Monday, October 31, 2005

Would be an honour for me to congratulate my friends on their special Birthday:

Happee Birthday gal!
May all the good things happen to you and may you be a better person ^o^
It must be a real surprise for you to be thrown such a party hehe *I'm happy for you as well*
Oh ya...if you don't like the Ipod Shuffle, just let me know hehehe *pizz
All the best in your future endeavour k gal!

Eh cewe, masi stress dgn design ya? break dulu lar. Happee Bird-day ya hehe
moga2 makin keren, dewasa, sexy *hihi pizz*, smart, creative, ....
yah pokoke hope that u can bring out the best in you. All the best all-ways ya..

Kari who just had her birthday last night hehe super sweet gal! Maju terus pantang mundur ya hehe...FIGHTO!

So, must say that love is in the air. When I went hall (abis ga bisa went home hehe) last night, it was such a surprise to see another pair of sandals in front of the door. It wasn't my roomie's, it wasn't mine. It was a leather sandals...for men. Guess who?

Yup, he is my roomie's bf. He came without notifying us. He meant to make a surprise for her as exam is coming and she appears terribly stressed *refer to MSN nick...hehe
So, he came...he made it....and tha da...he was here....for merely one day...just for her.

Sweet yar? and yeah..can see how happee my roomie after that, must have been a struggle to stop smiling and focus on her study hehe...It's ok dear! enjoy aja hehe

Besides that, my parents are now enjoying their holiday in China. The two of them *suit..suit..hehe (gubrakss)* and two friends from Surabaya. If you asked me whether I would like to join, the answer is definitely....OF COURSE, who on earth doesn't want it. But nah..since I am more than happy to see my lovely parents having their vacations...and not being bugged by their talkative, hyper-active kinda children *look at Nophie...haha* then I am truly satisfied sitting here, writing on my blog and waiting for their stories. Have fun yarr...Lurve you!!

Mugging for a week before my exam comes...
Yah, to make you guys jealous, I only have 3 papers. So, I would be free free and free from 16th noon onwards...
Yet, wish you all the best for your papers k! Study smart, play hard, enjoy life....hehehe

Ow....HAPPEE HALLOWEEN everyone.... muahahaha *evil laugh....
So what costume are you wearing now?
Me? a mugger...-_-'


Let there be love
Let there be you,
Let there be me.
Let there be oysters
Under the sea.

Let there be wind,
An occassional rain.
Chile con carne,
Sparkling champagne

Let there be birds
To sing in the trees,
Someone to bless me
Whenever I sneeze.

Let there be cuckoos,
A lark and a dove,
But first of all, please
Let there be love...

Let there be cuckoos,
A lark and a dove,
But first of all, please
Let there be love...

Let there be love.

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

My life twists around THREE today -> 3Ts

Saturday, yet I still have to go to school and present our group Flash. So, we met at 9am *I had to force myself to wake up after a merely 4.5 hours of sleep*, started to touch up our flash. Tried to find nice sound clips, tuned the images here and there, laughed at ourselves, listened to horrible sound effects and many more. It was FUN...considering it was Saturday morning where I am supposed to have my nice sweet dream and accompanied by my cozy bed and pillows.

So, what is that THREE that I mentioned above?

Hoho okay, our group consists of THREE blur-blur-kinda gurls. We have no idea what the tutor taught in class and what the lecturer wanted us to do. But yeah...we made it...our flash ^^'

Move on, since our make-up class was planned at noon, the lecturer treated us OISHI PIZZA with unique and exotic taste. Try to imagine these: Kimchi chicken pizza and wasabi pizza, besides the usual vegetarian pizza and teriyaki chicken *eh..was it teriyaki? not a big deal though*. I ate THREE slices and I must say that the kimchi pizza was the best, delightfully the chili, the red colour on it, the a-lil-bit-sour-yet-spicy taste. Dohh...the thought of the fat should be set aside until exam is over haha *another to-do list*.

Back in class, we were the THIRD group to present. Here is the story...

The 1st group...experimental type of flash, Simple but Smart. They don't really make use of those layers and layers that she kept emphasizing in class. But, who cares when it's an experimental and abstract piece of work. Must say it's very "CLEAN"?

The 2nd group...A story about a lamb which was drawn out of triangle shape. The whole images in the flash were made out of triangle, including the ugly scary yucky cockroach monsters huhuhu. Simple storyline with simple images and background, but very cute indeed hehe.

THIRD group..our "A beetle love story" flash piece. Must definitely say that ours is the was like THREE stories inside one flash *admitted by Mush, the lecturer*. However, to our surprise *giggling haha* the class liked it. They were laughing while watching our masterpiece ^.^', including the lecturer and the tutor (They are very nice people, just that we don't like technology and softwares hehe). The comment given by Mush: Life is full of twist. Some corny part, sadistic part, sad, ...Then it just strucked me.
Are we a bunch of sadistic psychotic kind of gurls?
hahaha .... Shall leave the question unanswered.

The next group presented their morale story of how make-up ingredients actually come from animal's oil hiks... One of the group members is actually the one who got the highest mark in class for the individual flash. Mush herself said that the flash she made was what Mush expected in teh first place... *sigh...gone all our hopes for the individual project haha* Yet, today we didn't see the strength of that flash. It was totally pale in comparison to what she did individually. But, still they are strong in design and drawing unlike the THREE of us.

The last group's project was not done. They were waiting for scripts from the tutors, yet the tutor only gave them this morning, so they couldn't manage to finish the flash. But no worry, as I mentioned that the teachers are very nice people, they actually prolong the deadline to next Friday. The concept for this group was a bit too ambitious as mentioned by the lecturer, so it is not easy to grab the essence of the story.

Overall, we are proud of what we've done. We already put our more-than-requested effort in our "A bettle love story"...if not the best. Maybe what we have is LUCK. Mush doesn't expect the THREE blur-blur gurls to do such a flash. We can't draw, we can't use the software properly, we don't have a very WOW storyline, we are just not the apple of Mush's eye in class. So, when we presented our whatever-you-wanna-called-it flash, she was taken by it. She kept asking about the drawings...who who who? me me me....haha *ok narcissim rulez*'s a HAPPY DAY I shall say.
We made it gurls...yippee.
Honestly, I was a bit pessimistic at first, but now...who says we can't do flash? but nah..I won't make it again in the near future...once, or should I say really to much to bear hehe

Thefore, hereby I would like to thanks my friends that have helped pulling me through this flash. From lending an ear to all my complaints and eerie moans, encourageous support, giving advices, suggestions, ideas, compliments to troubleshooting my flash. You're just brilliant!!
So, from Eknam and Kai Ting who rock the group to Oscar and Alfon for their tremendous helps. Not to forget those who had given so much support....THANKS EVERYONE!!

