Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Yaks..akhirnya back juga dech hehehe sorry yow, lama ga di-update. Bis kmrnan sibuk urusin kerjaan part-time, GTD-kuh (Get Together Day-orientasi ank indo NTU), cheers2 yg GeJe (alias Ga Jelas hoho), and so forth.

Skrg seh pas jam 11 teng..but mata gue ude mao nutup lagi. Abis makan kali ya? Tapi tadi pagi juga gtu kok...huhu And gue baru aja ngelakuin kesalahan yg tolol, gara2 sok tau, sok pinter, sok ga mao ngecek jadwal. Jadi gini, tadi pagi gue bobo jam 1an barengan ama rumie baru gue hehe then pasang alarm jam 7.30 seinget gue (biar bisa buru2 ke Boon Lay buat Flag Day sekalian kerja). Eh begitu tu alarm HP bunyi....bergetar2...dengan itu pula gue secepatnya matiin and ngeringkuk lagi di atas kasur. Alias: BOBO lagi. Kan kalo diitung2, masi cukup lar waktu buat siap2 kerja jam 10, palingan tar tu kaleng Flag Day gue isi recehan aja hihi *shhssttt

And ternyata, gedumprang....gue bangun jam 8.52..Panikkkk...Ahhghhhh!! bisa telat neh gue..But masi dengan coolnya jalan ke toilet, mandi, siap2, walo akhirnya ga ngecek2 email2 GeJe (soale biasa pagi ngecek dl, tar malem balik ngecek lagi cie....). Di bus stop akhirnya ketemu sekumpulan ank2 Indo, yg mao Flag Day, yg mao bikin Pesawat *wow...keren kan, yang mao ngebetulin laptop...Lama ditunggu, akhirnya bemper bus nongol juga. Ude deh, gue lsg naek sambil senyum2 dl ama sopirnya biar die memulai hari ini dengan indah hihi

Bus pun berangkat...keliling NTU, lewatin halls anak2, keluar NTU, lewatin sekolah, HDB, and akhirnya gedung Jurong Point yg letaknya di samping Boon Lay Bus Interchange keliatan. Iseng2 sambil SMS, gue ngecek notes d HP.

"Jam kerja gue jam 10 kan ya? Jumat juga pagi deh shiftnya," gue mikir2, manggut2, sambil ngecek notes.

WAKS..tanpa disangka, tanpa diduga...ternyata gue dapetnya shift malem bow ari ini (jam 6 onwards)...aihh...lemes deh gue. Ude buru2 bangun pagi2, ngatur2 jadwal (soale AIESEC masi ada acara tar malem), pake panik salah alamat...*dohh dudul dudul..

Ya ude deh, akhirnya gue mutusin keliling btr di NTUC Supermarket biar ga rugi hihi and then balik kamar, makan, tar nitip kaleng ke tempat Cit2, trus cabut dl potong poni hihi...*Ga penting yaa

Oh ya..kmrn kita b3, gue, Marlene "Alen", and Citra "Cit2" ikutan trial hip hop buat Pretty Tuff. Jadi Pretty Tuff tu kaya acara yg khusus diselenggarain buat cewe2 NTU biar so-called exercise lar bow. Dengan biaya relatif rendah ($15/semester untuk 8 kali latihan and dapet kaosnya juga), kita bole mili mao ikut kelas Yoga, Pilates, Salsa, Street Salsa, Pop Dance, Exotic Dance, Kickboxing or Hip Hop. Jadi biar tau kaya apa tar latihan Hip Hopnya (Gue ma Lele ambil hip hop ari senin, yg diajar ama Eric) kita ngetes dl deh hehe wah...seru seh, but gayanya juga aduhai haha keren bgt. Yang ngajar juga kocak lar, bisa ngebawa suasana jadi asik..apalagi waktu die suru kita "act cute"..huhuhu *setengah mampus juga gue ga bisa euy...

