks and best of luck for ur exams too :)
[mine] What a complex reply haha hope your brain cells are still ok. ^^
Haha I guess the complexity of the reply could suggest confusion or hyperactivity :) both ow which are actually unwanted during exam time. Hence, I am almost ready to an impending doom..Now that's how I define optimism haha
[mine] Huahauhuahua can't help myself not to laugh. Great entertainment when the anxiety is peeking haha nevertheless, u better start de-stress. Hepi mugging :)
Well I can't believe all that actually made u laugh. Not that it wasn't intended to :) Hope it as not sympathy laughter :) coz all crap i wrote was a product of incessant sleep deprivation i think..Neways, happy mugging to you too :) and best of luck again.

A lil bit too serious and scary reply which incorporates some of the theories:
I agree. Considering that the only constant variable is "changes", +ve attitude is the key in adapting to changes. The synergy will be created when +ity runs together with a process-orientedspirit. Happe exam yah! yi qie shun li...
>> now you know how he can be the president of AIESEC NTU Local Committee..another applaud ^.^

So, these replies actually made me laughed...and I am truly blessed to have such friends around.

Jadi, kalo ga mao cepet mao buru2 keriput...buruan deh send SMSes around hahaha and see what kind of replies you will get in return.

This is just one simple step....the rest...terserah anda ^.*
Yeah..Exams period has just started hahaha.... *another laughter in disguise..

Aja aja fighting....hihi

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Pernah ga lo ngerasa uda jadi 'temen' yang ga sepatutnya jadi 'temen'?
Pernah ngerasa lo terlalu egois untuk dijadiin temen?
Pernah ngerasa lo cuma menuntut, menuntut, menerima dan ga memberi?
Pernah ngerasa lo tu s*ck banget sebagai temen?

and therefore...

lo tuh ngga banget sebagai seorang teman....
teman yang seharusnya saling berbagi,
saling care and mengasihi,
saling ngertiin,
saling take and give...and not just either one of them...

I did...I do...and I am feeling it.

Sorry banget kalo gue egois, ga ngertiin, ga selalu ada kalo lo butuh.
Gue lebi sibuk dengan hidup sendiri.
Ga sempet lagi nanya2 "eh, kabarnya gimana?", but mala "eh, bisa nolongin ini ga?"...unlike in the past
Ga sempet lagi cerita2 ke elo...unlike in the past
Ga sempet lagi ngajak2 elo nemenin gue...unlike in the past
Ga sempet lagi encourage lo kaya dulu...unlike in the past
Ga sempet lagi berbagi....gosip, latest news, mp3 ^^', ...unlike in the past
and so much more...

Thanks being such wonderful friends, who always understand and ready to lift me up.
Thanks for lending your ears, giving me your hands, and those endless support and trust.
Thanks for being part of my life... Thanks for being there!

Me?....lotsa "homework" to do...but we'll catch up soon. Hope we are still the friends we used to be.

Meanwhile, let's fight....for everything!

*another exam syndrome and I just scored 3/50 in my lessons of life...

When the world is darker than I can understand.
When nothing turns out the way I planned.
When the sky turns grey and there's no end in sight.
When I can't sleep through the lonely night.

When my insides are wracked with anxiety.
You have the touch that will quiet me.
You lift my spirit. You melt the ice.
When I need inspiration, when I need advice.
I turn to you. Like a flower leaning toward the sun.
I turn to you. 'Cos you're the only one.
Who can turn me around when I'm upside down.
I turn to you.

I Turn to You
- Melanie C -

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