Wednesday, February 27, 2008

you think you've known all these?

Now, let me put this scenario into a flight to Bangkok. In around 2 hours you have to do so so so many things.

On-ground duties:


Before take-off:

and so on.... (anyway the *etc was put in every duties as things can happen anytime... and many passengers just do not seem to take this into consideration)

Now... let me tell you some stories about cabin check for safety and security.

A pregnant lady was upset when I tried to collect her headset during our preparation for landing.
Why do you have to collect the headset?
Mam, it is for safety reason that I have to collect all headsets
Safety reason... what safety reason?
Mam, in case of emergency or evacuation, you may trip over your headset wire or it may fly around and hurt yourself or other passenger... (before I even finished, she was already annoyed and pissed thinking that I was trying to make her 'lose face'. The westerners behind her were surprised and looked in disbelief *muahaha.I did not even mention that she may miss the 'evacuation command' if she's wearing her headsets)
(shouting) You know what.... JUST TAKE IT!
So I took it and continued collecting my headsets.

An educated, trendy lady sat on the very first row where there are no storage in front of them (usually they can put small bags under the seat in front of them). I politely asked to assist her to stow her bag on the overhead compartment. However, during our preparation for landing, the bag was back on her lap.
Mam, let me help you to stow your bag on the overhead compartment.
Why do I have to put it there?
Mam, for safety reason your bag has to be stowed on top *refering to the fact that she does not have any sufficient storagen space in front of her.
What safety reason?
In case of depressurisation (means the aircraft just 'falls' down to a certain level) or emergency, your bag won't fly all over *and may injure herself or other pax (I did not even mention the fact that she won't be able to do her 'bracing' position during emergency)....
I don't think so! these cases, I have to refrain myself from 'challenging' the passengers to avoid further matters. If only I work at other companies, maybe I can easily reply: "Oh yeah, let's see if you can be a heroine and hold your bag tightly still during emergency," or "I don't give a damn on your own safety or life, but the other passengers may not necessarily agree on you risking theirs too." - evil laugh....muahahahhaa

You see... We, the crew, are not doing all the so-called safety measures just for the sake of being seen doing something about it. They serve a purpose, whether you like or not, whether you ever think about it or not. It is not like we have a thousand years on our hands to do all our duties. We are on constant battle with time and doing this safety check really means a lot to us.

The next time you're on board, think again on why you have to switch off your electrical devices, put your sit up-right, stow your tray table, put your foot rest up, fasten your seat belt, put your window shades up and stow your bag properly under the seat in front of you!!

Have you found the answers???

Nevertheless, stop being a pain in the a** passenger... I am just trying to help.

Sorry peeps... sometimes it is just so frustrating :(
especially when the passengers really show me some attitude or faces
I am a human too!

to be continued

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Monday, February 25, 2008

map as proof

To enlighten you on Terence's and my achievement... let me show you the route that we took on our 2nd day in Rome.

The black highlight shows our walking path and the red circles show the places we visited.
The purple colour on the right bottom shows the colosseum that we visited on our Day 1.
How many kilos were there? NO CLUE
But I am proud!!
Ask me for a direction now... I might know ^.*
Haizz... back to my turnaround flights.
Aha...Sydney coming in 3 days time and I am going to meet my ol' friends and housemates (Ratna and maybe Lina too).
And then... Zurich next month where I am going to meet Kate (my Ukrainian-Swedish friend)... yummy!

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

rome isn't built in a day

I have had enough of pasta and pizza!

At least for now.

But they are unavoidable when you are in their country of origin, don't you think so?

So.... Italian pizza, pasta and gelato are a MUST when we were in Rome :)

And all of them come in big sizes!!

Day 1

We reached the hotel at around 8am. Having young blood, we decided to take the earliest shuttle bus to the city at 10am. No breakfast. Just washed-up and got ready to depart.

Ultimately, although we had our super early breakfast on board, we were just hungry little ghosts. But we were competing with time as we planned to meet the other crew for lunch at 1.30pm.

The shuttle bus dropped us somewhere nearby Piazza Venezia.

Piazza Venezia
- Beset on all sides by roads, the square is heavily congested with traffic
- In the background, the Altare della Patria is dedicated to King Vittorio Emanuele. Romans refer to it as the 'wedding cake' or the 'typewriter' because of its shape and design

We did not spend any time to explore this piazza. We just rushed to our main destination.

Welcome you... the famous Colosseum!

- Built during the Flavi family reign, also called Anfiteatro Flavio.
- A vast amphitheatre with seating for over 55,000 that was designed as a horse racing circuit or an arena for animal fighting and gladitorial battles
- There is a saying in Rome: "If the Colosseum stands, Rome stands; if Rome stands, the world stands."