Here is the end of my term....exam is peeking now haha
To complete my life of THREE today, just cross-fingers that I'll be able to read at least THREE chaps of my media marketing textbook *incubating on..

My life is brilliant...
My love is pure...
I saw an angel
Of that I'm sure...
-James Blunt-

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Laki-Laki Sejati
Cerpen Putu Wijaya

Seorang perempuan muda bertanya kepada ibunya.
Ibu, lelaki sejati itu seperti apa?

Ibunya terkejut. Ia memandang takjub pada anak yang di luar pengamatannya sudah menjadi gadis jelita itu. Terpesona, karena waktu tak mau menunggu. Rasanya baru kemarin anak itu masih ngompol di sampingnya sehingga kasur berbau pesing. Tiba-tiba saja kini ia sudah menjadi perempuan yang punya banyak pertanyaan.

Sepasang matanya yang dulu sering belekan itu, sekarang bagai sorot lampu mobil pada malam gelap. Sinarnya begitu tajam. Sekelilingnya jadi ikut memantulkan cahaya. Namun jalan yang ada di depan hidungnya sendiri, yang sedang ia tempuh, nampak masih berkabut. Hidup memang sebuah rahasia besar yang tak hanya dialami dalam cerita di dalam pengalaman orang lain, karena harus ditempuh sendiri.

Kenapa kamu menanyakan itu, anakku?
Sebab aku ingin tahu.
Dan sesudah tahu?
Aku tak tahu.

Wajah gadis itu menjadi merah. Ibunya paham, karena ia pun pernah muda dan ingin menanyakan hal yang sama kepada ibunya, tetapi tidak berani. Waktu itu perasaan tidak pernah dibicarakan, apalagi yang menyangkut cinta. Kalaupun dicoba, jawaban yang muncul sering menyesatkan. Karena orang tua cenderung menyembunyikan rahasia kehidupan dari anak-anaknya yang dianggapnya belum cukup siap untuk mengalami. Kini segalanya sudah berubah. Anak-anak ingin tahu tak hanya yang harus mereka ketahui, tetapi semuanya. Termasuk yang dulu tabu. Mereka senang pada bahaya.Setelah menarik napas, ibu itu mengusap kepala putrinya dan berbisik.

Jangan malu, anakku. Sebuah rahasia tak akan menguraikan dirinya, kalau kau sendiri tak penasaran untuk membukanya. Sebuah rahasia dimulai dengan rasa ingin tahu, meskipun sebenarnya kamu sudah tahu. Hanya karena kamu tidak pernah mengalami sendiri, pengetahuanmu hanya menjadi potret asing yang kamu baca dari buku. Banyak orang tua menyembunyikannya, karena pengetahuan yang tidak perlu akan membuat hidupmu berat dan mungkin sekali patah lalu berbelok sehingga kamu tidak akan pernah sampai ke tujuan. Tapi ibu tidak seperti itu. Ibu percaya zaman memberikan kamu kemampuan lain untuk menghadapi bahaya-bahaya yang juga sudah berbeda. Jadi ibu akan bercerita.
Tetapi apa kamu siap menerima kebenaran walaupun itu tidak menyenangkan?
Maksud Ibu?
Lelaki sejati anakku, mungkin tidak seperti yang kamu bayangkan.
Kenapa tidak?

Sebab di dalam mimpi, kamu sudah dikacaukan oleh bermacam-macam harapan yang meluap dari berbagai kekecewaan terhadap laki-laki yang tak pernah memenuhi harapan perempuan. Di situ yang ada hanya perasaan keki.
Apakah itu salah?

Ibu tidak akan bicara tentang salah atau benar. Ibu hanya ingin kamu memisahkan antara perasaan dan pikiran. Antara harapan dan kenyataan.

Aku selalu memisahkan itu. Harapan adalah sesuatu yang kita inginkan terjadi yang seringkali bertentangan dengan apa yang kemudian ada di depan mata. Harapan menjadi ilusi, ia hanya bayang-bayang dari hati. Itu aku mengerti sekali. Tetapi apa salahnya bayang-bayang? Karena dengan bayang-bayang itulah kita tahu ada sinar matahari yang menyorot, sehingga berkat kegelapan, kita bisa melihat bagian-bagian yang diterangi cahaya, hal-hal yang nyata yang harus kita terima, meskipun itu bertentangan dengan harapan.
Ibunya tersenyum.

Jadi kamu masih ingat semua yang ibu katakan?
Kenapa tidak?
Berarti kamu sudah siap untuk melihat kenyataan?
Aku siap. Aku tak sabar lagi untuk mendengar. Tunjukkan padaku bagaimana laki-laki sejati itu.

Ibu memejamkan matanya. Ia seakan-akan mengumpulkan seluruh unsur yang berserakan di mana-mana, untuk membangun sebuah sosok yang jelas dan nyata.

Laki-laki yang sejati, anakku katanya kemudian, adalah… tetapi ia tak melanjutkan.
Adalah seorang laki-laki yang sejati.
Ah, Ibu jangan ngeledek begitu, aku serius, aku tak sabar.

Bagus, Ibu hanya berusaha agar kamu benar-benar mendengar setiap kata yang akan ibu sampaikan. Jadi perhatikan dengan sungguh-sungguh dan jangan memotong, karena laki-laki sejati tak bisa diucapkan hanya dengan satu kalimat. Laki-laki sejati anakku, lanjut ibu sambil memandang ke depan, seakan-akan ia melihat laki-laki sejati itu sedang melangkah di udara menghampiri penjelmaannya dalam kata-kata.
Laki-laki sejati adalah…
Laki-laki yang perkasa?!

Salah! Kan barusan Ibu bilang, jangan menyela! Laki-laki disebut laki-laki sejati, bukan hanya karena dia perkasa! Tembok beton juga perkasa, tetapi bukan laki-laki sejati hanya karena dia tidak tembus oleh peluru tidak goyah oleh gempa tidak tembus oleh garukan tsunami, tetapi dia harus lentur dan berjiwa. Tumbuh, berkembang bahkan berubah, seperti juga kamu.
O ya?