Jadinya pas sls latihan, kita b3 ude ngakak2 GeJe and gue mikir, "Wah..kalo buat opening ceremonynya GTD, GL-Group Leader- narinya kaya gini....bisa gile yg ngajar hauhauha," bukannya apa2 but ya rada ribet and kita kan ga punya waktu banyak. But kalo pada bisa seh...mantabh banget deh. TOP abis!

Yah uwes, gue da mao cao lagi..berburu harta karun hihi Besok GTD da dimulai, wish us all the best ok! Biar freshies2nya bisa segile perlu lar jaim2, tar juga kita tau kok *hihi

Pizz *bye bye my bangs

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Saturday, July 16, 2005

haqim bau senior camp today is so much FUN!

We (I believe all my group mates haha) really enjoy it eventhough we have to bear the pain on our feet. I think we were under the sun for around 4 hours, maybe less maybe more. And as Eva (from Rep of Czech) said when we were eating at Thai Express that an hour walk equals to a five kilometres long, then ours is up to twenty kilometres or maybe even more....hahaha can you imagine how much calories have we all burnt? (count a person's burn and multiply by seven members in our group - for today-)

HaQim Bau - my group title, comes from Hakim Bao- has 8 senior attaches:
Haqi -the shadowy GL-, Bowo -the crazee and creative Jeng from Arisan-, Lissiana -the Harry Potter fan-, Inneke -the geulish one-, Arief -the tall and quiet cool dude-, Marcel -the enthusiastic-, Riyandi -the sporty lad-, Herry -our PR person-, and Halim -the one who looks serious outside but crazee inside-.
Hohoho no pun intended --all is written based on observation-- ^^

Gotta think hard, play hard, and cheer hard to excel and surpass the others hahaha Okie2, gotta admit we aim for 'The Loudest Group' or Terbising. or else, the Terkompak award should fall on our hands hahaha

And here is our infamous cheer for today: (station masters, please forgive us!)

(Bau bau bau - from Project Pop)
Bau bau bau bau HaQim bau... (acapella mode)
Kamilah HaQim Bau...(point to ourself)
Lo semua pada bau...(point those in front)
Pergi loe jauh-jauh...(Usher's style haha)

Bau? So what gitchu loh...

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Annion! Hola!

My trainee has arrived. A Korean born in Germany, so he speaks German language more fluent than his Korean language... *kewl huh! As we (me and other reception officers were awed by it, Jong Hoon too feels the same way when we speak Indonesian and a bit Chinese for me). Whereas another trainee, Eva Sabolova from Republic of Czech, speaks English, German and French huhuhu

Today, Lina and I took them for a short city tour around Boat Quay, Esplanade, and Suntec. The receptionist at Betel Box (a backpacker's hostel) told us that we can take a bus down to riverview. Not wanting to spend another 20 minutes walking towards Paya Lebar MRT station(and minus the wrong direction we were heading at first, and spending like another 15 mins walking and feeling lost) , we decided to take a bus. Unfortunately, we took it from a wrong direction. The bus stopped at the interchange and we have to take another bus of the same number and return to our previous spot before we finally head to the other side of Singapore. And the story does not stop there... We were busy chit chatting and explaining to them about Singapore: the HDB, the hawker's centre, the tourist attraction, and so on while sometimes we paid attention on where we were. Too bad, after spending two years in Singapore and yet still unfamiliar with it, we missed the bus stop, and we didn't realize until we reach... RED HILL!!! *what?

Yeah, so we have to take the MRT and continued to the Esplanade...spending around one and a half hour for nothing but the scenery during our bus trip hohoho *look at the bright side though*

And so there we were...leaving our footsteps behind...Boat Quay, Fullerton -cafe-, the Merlion, Esplanade, Thai Express restaurant at the bay, City Link and Suntec -fountain of wealth-. We said goodbye there and later moved on with our own activities. The trainees with friends' meeting and a party at Irish Bar, Lina with her Project Officer and cooking trial for PON (Pekan Olah raga NTU) and me with my training at Fish & Co.

Okay, so now..count how long and how far have I walked today? How many calories have been burnt? FYI, I only consumed a 50 cent-butter cream-bread and a Phat Pay Noodle at Thai Express. Dinner? was too full to eat, so two glasses of Ice Tea made their way to my stomach ^^

*lemme know the answer k.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Feels like screamin' now....