The battlefield (cavea) in under restoration (left bottom of the pic) and underneath was used to keep the animals. They used a pull-ey system (like an elevator) to bring up the animal to the arena

Underneath the arena (see this in JUMPER, the movie!)
Colosseum was closed for 3 days to accommodate the shooting of Jumper *cool

The Arch of Constantine and Titus
- next to the Colosseum

THE RUINS... Areo di Tito
just like a lost city

We tried to cut short our way back to the drop-off point by passing Areo di Tito. After some confusion, we managed to get our way through and reach just in time :)

And so we walked for around 20mins to an Italian restaurant recommended by Jeremy.

Piazza di Spagna (The Spanish Steps) and Trinità dei Monti
- An incredible, almost theatrical square with the lovely Spanish steps leading up to the Chiesa di Trinità dei Monti
- One of the most important fashion shows is held here, the steps being used as a catwalk. It is now an international meeting point
- The fountain known as the 'Barcaccia' (boat) was commissioned by Urbano Barberini to commemorate the alliance made with the King of France, whose coat of arms can be seen on Trinità dei Monti
- The square leads into several famous streets with their luxurious boutiques and antique shops

Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain)
- Designed by Nicola Salvi for Pope Clemente XII, it was completed in the second half of the 1700s
- The statues in the centre represent Neptune supported by Tritons on either side while rococo-style Poli Palace provides the perfect backdrop.
- Tradition has it that throwing a coin over your left shoulder into the fountain guarantees a swift return to Rome

Day 2
Equipped with just a map, Terence and I went sight-seeing around the city. I have to say we're proud of our achievement. We found some places which are not even reflected in the map and can safely say that we conquer the centra area.

Esquilino Hill
- One of the oldest sites of Roman civilization that is famous for housing some of the oldest curches in Christian history
- Savour the town's view from the hill

Barberini Square and Fountain of Triton

- Built by Barberini family

Via Veneto
- The symbol of Roman dolce vita or sweet life, which characterized the city in 1960s thanks to the street's famous luxury hotels and historical cafes

The Pantheon
- Commissioned by Marcus Agrippa, restored by Domitian, and subsequently rebuilt by Hadrian (who added the dome), The Pantheon was turned into a church in the early 7th century by Pope Boniface IV
- The building's sole source of light is the opening at the dome's apex (the oculus)
- Many famous Italians are buried in the Pantheon, including Renaissance painter Raphael and King Vittorio Emannuel

Piazza Navona
- The Fountain of the Rivers, with the obelisk, and the Fountain of the Moor, with the god of the sea, at the centre of the square, are both by Bernini
- You may find many street artists (they accept credit card) and musicians around the piazza

Look at the paintings....gorgeous!

Day 3

San Pietro Basilica (San Peter Basilica)
Only one word: MAGNIFICENT!!

Random shots!!!

With a friendly Italian street-market keeper :)

Let me cook my own pizza.......
to be continued...

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Visit Taiwan 2008 apology for the late posting on my second Taipei trip.

The flight was smooth except the early morning transport that did not pick me up and caused me some stress in the morning. The condo guards must have pitied me standing on the roadside worrying over the stoopid transport added with super busy phone numbers. What a day to start!!

How do you know when you've done a great job on board?
When you're having a Probationary status, been flying for less than 2 months and yet suddenly two of your leading stewardess (higher rank) asked whether you were an ex-crew before. Fly me to the know what it means :) *hahahaha...should have had my check on this flight ugh...

I finally got to meet Nick and Ruby (my AIESEC friends) again. They wondered what I wanted to do in Taipei since I've been there before...

so... this was what I want!!

Super yummy chicken cutlet *not the uncle haha

We then proceed to walk around Taipei Main Station. There are plenty of shops there and seriously the price is simply irresistible. Imagine 200NT for a pair of boots (less than SGD10,-) and a male shirt for 100NT. Or you can have your face drawn for a hundred NT as well. OH MY...

We also went to other markets *markets are famous hang-outs in Taiwan*, tried some other snacks... but I did not shop anything. My 2100NT that I've just changed was nicely kept in my purse.

Posing at the train station.
You gotta queue to enter the train * you hear me?

Ice-cream tastes better with great companions
L-R: Ruby, Sheana and Nick

When I returned home on Saturday evening, a Bdae party was going on. Boca (my housemate from Hungary) was celebrating a late Bdae party as she was back in Hungary on that important day. So..add those booze, hungry stomach, crazy AIESECers, 'sexy AIESEC dance moves', I have never games... we got a rocking party!

Happy Belated Birthday Boca!

Nah.. I was just acting!
They finished my Ukraine's vodka in a split second.....huks huks

Owkay...I am old...
I am tired...
I am off...
for now!

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home = food

After a long-tiring day (or days) at work, it feels really good to have a 'home' and feel at 'home' indeed.