Bukan karena ampuh, bukan juga karena tampan laki-laki menjadi sejati. Seorang lelaki tidak menjadi laki-laki sejati hanya karena tubuhnya tahan banting, karena bentuknya indah dan proporsinya ideal. Seorang laki-laki tidak dengan sendirinya menjadi laki-laki sejati karena dia hebat, unggul, selalu menjadi pemenang, berani dan rela berkorban.
Seorang laki-laki belum menjadi laki-laki sejati hanya karena dia kaya-raya, baik, bijaksana, pintar bicara, beriman, menarik, rajin sembahyang, ramah, tidak sombong, tidak suka memfitnah, rendah hati, penuh pengertian, berwibawa, jago bercinta, pintar mengalah, penuh dengan toleransi, selalu menghargai orang lain, punya kedudukan, tinggi pangkat atau punya karisma serta banyak akal. Seorang laki-laki tidak menjadi laki-laki sejati hanya karena dia berjasa, berguna, bermanfaat, jujur, lihai, pintar atau jenius. Seorang laki-laki meskipun dia seorang idola yang kamu kagumi, seorang pemimpin, seorang pahlawan, seorang perintis, pemberontak dan pembaru, bahkan seorang yang arif-bijaksana, tidak membuat dia otomatis menjadi laki-laki sejati!

Kalau begitu apa dong?

Seorang laki-laki sejati adalah seorang yang melihat yang pantas dilihat, mendengar yang pantas didengar, merasa yang pantas dirasa, berpikir yang pantas dipikir, membaca yang pantas dibaca, dan berbuat yang pantas dibuat, karena itu dia berpikir yang pantas dipikir, berkelakuan yang pantas dilakukan dan hidup yang sepantasnya dijadikan kehidupan.
Perempuan muda itu tercengang.
Hanya itu?
Seorang laki-laki sejati adalah seorang laki-laki yang satu kata dengan perbuatan!
Orang yang konsekuen?
Lebih dari itu!
Seorang yang bisa dipercaya?
Perempuan muda itu terpesona.

Apa yang lebih dari yang satu kata dan perbuatan? Tulus dan semuanya? Ahhhhh! Perempuan muda itu memejamkan matanya, seakan-akan mencoba membayangkan seluruh sifat itu mengkristal menjadi sosok manusia dan kemudian memeluknya. Ia menikmati lamunannya sampai tak sanggup melanjutkan lagi ngomong. Dari mulutnya terdengar erangan kecil, kagum, memuja dan rindu.

Ahhhhhhh, gumannya terus seperti mendapat tusukan nikmat. Aku jatuh cinta kepadanya dalam penggambaran yang pertama. Aku ingin berjumpa dengan laki-laki seperti itu. Katakan di mana aku bisa menjumpai laki-laki sejati seperti itu, Ibu?

Ibu tidak menjawab. Dia hanya memandang anak gadisnya seperti kasihan. Perempuan muda itu jadi bertambah penasaran.

Di mana aku bisa berkenalan dengan dia?
Untuk apa?

Karena aku akan berkata terus-terang, bahwa aku mencintainya. Aku tidak akan malu-malu untuk menyatakan, aku ingin dia menjadi pacarku, mempelaiku, menjadi bapak dari anak-anakku, cucu-cucu Ibu. Biar dia menjadi teman hidupku, menjadi tongkatku kalau nanti aku sudah tua. Menjadi orang yang akan memijit kakiku kalau semutan, menjadi orang yang membesarkan hatiku kalau sedang remuk dan ciut. Membangunkan aku pagi-pagi kalau aku malas dan tak mampu lagi bergerak. Aku akan meminangnya untuk menjadi suamiku, ya aku tak akan ragu-ragu untuk merayunya menjadi menantu Ibu, penerus generasi kita, kenapa tidak, aku akan merebutnya, aku akan berjuang untuk memilikinya.Dada perempuan muda itu turun naik.

Apa salahnya sekarang wanita memilih laki-laki untuk jadi suami, setelah selama berabad-abad kami perempuan hanya menjadi orang yang menunggu giliran dipilih?
Perempuan muda itu membuka matanya. Bola mata itu berkilat-kilat.
Ia memegang tangan ibunya.

Katakan cepat Ibu, di mana aku bisa menjumpai laki-laki itu?
Bunda menarik nafas panjang.
Gadis itu terkejut.

Kenapa Ibu menghela nafas sepanjang itu?
Karena kamu menanyakan sesuatu yang sudah tidak mungkin, sayang.
Tidak mungkin?
Karena laki-laki sejati seperti itu sudah tidak ada lagi di atas dunia.

Oh, perempuan muda itu terkejut.
Sudah tidak ada lagi?
Sudah habis.
Ya Tuhan, habis?
Laki-laki sejati seperti itu semuanya sudah amblas, sejak ayahmu meninggal dunia.
Perempuan muda itu menutup mulutnya yang terpekik karena kecewa.
Sudah amblas?

Sekarang yang ada hanya laki-laki yang tak bisa lagi dipegang mulutnya. Semuanya hanya pembual. Aktor-aktor kelas tiga. Cap tempe semua. Banyak laki-laki yang kuat, pintar, kaya, punya kekuasaan dan bisa berbuat apa saja, tapi semuanya tidak bisa dipercaya. Tidak ada lagi laki-laki sejati anakku. Mereka tukang kawin, tukang ngibul, semuanya bakul jamu, tidak mau mengurus anak, apalagi mencuci celana dalammu, mereka buas dan jadi macan kalau sudah dapat apa yang diinginkan.
Kalau kamu sudah tua dan tidak rajin lagi meladeni, mereka tidak segan-segan menyiksa menggebuki kaum perempuan yang pernah menjadi ibunya. Tidak ada lagi laki-laki sejati lagi, anakku. Jadi kalau kamu masih merindukan laki-laki sejati, kamu akan menjadi perawan tua. Lebih baik hentikan mimpi yang tak berguna itu.
Gadis itu termenung.
Mukanya nampak sangat murung.
Jadi tak ada harapan lagi, gumamnya dengan suara tercekik putus asa.
Tak ada harapan lagi.
Kalau begitu aku patah hati.
Patah hati?
Aku putus asa.
Kenapa mesti putus asa?
Karena apa gunanya lagi aku hidup, kalau tidak ada laki-laki sejati?
Ibunya kembali mengusap kepala anak perempuan itu, lalu tersenyum.