Stop buggin me....I'm not the only one okay!

Had my day 1 training at Fish n Co....exhausted yet fun. And maybe the managers are impressed by me hauhauhaua *so confident* So, gonna do my best tomorrow.

Today: Runners (deliver food, manage sauce table and clean dishes)
Tomorrow: On the floor (means: server and taking order)...bless me k!

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Sunday, July 10, 2005

things to always remember

Things to Always Remember (by Collin McCarty):

CredietZz to Citra who gave me these encouragement words q(^.^)p
~ moga-moga ga sakit pinggang gara2 bebersih ya hehe *pizz*

Nophie... Hope you have so much fun there, eat well, rest well, play well n study well
Adi... Enjoy your life and play it to the fullest. Show 'em who you are k. Waiting 4'ya here
Citra... Enjoy your new room, gonna visit you a lot ^^ thanks for the it much
Ayun... Wish you're well there. Miss you much and thanks for everything
Dewi... Wish SAO will approve you to be my roomie again *pray hard*
Malva... Skul starts now, study well and have enuff rest as well. Thanks for accompanying me to Johor k!
Erwin... Have a nice sleep tonight, no more INSOMNIA and all the best for your FYP and GTD *yeah*
Oscar... Welcome to the corporate world, enjoy it and treat us sometimes ok *can hardly wait*
Dai... JIA YOU for your AIESEC n STUDY. Stop eating those sandals! *lol*
Alvin... Thanks for lending me the laptop and all the best always

Martin, Jimmy, Garick, Marvin, Jia Pang, Rika, Andre, Ricky, Cun Ping, Ratna, Lina, Itsumi, Han Chiang's frens...
It is a blessing to know you guys and always be happy. Take care ^o^

and many more...

Miss my family muchas.. Acha acha fighting everyone!!

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Saturday, July 09, 2005


Today I had a meeting in the morning at Plaza Singapore. It was a 9.30am meeting. I had to wake up early, get prepared and hurried myself. I don't like being late. I had chosen what to wear a day earlier because my luggage would be moved to Hall 15 (currently still happily squatting at Hall 12, but Citra is coming, so I shall as well make my move hoho). It was a teal-coloured shirt and a jeans (my favourite ^^). Wearing the Reebok shoes that my mom gave me and a green handbag, it is surely a GREEN-day!

And so I *bumped* into lotsa people there. My AIESEC-meeting mates, the visitors, the shoppers, and so on. In the morning, the Macdy outside PlaSing has already crowded (why do they like junks alot?)

Julian, my AIESEC mate, hasn't seen him for quite some time, yet he is always the cheerful and full of spirit kinda person. A very marketing-minded person :P and very good at approaching potential sponsors haha. He was wearing a pale grey-brown shirt, this will definitely look very neat if only...he was not wearing those shorts and sandals. We were making a big fuss over it. It's not the kind of *brand* you want to project to others. It's just not click ^^

Then, later in the evening, I met this girl who was outstandingly dressed. With a mini black skirt, a pink top with mini white jacket and a LOUD swearing...who won't take any notice? Later at the MRT Station, I saw this person whom was quite eye-catching. With hair full of gel and styled, headphones on both ears, checkered-brown-pants which is so low-ly wore, a loose sleeveless white top and a grey tank top underneath. I took my second glance before I realized she was a GIRL. She looks quite sweet tho!

Then I can only think of the word: IDENTITY.

Today, many judge you on what you wear. Their first impression is on your appearance. Society taught us what we should and should not do, what is supposedly right and how people will look at us if we violate this 'unspoken rules'. So what if wearing feminine clothes doesn't equal to behaving like one? Who are you to say that as a girl/boy we have certain norms in dressing ourselves? What....Who...Why... The question remains and so shall the answers.

YOU are YOU. I am ME. You have the right to... and I have the right to... It's our own lives!!

So what gitchu loch?