So far the five of us have been coping well with each other. We drew up basic rules, house-cleaning schedule and so on. Guests have been giving us positive feedback of our place... so yeah, come and visit us more often *hoho.

Just a random pic taken from my room in the evening

In addition, with 3 nationalities under one roof, we get to learn other culture and yeah... taste different food too. Coupled that with our travelling frequency *hoho... we really savour world's food. From Indonesia, Chinese, Hungary, Philippines and more to come...

The crew recommended the Philippine's cheese bun.
And we have to say... they're yummy-licious
More food coming up!

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Friday, February 15, 2008

hope you'd do fine


I know it hurts...

and no words can console you right now...

that's why I choose to keep silent...

but time heals...

just be strong!

Love ya :)

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Monday, February 11, 2008

taipei n i come

Frankly speaking, I ONLY have 2 flights that I am looking forward to this month (ehm..okay, make it 3 with my Jakarta night-stop where I got to meet my parents & bro for a few hours). The rest is mainly turn-around flights *and I mean it when I said MAINLY* and one Australia station - Sydney - :

  1. Taipei *again* on 15-15th Feb
    Hey peeps...see you there ok. I am excited to meet my ol' @ friends there. We haven't meet for over a year or two. It's gonna be so much fun wandering around with the locals :)
  2. 2. Rome on 19-23rd Feb *I am back Rome!
    - So.... am trying to SOS Uncle Google for his assistance now. Heaven's sake...anyone's help is welcomed!!
    - Any recommendation aside from the usual St.Peter, Colosseum, Trevi fountain and so on.
    - EUR 100 enough for 3 days?? argh...I can hear the spell: broke broke broke
    - What type of transportation is best for a tourist like me?? *grin..haha

Colosseum in the evening
*am expecting a crazy bunch of crew whom I can take plenty of pics with muahahaha

I am calling for an S.O.S and S.O.S and S.O.S here...

Awh...if the plan goes accordingly, I am gonna meet Ratna and Lina *my ol' housemates in Penang* in Sydney. Better come down to the hotel and meet me there yaaa...hahaha

And ah so gonna scold you for not meeting us when you dropped by in Singapore!!

Er...remember the Korea trip...remember the Namdaemun gate *Korea's #1 National treasure?? Won told me last night that it was burnt by yet an identified person *I assume it's a HE. My God... such a waste of history and cultural preservation!! shoo...shoo....go away

Ugh...suddenly this post is just so random and confusing.

Anyway... have a great Rat year....cit cit cit...

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

#1 karaoke in Singapore

Saturday Karaoke Fever!!

Yummy....hahaha when's the next one? Anyone wanna join?


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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Happy Lunar New Year 2008
May the year of Rat bring you a prosperous, joyous, healthy and wealthy year for you and your family.
Have fun wor....

ps: Ge ge, jie jie.... brotha sista.... abang kakak.... koko ceceh.... where is my angpao ar??


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A Slice of Life!

STORIES - The Old Man and His Shoe

One day an old man boarded a bus. As he was going up the steps, one of his shoes slipped off. The door closed and the bus moved off so he was unable to retrieve it. The old man calmly took off his other shoe and threw it out of the window.

A young man on the bus saw what happened, and could not help going up to the old man and asking, "I noticed what you did, sir. Why did you throw out your other shoe?"

The old man promptly replied, "So that whoever finds them will be able to use them."

The old man in the story understood a fundamental philosophy for life - do not hold on to something simply for the sake of possessing it or because you do not wish others to have it. We lose things all the time. The loss may seem to us grievous and unjust initially, but loss only happens so that positive changes can occur in our lives. We should not always assume that losing something is bad, because if things do not shift, we'll never become better people or experience better things. That's not to say of course that we only lose "bad" things; it simply means that in order for us to mature emotionally and spiritually, and for us to contribute to the world, the interchange between loss and gain is necessary.

Like the old man in the story, we have to learn to let go. The world had decided that it was time for the old man to lose his shoe. Maybe this happened to add momentum to a series of events leading to a better pair of shoes for the old man. Maybe the search for another pair of shoes would lead the old man to a great benefactor. Maybe the world decided that someone else needed the shoes more.

Whatever the reason, we can't avoid losing things. The old man understood this. One of his shoes had gone out of his reach. The remaining shoe would not have been much help to him, but it would be a cherished gift to a homeless person desperately in need of protection from the ground. Hoarding possessions does nothing to make us or the world better. We all have to decide constantly if some things or people have run their course in our lives or would be better off with others. We then have to muster the courage to give them away.

938LIVE, a station of MediaCorp Radio.


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Monday, February 04, 2008

sappy saddy teary

"She had me at my worst.

You had me at my best.

And you threw all away."

~Popoy, One More Chance *Filipino movie

ugh..........deep -__-'


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Sunday, February 03, 2008

dubai...oh... dubai...