Kamu terlalu muda, terlalu banyak membaca buku dan duduk di belakang meja. Tutup buku itu sekarang dan berdiri dari kursi yang sudah memenjarakan kamu itu. Keluar, hirup udara segar, pandang lagit biru dan daun-daun hijau. Ada bunga bakung putih sedang mekar beramai-ramai di pagar, dunia tidak seburuk seperti yang kamu bayangkan di dalam kamarmu. Hidup tidak sekotor yang diceritakan oleh buku-buku dalam perpustakaanmu meskipun memang tidak seindah mimpi-mimpimu. Keluarlah anakku, cari seseorang di sana, lalu tegur dan bicara!
Jangan ngumpet di sini!
Aku tidak ngumpet!
Jangan lari!
Siapa yang lari?
Mengurung diri itu lari atau ngumpet.
Ayo keluar!
Keluar ke mana?
Ke jalan!
Ibu menunjuk ke arah pintu yang terbuka. Bergaul dengan masyarakat banyak.
Gadis itu termangu.

Untuk apa? Dalam rumah kan lebih nyaman?
Kalau begitu kamu mau jadi kodok kuper!
Tapi aku kan banyak membaca? Aku hapal di luar kepala sajak-sajak Kahlil Gibran!

Tidak cukup!
Kamu harus pasang omong dengan mereka, berdialog akan membuat hatimu terbuka, matamu melihat lebih banyak dan mengerti pada kelebihan-kelebihan orang lain.
Perempuan muda itu menggeleng.
Tidak ada gunanya, karena mereka bukan laki-laki sejati.

Makanya keluar.
Keluar sekarang juga!
Perempuan muda itu tercengang, suara ibunya menjadi keras dan memerintah.
Ia terpaksa meletakkan buku, membuka earphone yang sejak tadi menyemprotkan musik R & B ke dalam kedua telinganya, lalu keluar kamar.

Matahari sore terhalang oleh awan tipis yang berasal dari polusi udara. Tetapi itu justru menolong matahari tropis yang garang itu untuk menjadi bola api yang indah. Dalam bulatan yang hampir sempurna, merahnya menyala namun lembut menggelincir ke kaki langit. Silhuet seekor burung elang nampak jauh tinggi melayang-layang mengincer sasaran. Wajah perempuan muda itu tetap kosong.
Aku tidak memerlukan matahari, aku memerlukan seorang laki-laki sejati, bisiknya.
Makanya keluar dari rumah dan lihat ke jalanan!
Untuk apa?

Banyak laki-laki di jalanan. Tangkap salah satu. Ambil yang mana saja, sembarangan dengan mata terpejam juga tidak apa-apa. Tak peduli siapa namanya, bagaimana tampangnya, apa pendidikannya, bagaimana otaknya dan tak peduli seperti apa perasaannya. Gaet sembarang laki-laki yang mana saja yang tergapai oleh tanganmu dan jadikan ia teman hidupmu!

Perempuan muda itu tecengang. Hampir saja ia mau memprotes. Tapi ibunya keburu memotong. Asal, lanjut ibunya dengan suara lirih namun tegas, asal, ini yang terpenting anakku, asal dia benar-benar mencintaimu dan kamu sendiri juga sungguh-sungguh mencintainya. Karena cinta, anakku, karena cinta dapat mengubah segala-galanya.Perempuan muda itu tercengang.

Dan lebih dari itu, lanjut ibu sebelum anaknya sempat membantah, lebih dari itu anakku, katanya dengan suara yang lebih lembut lagi namun semakin tegas, karena seorang perempuan, anakku, siapa pun dia, dari mana pun dia, bagaimana pun dia, setiap perempuan, setiap perempuan anakku, dapat membuat seorang lelaki, siapa pun dia, bagaimana pun dia, apa pun pekerjaannya bahkan bagaimana pun kalibernya, seorang perempuan dapat membuat setiap lelaki menjadi seorang laki-laki yang sejati! ***

Denpasar, akhir 2004

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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Gerimis rintik-rintik...

Hujan deras mengguyur bumi...

Langit kembali cerah... untuk sesaat

Dan hujan itu kembali mengguyur bumi...

Gua lebih suka hujan, daripada cerahnya matahari menyinari dunia.
Lebih segar, lebih sendu, lebih dingin, lebih romantis, ... dan lebi melo.

Ah..melo ini. Satu kata yang sepertinya susah tuk dilepaskan, susah tuk dijauhi, susah tuk disimpan rapi di sudut dinding hati seorang manusia.

Seperti akhir-akhir ini hujan sepertinya kangen sama bumi. Langit pun terus, terus dan terus menangis. Mungkin sama seperti perasaan yang sedang dihadapi...

Satu teman nun jauh di belahan dunia yang lain sedang berjuang. Berjuang tuk bertahan menghadapi perasaan yang semakin sukar dikompromi. Semakin dikungkung, semakin memberontak.

How to forget someone?
Masi inget dia ya?

I can't get over him.
Then be strong dear. You can't simply forget someone.
The more you want to forget, the more you remember.


Susah yah kalo masi care ama seseorang.

Gua rasa dia yang rugi. Ada yang sayang and care ama dia and akhirnya ga ada lagi. This is my consolation.
Yah, people take things for granted. Ude ga ada baru ngerasa kehilangan. So, life goes on! He doesn't deserve you.

Dengan ujian yang makin di depan mata, sekarang rasa-rasanya pada muak, letih...physically and psychologically.

Makin banyak yang breakdown, sakit-sakit Ga Jelas (GJ), insomnia berat, jam biologi yang berubah menjelma menjadi kelelawar malam, jadwal makan yang berantakan, dan semangat yang semakin dikuras....yakk peras terus ya!

Minggu lalu gua yang terkena GJ illness, batuk-batuk and pala seakan dihantam batu dari Surga. Sekarang roomie mulai pilek dan batuk juga, padahal jadwalnya masi teratur. Lanjut dengan keadaan puyenk-puyenk and seakan-akan terkena timpukan bola salju di muka sehabis lecturenya Alfon. Dan keadaan tadi 'subuh' (Buat yg binun...tadi subuh aye ga bisa bobo, jadi zombie idup yg cuma terlelap 1.5 jam) yang bikin record insomnia parah pertama Ddee di NTU...semua semakin GJ. Breakdown... ayukk bertahan...pasang kuda-kuda.

Semakin parah karena kangen semakin merayap masuk. Menggoda pikiran tuk pulang. Ah..kangen, kangen semuanya. Dan semua semakin melo...

Physically, masi cukup kuat...psychologically, bertahan.

Lalu, datang berita melo lagi. Ah...kenapa tulang rusuknya belum bertemu? Satu kata yang menorehkan luka di hati. Namun juga bagaikan buah simalakama. Ga ada jawaban bedul atau sala. Subjektif, dan berdasarkan perasaan masing-masing.

Nah, justru kata perasaan ini yang berbahaya. Bikin susah makan, susah tidur, ga konsen belajar, senyum di luar sakit di dalam, maju sala...mundur pun kena.