*crap off

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Yippie..back to blogging again then. Hm..tonight I'mkinda lazy to write in English, so pardon me for using my own Indonesian language which I'm proud of hoho

Topic of the day: T.I.M.E

Waktu..selalu pergi dan tak pernah kembali...

Kalo ditanya: "Sering ga denger orang2 ngomong: 'Ah, mana ada waktu buat itu' atau 'Kaya ga ada kerjaan laen aja'". Jawaban gue: SERING BANGET.
Then kalo ditanya: " Sering ga denger orang2 ngomong: 'Gile, bosen banget ne ga ada kerjaan'". Jawaban gue bakal tetep sama.

Nah lor, kenapa coba bisa kaya gitu? Ada yang serasa kekurangan waktu and ada yang waktunya mala sisa banyak ampe ga tau mao ngapain. Pusink ga seh? Ada yang minta sehari 27 jam, ada yang minta sehari dikurangin bbrp jam deh gara2 mati kebosenan hehe *takut lumutan*

Tapi ada juga yang asik2 aja tuh. Yang kerjaannya pas2an, waktunya ga berlebihan and ga kekurangan and mereka enjoy2 aja. Ato mungkin sebenernya mereka itu punya problem yang sama cuma mereka tetep bisa make the best out of it. Ngga cuma ngeluh...huh!

But, ada kalanya orang sibuk itu ada alasan lain di belakangnya. Misalnya selain keuangan, keharusan buat ngebiayain keluarga, banyak banget alasan2 kenapa orang mili sibuk. Sala satunya ya penyakit ga bisa diem. Apa aja mao. Tentu aja tiap orang beda2, ada yang ga bisa diem kalo duduk di rumah, ada yang ga bisa diem kalo ga ikut kegiatan2 di luar, and blablabla. Kayanya kalo ga ikutan apa2 mala bisa sakit. Kaya nyokap yang kalo liburan ga kerja mala pusink and satu badan sakit hehe *pizz mom*

Ada juga yang jadi Mr/Mrs/Ms Busy biar looks competent. Kan kerjaannya banyak, pulangnya malem, telponnya ring-ring mulu, pasti deh ini orang jago banget, serba bisa, wonder woman bo. Nah tanpa sadar, manusia emang pengen ngebuktiin jati dirinya, salah satunya yah dengan bekerja ini. I'm a capable person. Ada challenge and keinginan buat ngebuktiin kalo kita juga bisa ngelakuin something. Jadi ini juga wajar2 aja.

Selain itu, busy juga bisa dijadiin pelampiasan kalo mood2 tertentu lagi nyerang. Sort of a therapy. Ude bukan hal yang aneh dunk kalo lagi sedih gara2 putus cinta and kita berusaha ngabisin waktu dengan ngelakuin sesuatu. Biar kita ga ada waktu kosong yang akhirnya dipake buat mikir macem2. Nah akhirnya dengan using your time wisely and doing something good (jangan ngelakuin something yg bodoh which is of course jauh banget dari yang kita bicarain ini) lama2 kita mala akhirnya comfy dengan kesibukan and segala kepuasan yang ada dengan make waktu ini.

So, in the end...sebenarnya yang namanya waktu itu ga ada or ga cukup or mala kelebihan itu semuanya tergantung kita. Masa beneran ga ada waktu sedikit pun buat relax? call someone you care? or busy itu cuma alasan...tapi masi sempet chatting2 ga jelas? Yah, we should know what is the best for us...tentu aja, semua yang over n under itu ga perna lagu dangdut yg populer di Indonesia...Yang sedang sedang saja!

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

me back

Hullo Hulla Bamba Ladies and Gentlemen!!

Let's welcome Diana back in town ^o^ back to the world's map tiny red dot, Singapore.

Haven't been updating my blog ever since my return to Jakarta, but worry not.. I am gonna keep the balls rollin' hehe

For now, still have so many things to do. Need to check my emails and update myself on the orientation camps progress, need to do the logistics part, gonna have 2 interviews tomorrow..wish me luck k. So, till here first..gonna write again asap.

Miss ya all and thanks for staying tune hoho

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