Saturday, April 30, 2005

COACH CARTER - The movie

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my horoscope today..

Someone who's not exactly from your neck of the woods is due to make quite a stormy, dramatic entrance into your world -- but they won't be unwelcome, no matter how disruptive their arrival. Fasten your seat belt.

Who is entering my world? Please introduce yourself...and make it properly!

Ahh..I just remember, he might be
'worm'..OH NO, he is 'worm'...
This time I won't fasten my seat belt tight. How am I supposed to welcome him if I am glued to my seat?


crap off now

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My Coach Carter DVD

Yuppie...finally today I went to watch the movie -C.O.A.C.H C.A.R.T.E.R- after waiting for quite some time. Actually I ever intended to go to Johor and watch it there... I was darn bored during the time and I couldn't think of any other things to do except watching movies plus with twice cheaper movie tix than Singapore haha (There were 4 of us: Malva 'Baba', Oscar 'Jayuz', Alvin 'tukang bobo', and me).

The movie was...ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUS *yeah...give them four thumbs up (plok plok plok). Samuel L Jackson, I shall say, is a dexterous actor...WOW... (you don't believe me? Gimme 500 push-ups and 200 'suicides'). And I like 'worm', the cute sweet charming baldy-guy despite the bunch of kewl basketball player there in Richmond. But I don't like Ashanti in the movie though. She doesn't look professional and she kept moving her head when she's talking...UGH it's annoying I would say. The movie is based on true story, thus that's the reasonI find it so motivational and breathtakingly awesome.

And you know what? After the movie, suddenly Baba said: "Din, lo ude ada DVD-nya tauk." *gubrax...falling of chair* I quickly opened my bag, checked the stack of DVD she returned me, and YES!! IT'S THERE, among my other DVDs, displaying itself proudly...OMG!! I just spent another $8.5 for a movie that I have... *ugh what a fool* ... and then the worst is that...There is another DVD "My Little Bride" which I just watched on my friend's computer ^^' , so I've spent money on DVDs which movies I had watched. Aihh...But no worry, I consoled myself. Mom can watch this, bro doesn't have to spend a penny on this, and it's good for my collection. They are four-star movies after all.

So, I enjoy the movie without pop-corn tonight in a super cold and half-empty theatre... I hope you too.

Ending my crap here and off to bed and dream of my sweet lil cutie 'worm'....adios

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

fud...oh fud...

Am eating papaya now (23.11 o'clock)...

I lurve fruits, but not the sour ones. Those I like most are oranges (haha can't wait for Chinese New Year where my house will be filled with boxes of oranges and I'll be the one finishing them muahaha), watermelon (ow..juice), kiwi(why is it so costly?), grapes(seedless please), papaya (what I'm eating now hahaha), and so many more...I am a fruit person -__-'

Besides these, I like chocolates. Boxes of chocolates are in my refrigerator now (yeah, I can't call it fridge, it's too big to be called as fridge) and I can't consume them..hikz..the doctor told me so because of my skin problem. And so my friends are happy on top of my torture )'= coz they got my chocolates...hahaha And just now Alvin tried to teased me with Kinder Buenos huh!

Ow..talking about food, today is the first time I finally ate the Chicken Katsu from Canteen A's Japanese Stall for this semester...hahaha I am quite proud to say I've been living quite a healthy lifestyle lately...see: no chocolates, no fried food, no oily food, no chillies. But I have to admit that I still eat chillies (can't live without 'em), and the chicken katsu I ate just's fried huhuhu

Okay, talk more 'bout food and my huge appetite asks for my mom's cook...
Be patient a week kay! A week!

*(Boyzone's song) ..yes..I am coming home now...pap pa rap...
It's been so long now...I'm gonna get there somehow...scubidoo bap pap..

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Monday, April 25, 2005

A week! 7 days!

I have a week before I have my last paper, my General Elective subject (Intro to Sociology). I wouldn't say it's a matter piece-of-cake kind of paper, I would say it's cracking my brain. I never took this subject though, not even in my senior high school. That's why I am curious, thinking I am a sociable person (as what my friends said...hehe thanks guys ^^) thus I am capable enough to understand the society, the critical part of the world. In the end, it's way too broad, too ambiguous, too abstract, too...depressing...aihh (doesn't it sound familiar?), I recalled again. My friend asked me: "What's the practical things about sociology?" And again, this one seems easy to reply, but I find myself thinking, settling the words to answer him. Here goes my reply, "You see the world in different things, you don't simply judge ppl different from you and see youself as the correct one, 'coz no one is the same. You tolerate the differences as you understand the inequalities that happen". People do not think we can ever change the world, we aren't that powerful though. Yet, from the small2 things we do, aren't we changing the world. From the experience we get, isn't it practical? IT SHAPES WHO YOU ARE, right?

Hehehe who am I to talk this way? It's just my opinion though. Maybe my friend has been staying way-too-long in Singapore that everything should be 'practical'. What's in for me? What's the result? What do I get? It's the process, darling. Maybe you never realize, but you learn throughout the process. And where you are heading in the process, makes you more human?

Arrrggghhhh....The weather is extremely hot these days. Mother earth is angry....and is it we, the society, to blame? Nah..maybe I shall look at myself first..before I claim the society.

Before I stop my humble crap, lemme congrats my sis (sweetest ever, but can be quite annoying sumtimes hehe, but hey..who doesn't? It makes you more human though) for her graduation. she is a Diploma holder, and she's off for UK soon. I bet UK cant wait for her no more...CONGRATS MY BESTEST SIS EVER! muach2...
and I shall shed my tears now for being stucked here in this 'tiny red dot' of the world *sigh

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

WElcome to my humble crap...after this years long of downloading and uncontrollable anger, I finally can write sumthing...muahahaha *testing only

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