Agh..susah sekali memahami makhluk Venus dan Mars yang kebetulan bernaung di bawah planet yang sama. Bikin melo....melo...and melo...

Yet, salut untuk sahabat-sahabat setia. Siap dengan telinga, mata, hati, ruang tuk berkeluh kesah.Bangga... bahkan untuk gua yang ga terlibat *hanya sebagai teman yang peduli, namun tak bisa berbuat apa-apa..setidaknya untuk saat ini* harus bersiap-siap buat sebuah standing ovation. What a lucky life you have!

Biarlah tulang rusuk masi belum ditemukan, namun setidaknya jiwanya sudah terisi.

Ah..sudahlah. Semua ini kisah yang bikin perasaan seorang asing, seorang teman, seorang sahabat, seorang wanita, dan seorang anak manusia semakin melo....seperti hujan yang menangisi bumi.

Sepertinya...semua sedang ber-melo ria... *Iya ga seh, langit?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dear You...

I don't know if You'd ever read this...
But I would love to thank You...
For all the memories...
For all the stories...
For all the laughters...
For all the joy we shared...
And the tears we had...

Thanks for making me stronger...
and more human indeed...

Thanks for being part of my life...
and moulding me into today's Diana.

Now, You have moved on...
I shall have my move, too.

Life would be far better like this...

Yet, I never regret meeting you...
I never forget what we've been through...
I learnt so very much...

But life goes on....
and we both deserve to be happy...
just like everybody else...

So, go on your own way...
Find your happiness...
Find your 'soul'!
As I live my own life...

I shall move on!
And I don't wanna stand still...
I'm taking my steps...
as you're already taking yours. far far away...
and I shall take my way...

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Monday, October 24, 2005

My current TOP 5 wish list:
1. Travelling and get away from Singapore hehe *not that I hate the red dot, but yeah...been spending way too much time in Singapore....I need something different*. Maybe Thailand, Malaysia, Bali or anywhere affordable....with great food, great entertainment, great companions and great shopping spree haha *doesn't mean that I can afford it though...but yeah...window shopping counts haha....horribly desperate huh!
2. A change of hairstyle, plz wait for me yar...
3. Jeans, more jeans, jeans, jeans, jeans and jeans ^.^v
4. Great grades....haha I don't need that DI, but A will do. *Yeah, SCI doesn't have DI though LOL
5. MUST watch movies on the list: Pride and Prejudice, Engine, So you think you can dance, dramas please....series...reality shows...

*dream....keep dreaming my gurl...

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

My first two days of mugging in the library after a long one-year *haha

Remembering those days when we *a mixture of 5Cs: crazy, clamorous, cheesy, cool, and conspicuous* were happily 'studying' together from bright till dark (huhu I mean from morning till midnight hehe *cheesy mode)

So, lets' recall back on how did, do, have I *been* study(ing) thus far in NTU...
1st year:

2nd year 1st semester:

2nd year 2nd semester:

3rd year 1st semester:

A change of topic:
Haven't been to any birthday party for quite some time *sheepish* so I decided to go to Ainun's birthday party last night. It's not that I am forced to do so, but I am willingly agree to celebrate. So, I waited for 11pm in the library doing my I-can't-believe-it-is-a-fifteen-pages report of DHL media plan. Triumphantly, I finished it ... before I sent the document to my 'editor' hehe *Thanks yar...

The party turned out to be 'huge'; impressively heaps and heaps of friends were there. As Suhu puts it: Friends from diverse races and religions gathered to celebrate Tikus' Bdae party.

It was an Unbelievably Entertaining yet Meaningful party for me. I laughed my lungs out that I got a jaw-cramp muahaha. I would definitely say that Vicky was a real entertainer. He managed to bring up the HOO-HAA athmostphere with his spontaneus jokes. And not to forget that Suhu and Septian did a great performance *wondering where do they get their creativity from..willing to share some?* as well as Zuhdi and Abrar who were the games' participants. For mroe read Suhu's blog coz I'm kinda lazy to describe the whole show hahaha *gomenasai

off to sleep now...dunno where to study 2molo...we'll see...

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Pertanda exams ude deket:

1. Kantong mata yang semakin menebal
2. Bulatan itam yg jelas banget di bawah mata
3. Kulit kusam tidak terawat
4. Jerawat mulai nongol
5 Bau asem coz jarang mandi or jarang ganti baju karena ga ada stock
6. Rambut gondrong, ini tandanya da akhir semester dimana holidae da deket n biasanya gunting rambut di Indo *lebi murah haha
7. Hunchbacks of Notredame..tiba2 tasnya pada segunung
8. Stress level meningkat drastis
9. MSN semakin sepi
10. Kalo ada yg ol, nicknya akan "JIA YOU all!", "All the best ya!", "Fighting!", or.. "...exams"
11. Yahoo M! semakin banyak yg invisible
12. Peredaran berkurang
13. SMS berantai semakin banyak...isinya: Fight for exams and good luck
14. Orang baca lecture notes di Bus
15. Orang baca lecture notes sambil nunggu bus

16. Orang baca lecture notes di MRT
17. Orang baca lecture notes sambil nunggu MRT
18. Orang baca lecture notes sambil makan
19. Waktu makan berkurang, buru2 balik belajar
20. Kantin berisi kertas2 kecture notes
21. Library musti antri dari jam 8.15 biar dapet tempat
22. Di printing shop makin rame....semuanya tutorial and past year paper incl notes
23. Jaket tebal dimana2 *ruangan ber-AC bow...
24. Ransum makanan sudah tersedia

25. Instant noodles jadi menu sehari2
26. Supper ria makin sering *kecapean bljr n bikin laper
27. Ga ada lagi jjs during weekend

28. Makin susah bangun pagi
29. Makin jarang ngumpul2, kalo pun iya..buat study group
30. No more basa basi...

Semua ini hanyalah berdasarkan observasi semata. Jikalau ada persamaan situasi, BERKACALAH!! hehe *pizz

And the list goes on....

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Monday, October 17, 2005

I got this blog from Edo's blog in which he got it from Nauval's blog. It's a cool blog where Neng Sarah and Mpok Jane act as the fashion police for our Indo celebs....hahaha they really need a make-over: WHODOYOUTHINKHEARE

Here comes my latest addiction...

James Blunt - You're Beautiful

My life is brilliant.
My love is pure.
I saw an angel.
Of that I'm sure.
She smiled at me on the subway.
She was with another man.
But I won't lose no sleep on that,
'Cause I've got a plan.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

Yeah, she caught my eye,
As we walked on by.
She could see from my face that I was,
F**king high,
And I don't think that I'll see her again,
But we shared a moment that will last till the end.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
I saw you face in a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
'Cause I'll never be with you.