Hahaha...finally, a new country to add to my list and the first new country for this year *yeah yeah...throwing confetti :)

It was a great stand-by called up. Means that I was on stand-by status, they can call me up to do any flights on that particular time. The last few times I was given turnaround flights. Meaning that we fly to a nearby country (like Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, etc) and come back on the same day. Usually we transit for an hour before we depart back to Singapore. In this an hour, we prepare for the next flights.... the meal, drinks, newspaper, magazine, headset, toiletries, etc. So I was really really glad when they gave me Dubai *hahaha. Apparently, as I found out later, a crew reported sick due to food poisoning in Dubai, so I flew there as a passenger and operated as a crew on my way back to Singapore. We call this 'paxing' *a new term to learn.

I love paxing....coz we actually receive about the same allowance, but just half of the working hours allowance. But hey.... I do not have to work, I am given food on board, I can watch movie, read magazine, play games, etc. Love it!!

But you know what...something happened in Dubai (GMT+4, 4 hours behind Singapore).
01.15am: Touched-down in Dubai International Airport.
02.37am: Finally left the airport for the hotel.
02.50am: Reached the hotel.
I was supposed to check on my 'crew team' with whom I would be flying back with. The hotel staff couldnt find them *I was worried here. So, I decided to take my room key first. Arghhhh to my surprise, my name was not in the list. they did not reserve a room for me at all. They missed my name coz usually there are only 15 crew *I was an extra in this case.

Hohoho....I was like: where should I sleep then???
The hotel tried to check with another was FULLY-booked too. Oh Bozhe Moi!!!

My big supervisor fortunately assisted me throughout the process, he was really nice and calm. He accompanied me while the hotel tried to make arrangements. After some time... calling here and there, the hotel managed to get a room at the Intercontinental Hotel which is further away from this hotel. And I was to stay there alone by myself. How scary it was!

It's alright then. The driver drove me there and on our way he mentioned he doesn't really know where the hotel is. I was ..."OH MY, don't kid me. This is not funny at all." I was just too tired to play with him. We reached the hotel...and guess what?? It took me 30mins to confirm my room. When I checked with the staff *again, after waiting for quite some time under their slow service and lack of efficiency*, he told me that he was still on the phone with the booker to reserve my room. OH MAN...... I just couldn't believe it.

In the end, I slept at 5am (Spore time: 9am) and woke up at 8am. Jet lag jet lag...stoopid jet lag. But the hotel was really really awesome!!! The best hotel I've seen thus far...WOW WOW WOW!! What an experience.... -___-'' I was so worried and frustrated over the whole thing. Thank goodness the hotel was superb and I can have breakfast for free hehehe.

What blessings in disguise!


Well, being awake at 8am was not my intention. So, I washed up and then went down for a breakfast. From bakery products, meat, noodles, dimsum to sushi... yummy... I had them all!!

Later, I took a cab down to the crew's hotel and went to Jumeirah beach with another 2 stewardess. In Dubai, it is like highway everywhere. So, where ever you go... they have to make a big loop at the highway... dang!! Wasting fuel and money and time.

I was here!!

The three of us had a fabulous time together. It was so fun coz we can act the way we are. We sang, danced, joked around and took many pics :) Love it. We purposely went to the Burj Al Arab hotel to take pics too. Have you received any email on this hotel before? It is all gold inside. But we couldnt get in coz we're not their guests, so we were pretty happy with just taking pics outside.

'Aunties' in action....

The shadow of three spider women!

On our way to Burj Al Arab.
We thought it's pretty near... apparently it's NOT

Random shot on our way

Another shot
and FINALLY....

Burj Al Arab!!!

Burj Al Arab from a distance
*taken from a cab on our way back

Starving... and Lebanese mixed kebab became my choice of dinner

Just a small part of ANISE, my breakfast place
and presenting....

The view from my room, just before I checked out (5.45pm)



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Friday, February 01, 2008

stoopid flood


Jakarta is in a HUGE mess, flood is everywhere. The airport was closed down for some time, the highways were buried under water... and my home-sweet home is now having that unwelcomed guest.

So sickening.... it has never entered my house before, literally. The most was just at the front yard where I found a dead fish before. Now, the water level is up to thigh and the electricity was cut. My parents and bro are still there....shietttt..... *huhuhuhu

Pic courtesy of

Wondering how tomorrow will be... coz it's already at waist level on the streets. Please...

For all the flood victims, be strong and take a good care of yourself ok!

For the government, isn't it another IMPORTANT sign to even start planning on a better city planning and management?

For everyone else, start taking good care of the mother earth *if you haven't done so* and keep up the great job *if you've started to do so*... your lives, your next generation's lives and your next next generation's lives lay on your hand.

We all can make a difference!!

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