You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true.
There must be an angel with a smile on her face,
When she thought up that I should be with you.
But it's time to face the truth,
I will never be with you.

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Kemarin, hujan turun tak henti2nya...


Mie instan yang baru kuseduh, dalam sekejap susah dingin kembali. Agh, mari lanjutkan kembali report yang sudah kubuat dari Sabtu sore.

Satu jam...

Dua jam...

Tiga jam...

Langit masih tetap menangis...

Empat jam...

Rasa bosan mulai merayap... tapi, kenapa aku tidak ngantuk ya? *tumben...

Lima jam...

Muncul windows dari Yahoo M!...

Hi, gimana reportnya? da sls?
Ohohoho...baru balik ya? Ini masi ngerjain neh

Lho kok tau baru balik?
Lha ini msg-nya baru dibales huhuhu

Percakapan terus berlanjut, dengan selingan menulis report di halaman ke-8. yang seharusnya menjadi group project, tetapi karena aku memegang bagian inti dari media plan ini, maka tugasku harus menjelaskan mengapa kami memilih media ini..dan bukan yang itu..

Kedengarannya mudah bukan? TIDAK!!
Karena ada 14 media vehicles yang harus kujelaskan, dan ini belum termasuk jadwal dan pengaturan waktu untuk kampanye setahun. ke-12, semakin bosan, semakin suntuk, dan otak pun semakin malas diajak berkompromi. Think...Think....Search...

Waktu terus bergulir....tick..tick..tick..

Di saat2 seperti ini, ditemani deras hujan yang menangis, ternyata aku dikirimi lagu..."For the First Time"..lagu lama memang, tetapi cocok sekali untuk suasana seperti ini.

Kubuka lagi folder "My received Files"..Aha! Lagu yang dikirim semalam belum kocoba.

Dan dengan dua kali sentuhan di 'mouse' lagu itu pun mengalahkan dinginnya suasana di kamar.
OMG..James Blunt is fantastic.

Wah..ini lagu yang aku dengar dulu, asik....bagus banget. Makasi ya...
Ow hahaha iya2

Senang2..tralala trilili...
Glad you like it... :)

Dan kulanjutkan reportku ditemani lantunan James Blunt...
You're beautiful. You're beautiful.
You're beautiful, it's true...

Selesai...tetapi belum final, karena jadwalnya masi menunggu hasil presentasi esok. Semangat!

Lanjut dengan flash...aku kembali ke semester dulu sewaktu sibuk dengan web design and management. Berminggu2 kasurku kesepian hingga pukul 4 pagi..*seandainya aku tidak gaptek....

My live is brilliant, my love is pure...

*ga penting mode....sorry yang kecele hehe

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Friday, October 14, 2005

First thing you did this morning
++ cek alarm Hp..Hah? da jam 8.32, gile..telat ke kelas jam 9 deh. Buru2 ambil baju, handuk, peralatan mandi then byur..byur...Terus siap2, beresin tas, and naek shuttle ke skul. haha ternyata gue org ke-5 di kelas dari 13 orang *LOL

Last thing you ate
++ Mie goring pake sosis

is your cell phone a piece of crap
++ connecting people...walo sempet bete gara2 memorynya ga cukup

What's the thing you look forward to most in the next 2 months
++ pergilah kau!

What's annoying you right now
++ report...males..mikirin pagesnya ada ude kleper2 dulu huhu

What's the last movie you watched
++ So you think you can dance ~ reality show

What's worse : To love someone who doesn't loveyou, or to pretend to love someone you don't love
++ pretenders shall be demolished...haha but the worst would be if these happened to me lol

is there someone you miss so much that it makesyou sad?
++ ya ya ya...*gaya KB ya ^^'

What inspires you
++ for life? lotsa peoplef
or being a great woman and a superb mom? my mom
for being human? everyone around me..yeah incl u who are reading this :)

Lyric that sums up your love life
++ Jomblo itu pilihan *hihi ada ya lirik kaya gini?

What's the one thing you wish you could do better
++ Being a 'human'...

What's your most vivid memory from 6th grade
++ yg nyindir gue di depan kelas? maen galasin waktu break?

Latest addiction
++ sitting in front of my pc and do my works *involuntary addiction haha

How many people would you say you were interested in at once
++ interested in?...

Do you think someone thinks about you daily
++ certainly hahaha *pede mode..mami papikuh pasti kangen ama anknya yg badung ini haha

What book are you reading right now?
++ you count a report as a book?

How many people do you know with the same name as you
++ er...quite a number of them, but none with my special unique last name haha

What was the last thing you spilled
++ blood? my finger was cut when i cooked...*sigh..

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Thursday, October 13, 2005


I got my MTV....and I can't stop smiling now!
Network Marketing, I am coming hahaha...'s gonna be short! -_-'

Awhhhh this rockz!!

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The stress is creeping in to a level that I don't think I can ever compromise it nicely. Yet I am not alone. More people than I expect would surely undergo the same feeling as I do now..even more. Life is never easy...who says it is ever easy? maybe...probably...I wish...You wish...

Yet I shall count my blessings and not sitting here complaining what I don't have in life when I ought to appreciate what I have and others don't.

Think of those disasters, think of the wars, think of those bombs, think of what human does in the name of 'civilization'...

I have my family. I have my friends. I have LIFE!
And thus I am given the opportunities, heaps of them, to do something, to be someone usefull, to help someone and to create differences in their lives, to contribute to the society, to be my own 'perfect' self. Not that simple though...

But who says life is ever easy....not ME...surely not ME...

but we can make it easier... ^o*
so much easier...

if only you would try...
if only I would try...

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ditujukan khusus ke yang bukan Nopi.yah sorry banget ya...hehe

Gini lor Nop, gue exam sls tgl 16 Nov..abis tu free sbnrnya ampe 2 january 2006. But berhubung AIESEC gue ada conference tanggal 8-11 Dec, so I'd prefer to return after that, maybe via Msia? after a deadly shopping spree haha *planning doank euy

So, kalo lo mao dateng ke Spore yah bisa2 aja...gue maybe bakalan banting tulang mencari dana masa depan hehe and abis itu..see how my MTV lar...kalo ga dapet ya gue balik indo abis Aiesec. Kalo lo da balik jkt, yah tar gue liat dl lor..kapan mao ke msia for the mega sale carnival haha

Ke bali? itu mami yg saranin soale kalo ke bangkok katanya lom tentu barangnya cocok, mendingan balik indo ketemu papi n koko hehe bisa jjs bareng. Jadi sbnrnya bukan karena bangkok barangnya ga cocok, but yah emang mami mao kita pulang aja hahaha

tix free? dari prudential. So, lemme know ur plan k.

Sorry yah yg baca n ngerasa kecele hehehe

*an email in disguise

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Monday, October 10, 2005

The melancholic side of me is on.

Miss my family...
Miss my home sweet home...
Miss my bed where I spent my sleepless night watching TV...
Miss my friends back there...
Miss my Karaoke sessions...
Miss my mom's cook...
Miss my fave resto...
Miss the cinema...
Miss the lame jokes we share...
Miss the stories...
Miss the feeling of being a 'princess'...
Miss travelling with my family...
Miss the small quarrels we had...

*wish I was there...and not here*

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yummy 4 plates of sushi, udon black pepper and 'sotong' karaage hehe (dunno it's name)..added with a slice of chocolate banana cake...enough to make my day a lil bit brighter.

What else? a long catch-up story haha a really funny one though....made it even brighter.

And more... friendship that is hanging still in its place...despite the fact that we haven't been contacting each other for quite some time...what a great feeling!! more thing...they come for free... :)

p.s.: I am not buying any of those mobile and notebook at the moment...should save money for my future. Or should I say, something which is of greater importance ^.*

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Just for fun guys....hehe

Jangan anggap cewe itu bego...!!
Ada cowo yang rajin kerja. semua duit hasil kerjanya ditabung. Pokoknya dia cinta banget deh ma duit2nya.

Sebelum mati, dia pesen ke bininya, "Klo gw mati,masukin semua duit gw ke peti ma gw. gw pengen ditemenin mereka di alam sana."bininya janji bakal menuhin keinginan lakinya itu.

Begitu lakinya meninggal, bininya pake baju item2 ngikutin upacara. pas upacaranya dah kelar, pas petinya mo dikubur bininya teriak, "Bentar!"

Bininya itu megang kotak yang dia masukin ke peti mati. Abis itu lakinya dikubur bareng sepeti2nya. Temennya ada yg bilang, "lu bego deh, masa duitnya lu masukin semua kesitu buat laki lu yang udah mati?"

Trus dia bilang, "gw kan beriman, gw ga bisa ga nepatin janji gw lah." Temennya bilang, "jadi beneran lu masukin duitnya ke peti mati?"

Dia jawab lagi. "Iya lah. semuanya gw satuin, gw masukin ke rekening,terus gwbikin cek dah tu buat laki gw. klo dia mau kan tinggal dicairin aja."

Cewe itu pinter!
Charly cuma bisa dapet warisan dari bokapnya yang sakit klo dah married. So,Charly pergi ke bar kaum single buat cari bini. Disitu Charly liat cewe yg dia suka. Charly langsung ngajak kenalan.

"Gw cuma cowo biasa. tp seminggu or dua minggu lagi bokap gw meninggal. gw bakal dapet warisan 20 juta dolar."

Cewe itu langsung ikut pulang ma Charly & besoknya jadi ibu tirinya si Charly

Ngertiin cewe (Menurut cowo)
Gw ngerti banget gw ga bakal bisa ngertiin cewe.

Bayangin aja, dia bisa aja nuangin lilin panas ke badannya buat nyabut bulu2 yg ga dia suka seakar2nya tp masih aja takut ma laba2

Ada suami yg bacain artikel tentang pemakaian kata ke istrinya...

Katanya cewe bisa make 30.000 kata/hari, sementara cowo cuma 15.000.

Bininya bilang, "itu mah gara2 cewe kudu ngulang2 apa yang diomongin ke cowo."

Suaminya langsung bilang, "gimana?"

Bego & cakep!
Ada suami yang suatu hari ngomong ma istrinya: "gw ga ngerti gimana lu bisa bego tapi tetep aja cakep."

Istrinya jawab, "gw jelasin deh. Tuhan bikin gw cakep biar lu suka ma gw, tp gw juga dibikin bego biar gw suka ma lu"

Singa laper
Suami istri berantem, pas suaminya dah hampir ga bisa ngontrol emosi lagi,dia bilang, "ati2 lu, jangan bangunin singa laper!"

Jawab istrinya, "So what? sapa yg takut ma tikus?

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Friday, October 07, 2005

My horoscope today:
No matter how much you try, you aren't likely to please te people around you. Pay a little more attention to your health. Sign up for an exercise program or change your dietary habit. A financial problem can be resolved. aren't pleased with me? Say it LOUD here! hohoho ^.* health? nothing's wrong except the extra fats i gain due to around-the-corner exams and projects...hahaha u know what i mean?
..sign an exercise program? simple answer: MO MONEY..and MO TIME a.k.a lazy huhu
..change my dietary habit?'s menu: yong tau fu, biscuits, pringles, Penang's pie..hihi prob can be resolved....Gosh, thanks alot yar...

ow..another dilemma now, not about my internship as I'm still waiting for MTV's announcement. If I weren't shortlisted..hiks..then I have no choice but to travel almost 2 hours every monin hiks hiks.

What will you choose:

Think hard...counting my pay from Fish & Co.
$310 + $200= $510 for now, excl Oct and Nov. But since Oct is nearing exams period, maybe I won't earn that much though. November: will work everyday after my exams are done (16th Nov). So, maybe can earn around $300-$400 for November *hopefully, if I get my shift everyday haha*
Okay, so based on the minimum calculation , I have around $900. What should I prefer now?

yeah..better do my readings and drawings for flash now hiks...anyone who can draw nicely?

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

At least I have one offer in hand now. Cityneon shortlists me to be an intern there. I was interviewed by Dylan who said that he is part of the event coordinator team (which comprises of 7-8 people). He is quite a strict person I feel. Perfect English and very 'corporate' huhu *aih..that's why I still like MTV more than everything else. Later, I found out from the name card he gave me that he is actually the General Manager -____-' OMG!!

The whole journey to Cityneon took me around 1 hour 50 mins. Bus from NTU to Boonlay, MRT from Boonlay to Aljuneid, then another bus from Aljuneid to 84 Geylang Lane before a 200-meter walk. The problem is I don't like the location. It's too far away, too 'suburb' as it is located at the industrial area, no eateries nearby, not a 'cool' place to hang out haha and it takes almost 2 hours to get there.

They made me wait for more than 30 mins before Dylan interviewed me. Apparently he was in a meeting. The receptionist is not that nice though and there was no single free vending machine hahaha but I haven't taken a look at the offices (or should I say cubicles?) inside.

Okay I've secured this one. Additional info:
working hours 8.30 am - 6 pm
allowance $600 announcement yet. Desperately waiting for this huhu ....

Meanwhile, just post another bulletin board from FS here k!

dream job// kok job? career euy. Maonya ada butik & cafe sendiri. Investors are welcome. Yang gue enjoy, dgn bayaran tinggi and challenging, lingkungan kerja enak, kerjanya juga enak alias ga duduk melototin kompie mulu, and lokasi uenak juga haha

dream boyfriend / girlfriend// Bi/Rain? haha mature, understanding, comfy to talk with. A man with a vision in life..cie..but possesiveness is definitely a turn-off.

dream house// comfortable victorian-style house (yah kalo ga condo gtu lor..huhu) with garden. yang bikin gue betah abis di rumah haha alias ga messy, ga cramped and strategically located.

dream food// kalo gue cuma bole mili buat makan ini seumur idup gue, dengan yakin gue pili.........MOM's cook. Mi, mao sup baso dunk huhu

dream friend// comfy to talk with, great buddy, loyal, understanding, can be trusted and the one who can bring out the best in me haha

dream gadget// ga ada abisnya bukan ya? yah ude..kalo gtu alat yg bisa b ertransformasi and bermetamorfosis terus2an, jadi gue ga ude ganti2 hehe

dream car// a car with my characteristics..yg keren, tahan banting, nyaman, and kalo bisa sekalian ama chauffeurnya haha

dream movie// never-die romance comedy haha *asal jgn yg super jayus n ga jelas jalan ceritanya ya...bisa depresi ntnnya haha

dream family// SATU suami yg sayang ama gue n keluarga haha, anak2 yg baik and berbakti, keluarga yg deket banget jadi kaya temen but saling melengkapi and menghormati..sip deh. Ada ga?

dream book// fiction never dies deh...asal bukan sci-fi aja..bete banget. Cerita detektif or laws paling menarik..dilanjuti dgn self-improvement books and romance haha

dream song// yg slow...and artinya bagus dgn suara n musik yg bagus juga tentunya

dream city// hm..tricky...pengen banyak tempat...but yg pasti yg damai, ramah and santai buat idup

dream store// disc 100%, gives out for free?

dream cake// brownie with ice-creamnya secret recipe haha

dream holiday// around the world...dgn more than enough money and temen jalan yg asik..haha

dream life// senang...bahagia..ketawa...puas...dengan kerikil2 kecil di jalan, but menjadi bunga2 yg memperindah perjalanan idup gue hehe

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Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree.

Most men don't want to reach for the good ones because they are afraid of falling and getting hurt. Instead, they just take the rotten apples from the ground that aren't as good, but easy.......

The apples at the top think something is wrong with them, when in reality, they're amazing.

They just have to wait for the right man to come along, the one who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree.

Now Men.... Men are like a fine wine. They begin as grapes, and it's up to women to stomp the shit out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with.

Forwarded to me by Jong Hoon a.k.a. Parkie

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

My PC is nearing its termination day hahaha...the wallpaper doesn't appear, it takes a real longgggggggg time before I can successfully close the windows (and this includes opening the task manager window -___-'), I can't open My Computer, My Document from the 'start' button...aihh...don't tell me I need to dump my lovely PC hihi coz I can't bear the thought of losing my files, my clips, my pics, my MP3s, and my... my... OMG, my Rain wallpapers...hikss

Yet it gives me a good reason to finally buy a new notebook from 8Flags and pay the remaining loan after I graduated *sigh...counting those 20K-tuition loan and another 2K-notebook loan...WAHH!!

I'm gonna have my 8th interview tomorrow at Cityneon Concept. I am the only interviewee though, so should I be happy about it? or shouldn't I? I do hope that ONLY ME applied for it, and not because the others are shortlisted without having to undergo the interview hahaha

I lost the Burson Mastellar. Only 5 are shortlisted for the 2nd interview..and my name isn't there. Okay lar....quite sad at first, but's not that bad afterall...can't stand seeing myself writing press releases and monitoring the media everyday hahaha *Good luck friend!

For MTV, the result isn't out yet. Not that fast I think. I went there yesterday for another interview with the Network Marketing Department. It's quite fun considering the fact that the two interviewers are so close and friendly. But still, interns are 'slaves' haha but who says it's a GLAM job? -.-'

So, the key question is: If I were to be selected, can I start early? Probably around mid November after I finished my exams. So that I can learn more before my offical starting date and I can do my work properly. hahaha tricky one, but really captures their attention though, as the Network Marketing interviewers were very very excited about it. Yeah, it's near Christmas and Happy New Year so there are a lot of works to do, not to mention the infamous MTV Asia Award 2006 at Bangkok *want..want..want...

And the key action is me giving out my name card hahaha they were surprised though, all of them in fact. Thanks to my AIESEC!! Apart from that, listen attentively, ask questions when in doubt, look at them in the eyes, and be professional hahaha *prentending to be a pro here when I don't even get my Burson...huhuhu

Oh, btw, I bought a set of Rain's CD and DVD huahuahauhua it costs me $21.5 after 20% disc. The box includes the CD, DVD for its clips (3 clips), poster, water bottle (and this is a real one man..haha, and postcards and a book of lyrics. Can't believe I actually bought it, but yeah..once a while...considering that now I can bring the water bottle everywhere and feel the staring eyes of jealousy haha..

Ok then, off to class now...get well soon my PC.
JIA YOU friend...and be strong!!

Ow..i finally read my textbook hahaha *clap..clap..clap..

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Mengheningkan cipta....untuk Bali, Indonesia dan dunia...

Dari terrorisme, bencana dunia (Tsunami, Rita, etc) hingga manusia yg tak luput dari dosa...

turut berduka...

it's raining....AGAIN!!

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

i am a cruel person ..................................
....................................................................'s raining!

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I am SUPER FED-UP now!! Grr...

If I ever told you about this guy whom I met at Kallang during IAF2006 and how he had intruded my life...*'s my privacy here!!* now, I am totally furious about it.

Don't know how many missed-calls he made, don't know how many voice mails he left, and don't know how much vitamin C I've lost since ever I talked to him...

And just five minutes ago, I finally have my last call with him. Last?, just throw away those numbers and forget that I even ever exist in the world. I am a LIAR as he said hahaha *yeah..a total liar here writing her journal ^*(_P(#%^$* just get away and leave me alone ok!

Confused of what I'm penning down here? don't worry, I won't make your day gets let's just STOP it here before you can feel my flames haha

Btw, don't stop praying friend, and don't forget the extra 'wish-list' from your....friend here?

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